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Book Review : World Full of Needles by Bhawna Monga

Book- World Full of Needles: Great way to reinvent your relationships

Author- Bhawna Monga

Genre- Fiction (Self-Help/Motivational)

Publisher- Notion Press

Price- 199

Pages- 123


Fifteen stories showing fifteen needles that are piercing people really hard and affecting their normal life. From a father son duo to a married couple, the stories have touched different corners to bring out some simple but strong concepts to be understood and adapted in the long run.

Title and Cover-

On one hand I liked the title, I also liked the subtitle. I think the author has summarized her book well with the name. But not full justice was done with the cover. The author has taken help of fictional tales in order to explain some things, so keeping the cover so bland was not acceptable. The author could have played well with the colours as we were talking about life in the book. But there is this simple white coloured background with no stills.


I loved all the characters in all the stories. I liked the approach of the author of picking one thing at a time and doing full justice to it. There were a small group of people in every story and I didn’t felt lonely at even one point.

From all the characters I liked Zeeshan, Claire, Neha, Anamika, Mugdha, Riya and Aisha. I found all these characters very strong. Some were dark while some were radiant. It was fun to see so many human nature's in one book.


World Full of Needles was a great compilation of fifteen stories which were providing a great path to feel certain things which we tend to neglect or overlook. I thought the book would be a deep analysis of some concepts but to my surprise the author has kept things as simpler as she could. The way of explaining something to someone must follow a path where one can analyse the pros and cons himself/herself.

Bhawna has made her lessons so to the point that there is no space for one to lose the essence of the talk. The chapters are actually fifteen lessons which are showing the lives of fifteen families/groups/couples. The way author has first presented the story and then deduced the meaning is phenomenal.

The chapters don’t drag your brains unnecessarily they just open the pores that can judge the right and the wrong. And the way the author has related the things is a very smart move. It made things catchy and interesting.
From the fifteen stories I have my personal favourites.

Happily Never After is a very simple story of two people who are married for quite some time and then comes a usual turn, they feel claustrophobic. Well, the situation was kept normal but the inferences which the author made were very deep and helpful. They are worth remembering and it can work as a great advice for couples.

Then there was this chapter, Grass on the other side which was well portrayed. The motive of the author was not to show antagonists or protagonists in a family, her main objective was to show the meaning of acceptance and moving together. I really liked how all the concepts were arranged and explained. I loved the five bulleted points. There grasping can heal things and mend many ways.

I liked the approach of the story “Why Me?” it is a must read for the people who always blame others. I liked the idea of the story, on one end the author explained the idea of victimizing oneself and on the other end the author shows the negligence and movement of a person in his life so much that what he was leaving behind couldn’t come in his notice. It was a nice mixture of two things said in one go.

Give Me Some Sunshine Give Me Some Rain is the same story of an over enthusiastic parent and a boy with minimal wishes. It is not just about the same differences that bulge in between the two generations, it is about how we can mend ways. The story shows very clearly the two sides and whosoever reads this can surely take a lesson for a lifetime, if they are in the same shoes as the leads.

Wise and Prejudice is a great story presenting the concept of over-thinking and getting stressed for no reason. I loved the way things settled in the story.

And last but not the least I was touched by the story “Deep End of the Pool”. I loved the idea behind the story and the flashbacks mixed with the present lives gives a wider insight over what one must do to live their lives at the fullest. The author has presented the meaning of living for oneself crystal clear. The old whims and fancies compared to plethora of issues of today are well constructed and shown.

Summing up- The book can leave a large impact in the mind of any reader. The book shows issues of normal hue but a different side is shown at large and can be helpful for any age group who are dealing with various anxiety disorders. I loved each and every story so much that I can pick the book again for some motivation and advices at any point of time.


• “The human brain does not work in a monotonous way. It needs supplements as well.”

• “You’ve known me for a few hours but I’ve known myself forever.”

• “The fear of unknown keeps you rapped where you are and doesn’t let you explore and understand the world with an open mind.”

• “Marriage is like a 3-legged race where rhythm of both partners matters, which help them win in the end.”


• The way of explaining the concepts.

• Keeping things really meaningful.

• Creating a whole new world to understand the basic things.


I can strongly recommend the book to any reader irrespective of their preferred genre choices. It can be read by any person and entertainment is guaranteed.

About the author-

Bhawna Mona an MBA in HR, a master’s in sociology, a post graduate diploma in education planning and management and a post graduate in psychological counselling. She works in the domain of Emotional wellness and has touched many lives.

Connect with the author-

• www.bhawnamonga.com

Buy the book-

• Amazon Link- http://www.amazon.in/gp/aw/d/8175110775/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1472622542&sr=8-1&pi=SY200_QL40&keywords=world+full+of+needles+by+bhawna+monga&dpPl=1&dpID=51or8QP2WLL&ref=plSrch

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