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Book Review : History Revisited by Nishant Joshi

Book- History Revisited

Author- Nishant Joshi

Genre- Fiction (Sci-fi)

Publisher- Frog Books- An imprint of Leadstart Publishing



Sachin, Suraj and Nishant are stuck in thirty-fifth century BC due to a very stupid act. Now they are in the region of Angasak dynasty. Nishant remembers some cruel things associated with the history of two dynasties that are fighting for glory.

Now they are running to help themselves. The reach takes them to the royal rooms where they are all set to move ahead.

Will there quest end on a delightful note? What will happen when the rage of the other ruler is showered? When will they finally reach their home?


Title and Cover-

The title and cover went hand in hand. They both suited the tale well. “History Revisited” the name says a lot and opens another level of curiosity. Also, the man on the cover, the hue of glory escaping from the sword comprises of essential information which works tremendously. The cover is a perfect analogy for a sci-fi fictional tale.



Many people in the novel are from the ancient era and thus the sheen of royalty can be seen in the setting of the background. The main people of any dynasty are the soldiers and the people of royal blood. History Revisited has both the elements in abundance.

Also the characters have very different characteristics and no two people are alike. The two rival rulers, their fighting techniques, their strength and extra powers are shown with excellence.

The characters which shadowed the others are- Nishant (the narrator) and Princess Samriddhi.
From the supporting or minor characters I loved- Ajay and Ananya.



First person narration couldn’t bring in front the whole aura of magnificence. I feel that whenever a group of people are moving ahead in the story then we need more openness for all the characters. In the chapter “The Library” I felt this the most because at one place where Nishant was busy in exploration, Suraj and Sachin, his other two companions were lost somewhere, though they were playing a very important role there. I felt the author worked according to his ease, or maybe he wanted to keep the narrator up always, which didn’t work.



History Revisited has came out as a surprise package for me. I never expected to read something of this level. Well, at first I thought that the tale would be heard but nothing of that sort happened.

The book has elements of magic, bravery, love, war and an everlasting friendship. The combination was great and it opened new era for me to enter. The start of the book was fine, I was enjoying it too but then came that one phase when I started getting involved in the book a lot more then what happened earlier.

So, I must mention that the author has played his cards well in the middle and also in the end but he didn’t play well with the starting. All this I felt only after reading the middle portion.

The biggest chapters were responsible for holding the book and also for my reviews. I enjoyed the phase when the three protagonists were stuck in the big library. It gave me a feel of shock and enjoyment at the same time. Same type of enjoyment I felt when I first saw Harry potter finding about Nicholas Flamel in the library. I was fascinated with both the library scenes. I am not at all judging or equating the two books. I am just trying to match the level of excitement the hunt in the library creates in me.

The bo-staff, the swords, the balls, the hasth yantra, all made me ecstatic. The lights, the powers and all the magic tricks that were performed held me captive to the core.

Further there is a legendary fight scene and it needs to be the best. And same happened here. The fight scene was well crafted. But I felt that all was left on one person and thus the essence of a brutal war was somehow suppressed. I never need a hero to rule, I need a clan to win. Ajay was mind-blowing with his tricks and the credit goes to the author for thinking such out of the box aspects.

Summing up- The book was a surprise package, containing a story worth narrating to any kid. It had flaws and also worthy things. The sci-fi factor which the author wanted to bring,  came up as the vital element and the whole book was standing erect only because of these images which he produced through his words. The book was a perfect break from romances and thrillers.



What I loved about the book was the background. Set in 4000 B.C the story has all the elements of a basic and root level sci-fi novel. The elements used to show the witchcraft practices, all the instruments, the associated rage were really a great turn on.



There were editing errors which hindered the smoothness. Also I felt the initial chapters could have matched the excitement of the latter ones. The writing was not as excellent as the story line. The dialogues were used very casually and they lacked the power to sway a being.



Missing a sci-fi novel with touch of Indian roots, History Revisited can be your partner for this adventure. You can pick the book for a light and easy read.


About the author-

The author has grown up in an era that was full of science fiction elements be it television cartoons like Shaktiman and dragon ball Z, films like Spiderman and star wars or the never ending list of science fiction computer games. He set out his journey to pen down sci-fi novels since our country is void of it.


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Book Review : Gabriati - Rise of the Preceptor

Book- Gabriati: Rise of the Preceptor

Author- Sreyus Palliyani

Genre- Fiction

Publisher- Frog Books- An imprint of Leadstart Publishing



There is something which the Brotherhood is facing. Gabriati has moved out from the place in order to execute his plans. Meanwhile, Michael has some other things going on in his mind. Still he moves in the same direction as others.

The journey takes them to different towns of different countries. They meet some barbaric people on the way.

Will the veil from the infected ones be ever removed? When the pages turn, will things move as per the want? Or some other chapter of evil conspiracy will open?



What can be better than the main man ruling even the title? Can I think of something more suitable? No. I found the name perfect in all sense. And if someone can’t judge the book by the name then the sub-title can help with ease.



The cover of book has less contrast which can confuse the image, with the background in the first look. Some colourful play could have worked for betterment. But on second thoughts, if I think of Gabriati I can relate with what the cover showed. The hood under which Gabriati remained in the book can be related with the way he was shown on the cover. Concealed, behind the scenes, still the powerful one.



The people in the book are mostly God-men and thus they are complimented with rassons and cloaks all over. Plus, their lives in the brotherhood opened up some really fantastic images in front. The whole new clan is opened up in the book which is very bright and highly powerful.

From the leading ones I loved Gabriati, Michael, and Aurelius. The antagonist and protagonist were very not revealed and the level of anticipation was maintained. Many folds needed to be opened.

There are many minor characters too, without whom the tale wouldn’t have moved an inch. I loved, Azaria, Majid and Beriloni.



The narration was smooth, easily swaying and highly grasping. The conversations were short and to the point. Well divided paragraphs and proper distribution of importance was given to all the characters. Third person narration added one extra star to the perfectly moving thriller.



Gabriati is a book with many doors and every door opens up to a valley of drama, mystery and suspense. The book had a lot of troughs and crests which made the reading experience a great adventure. From the very start all the characters were in action and from time to time their need to move ahead was felt immensely.

The 50 chapter long ride ended with a feeling of happiness. Right from the start I knew that I have fell in love with Gabriati, the famous person from the Brotherhood but I was taken aback when I was offered a lot more options from the same firm. The bravery of every character is shown in great length and that can make anybody feel Goosebumps without any prior hint or notice.

Tale starts from the search of Gabriati who is wandering here and there because he has a lot on his shoulders, which needs execution. The quest starts with a bang on and the true colours of the characters comes in front. Michael rises from the ashes and turns out to be a rigorous fellow who has compiled the mission of finding Gabriati with his hidden personal agenda.

The power of the story lies in the hands of characters who have indulged themselves so much in the present scenario. They can easily connect with the reader very strongly, with this power to pull you with themselves. The novel was rich in imagery which made the scenes innovative, like Michael’s vision from the airplane window. It was powerful and highly creative. It added to the mood perfectly.

The confusion that is created between Azaria and Michael has a lot of pain within. The helplessness which Michael feels makes him stand out of the box and that is the reason why he finds a place above others. He has that power, that craziness which has reserved the place for him of high order. The concept of Omnipotence Paradox, the question which Michael raised was enough to show the level of the book. Terrific.

The fighting sequence adds up in the mood of the thriller and the showdown can surely blow away your mind.

Summing up- The author had a well-planned outline of his book otherwise “Gabriati” wouldn’t have been possible. Every turn was taken care of and no place came where I could question the expertise of the author as an unmatched story-teller. He infused so many things in this really long suspenseful thriller that it became easy to handle, without any hint of boredom while reading it.



· “He was removed from the world by his grief.”

· “For he is called omnipotent on account of his doing what he will, not on account of his suffering what he wills not.”

· “Whenever man has come across something he couldn’t explain, he has classified it under the category of the divine. And each time he cracked it, he would set it aside as science.



What I loved the most are the layers in the book. Very well divided in all terms. Also the book has very symmetrical approach in terms of serenity, ease and perfect flow. The reading was easy and without any hindrance.

I also loved the way Michael was recalling Montelli and his older days. The lessons which he learnt were well thought of by the author.



Nothing stopped my reading in between. I couldn’t spot any flaw.



Looking for a perfect thriller recipe with a punch of mystery and lot of courage ruling all over? Gabriati can be your next pick. Also any thriller lover can surely give it a try. It is worth your time.


About the author-

Sreyus Palliyani was always the artistic kind immensely drawn towards customs, traditions and myths. However, logical and rational reasoning was pivotal for him to accept any of it. He graduated from the Government Engineering College, Thrissur and later obtained his masters from the National University if Singapore, where he also works as a Research engineer.


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· Twitter handle- @sreyuspalliyani

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Book Review : The Crossbow Code by MC Raj

Book- The Crossbow Code

Author- MC Raj

Editor- Sanjeev Mathur

Genre- Fiction (Historical/Saga)

Publisher- Panther House Paper and Digital Publication LLP



Kris is a handsome boy, a bit lonesome and in the need of shelter. His journey takes him around the globe. But his travel always brings him under the spotlight. He is associated with the biggest names and is part of hasty advancements.

He reaches the ashram of Mohandas and his findings make him question things beyond the comfort zones of the others.

What happens when the big game turner is out? Will Kris move on the path he has chosen with ease? Who all are creating chaos for Kris and others?


Title and Cover-

The title promises a lot but doesn’t deliver the requisite meaning and greatness. It is just a small part of the story, though it delivers important results. It fails to tickle the nerves.
The cover has some important images like that of Jesus Christ on the Holy Cross, a city in the background, dice and a concealed face. All the elements bring together the whole concept very nicely.


Abundant amount of characters the book has. From the very start it was clear that the book was no less than a saga of old times. There were rich and quite different characters. Antagonist and protagonist were clear from the very start and it made me quite judgemental in a good way.

From the major protagonists I loved Kris. He had all the qualities of being the lead; he had a strong and opinionated voice which made him stand above all in the hierarchical order.

The minor characters had lot of potential too. I loved Rhea and Fatima, they had very different traits still they seem going hand in hand with perfection. Also, I liked Bhim, Alice, and Mataji. They opened another world of thinking for me in the book.



Being in third person, the complexity was handled well by the author. The chapters were crafted well and the layers were opened with ease. All the phases were in great symphony with each other. The author was clear-headed and the result was this book.



The book covers three phases; number one is around the Pope of high esteem and the lead Kris. This particular part of the book made my advancement and grasping power slow. There was a lot in author’s mind when he was penning this particular sequence. I wasn’t expecting all that I read but I won’t say that it was not beneficial. The topics which the author has picked are interesting and very deep. The dialogues hold the book till the very end. Kris is the man of words and it is his worthiness which makes the whole scene very lively.

Small advancements were often made in different chapters which were of great help to relax my mind a bit. The book was literary sound. I could inspect some elements of high order like the details which are hard to hold on. The whole aura was created with great care and thus the usage of peculiar things and the addition of foreign language added a lot of beauty, in accordance with the place which was mentioned in the story at that time.

I was highly impressed with the way author has made a background of the story. The connections were neat and unexpected and I was often drifting from different cities with the characters. One important thing which is highlighted in every section was the different treatment to different classes of people. The vintage quality can be sniffed easily through this, which adds some brownie points.

Much involvement from my side happened when the story shifted completely to India in the second phase. I could feel the things closely and thus I was indulged more and more with every moving chapter. The way author has impregnated the story with certain tones is harsh yet blissful. It was not another blabbering version of what all say about the condition of India before partition, it was different.

The dialogues are very energetic and you can feel the rage rising from your cheeks to your eyes. The life in the ashram with Mohandas (Bapu) is the high point for me. The details and the hidden meanings are well pointed. I was amazed beyond normalcy.

Finally the third phase takes Kris to Germany and again what holds it immensely are the dialogues. I loved the way the concept of Buddhism was kept in front. There were many jaw dropping factors in this phase, like the speech of Kris, the realization of Bhim and the unexpected end.

Summing up- The novel touched the rims which were unthinkable. The theoretical approach which author picked was unusual. He played with his words quite well in the form of strong dialogues, verdicts and speeches throughout. The book had a unique and strong flavour which is not seen much in the midst of casual tales which are narrated these days.



· “Soul is the truth and body is only an illusion.”

· “Your unusual silence is very loud in my ears.”

· “Heavy atmosphere in a simple ashram. Enclosure without fences! Boundaries without walls! Closed without doors!

· “Truth exists by itself objectively and does not belong to anybody.”

· “Great men have greater weakness and greater reasons to hide their weaknesses.”

· “When you go below the ordinary than you are an extraordinary being from below.”


I loved the things which Kris spoke. He had that charm which made every chapter fantastic. There were many moments when I had to stop and re-read the whole thing because it made sense. The conversation between Pope and Kris, Mohandas and Kris were the best part of the book. Vast and deep study which the author has done can be seen in the precise chapters which are penned by him.

Also, I loved the rage of Mataji, it was unusual and I had no idea that something of that sort would be waiting for me as I will advance.

The small phrases which author used at the end of the paragraphs were a complimentary treat.


Well, I was really impressed by the cover, title and blurb of the book and that is why I said yes to this book without second thoughts. But sadly I completed this book with great difficulty. It was a heavy mixture of History, Religion, Spirituality, Social Dogmas, with a little bit of story here and there.



Need something strong and powerful to read, The crossbow code can be your pick but only if you have a lot of time to devote.


About the author-

Winner of the Ambedkar International Literary Award, MC Raj has authored 21 books to his credit. A notable social activist, he was bestowed with the prestigious Ambedkar award from the Karnataka Government and also prompted a German filmmaker to make a film on him that was telecast in Austria. Part of the Writers’ Retreat in New Zealand, Raj has also featured on CNN, Newsweek and NDTV for his brilliant work.

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Book Review : My Dream Man by Aditi Bose

Book- My Dream Man: A journey from dreams to reality

Author- Aditi Bose

Genre- Fiction

Publisher- Author’s Ink Publications



Ajopa is all set to hit the buttons to produce a manuscript, in a limited amount of time. After all the heartbreak and rejections from various publishing house, Ajopa was set back for quite some while. But a hope enlightens her life.

Aniket is a professor of Economics and bridges the gap between immaturity and maturity.

Will Ajopa overcome the fear of getting rejected and produce a scintillating story? How Aniket will influence and handle the chaos? What end is destined for them?


Title and Cover-

The cover of the book has a deeper sense just like the title. Two entangled beings say a lot. The saying “Don’t judge the book by its cover (here name too)” fits perfectly because the story has touched different tangents. One can understand the title and cover only after reading the book. And I love exploring hidden meanings. Perfectly worked for me.



A book with not a bulk of characters manages to face the wind with guts. Just two names cross your eyes and even then I enjoyed a lot.

Aniket, the hero of this romantic tale is not any Casanova or a male chauvinist, he is subtle. Aditi has beautifully crafted him in the story and his presence made things better. Ajopa being a mixture of a bubbly student and a grown up is shown radiantly. The way her life advances with her age leaves an impact of evolvement.

Apart from these two there were some supporting characters which didn’t shine at all. There role ended with a blink of eye.



I never like first person narration, personally speaking, but “My Dream Man” was an exception. I enjoyed the simplicity which could have been produced only through first person narration (In my opinion). The narrator Ajopa was clear from the very start that she was the master and she narrated things quite well. There were proper breaks, perfect change of situations and well divided chapters.



The story of Ajopa seemed quite related and after just few pages of reading I could feel a strong connection with her. The way she presented herself was really charming and fluent. Story moves with the narration of her life and aspirations. In the midst of so much going in her life you don’t need to wait and understand what is happening because everything is swaying smoothly, no hitches, no haste.

The novel starts at a very bland end. I am never interested in knowing how people meet, what interest me is how things progress in their lives and Aditi Bose has touched that grip when the middle portion of the book arrived. Interesting was to see the part where Ajopa is in between the low phase, the writer’s block. The variety of things she tries and what at the end attracts her is used well by the author in terms with the moving tale.

At many nooks and corners I found comparisons, say, between situations and people, and it is not just told by Aditi, it is shown. You get a wider scope to understand things, microscopic level I must mention. The gags were making things brighter in the dim light. I read that the author wrote the book when she was low, no one can guess that while reading "My Dream Man" . The blend of openness and hindrances was well managed to attain a perfect equilibrium.

Further, the story has a very dramatic portion. The way author has mentioned deaths and dreams is quite radiant. The explanations and little theories that Ajopa implies give you a comfort pat on your back. It sounded smooth. And that can happen to only those who have close relation to Dream and Death in their lives. So in the midst of jokes and light chapters there comes a hole where such deep things are hidden in the book. I loved that fact.

Other noteworthy parts in the ending of the book are the second try of Ajopa and how things crawl. Not going in much detail, I want to mention one more thing which hit my nerves was the family scene. I read it with apt attention and found that we all are part of the same game. High five author.

Summing up- What can be better than an end which can make you smile. A proper showdown and blend of extra spices the book contained, before the curtain was about to fall. I loved the middle, liked the end and was involved with the beginning. The author has tried to show her best colours in the pages of “My Dream Man” and I am happy to say that she hasn’t failed. It was a book which I can read once again just to dive in with Ajopa and meet Aniket in the way.



· “..The harder parents try to bind us in chains, the easier they make it for us to slip out.”

· “People tend to become their vulnerable at night.”

· “Everything would turn into a blur. All except his touch.”

· “No relationship can bloom without thoughtfulness.”

· “Sometimes just sitting alone calms down the mind.”

· “Writing is a craft. And craft is a creation. It is an urge. It is not a choice.”



The simplicity of the book is what turned me on. An easy and quick read made me finish the book in a day but not to forget the story which was also that powerful to hold me till I finished. The blend of softness and truth of life are seen at every end.

A mind-blowing fact about the book was the small quotes which author mentioned with the start of every chapter. If one closely takes a look after finishing the chapter then one can get a powerful insight to some hidden aspects.

The one liner's were great. The conversations were quirky and day-to-day type so a strong connection was made with the characters while reading.



I wasn’t awestruck even once while reading. There was no rise of heart beat and no goose bumps. The story moved and moved and then finished but that one moment of greatness was nowhere to be seen.



The short and beautiful tale can be a perfect break from all those hard literary works you are about to read. Worth a try.


About the author-

A content writer and the author of an e-book for children Aditi Bose is based in Delhi. She completed her MBA from the International Management Institute and is an alumina of Loreta house and St. Xaviers College. Hailing from a family of judges and lawyers she is the first to pick the pen. Stories her parents told her as a child and her passion for maintaining a personal diary and a travel journal inspired her to take up writing.


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Book Review : An Autograph for Anjali by Sundari Venkatraman

Book- An Autograph for Anjali

Author- Sundari Venkatraman

Genre- Fiction (Romance/Thriller)

Publisher- Self Published



Anjali and Jayant are married for very long, still void reside between them. Arjun tries his best to bridge the gap but he is more concerned about the feelings of his parents.

Parth is a bestselling writer. But he lacks inspiration in his life. The new change arrives which alters things beyond normalcy for him.

What will happen when sanity becomes the call of past? How will the leads tackle the pressure? Will things mend for all? Or will things fall from their hands?



Title was ok. It wasn’t literary and it didn’t create an everlasting impression. There could have been alternatives.



The cover is really gripping because it has all the elements which are an essential part of the book. The “PB” initials, the coffee mugs, the red and grey tint, the bullets. It is a very thoughtful and creative cover.



Major and minor leads cross one’s eyes from time to time. There is a perfect blend of negativity and positivity residing in the characters. There thought process is very wide and didn’t repeat. It seems they open up another dimension to let the readers know the mind-set of: a housewife, a millionaire husband, a caring son, the upper class society and what not.

If I pick my favourite characters then I would surely mention, Anjali, Parth, Jayant and Arjun. It has been the first time that I have loved all the leads. Also, from the minor characters I loved, Rana, Seema and Nalini.

All these characters were mind-blowing.



Third person narration was really well suited. Short sentences, normal vocabulary makes the novel an easy read. Short and sweet chapters were another important factor of the book. The narrator doesn’t just say the story but also the feelings were well shown which allows the book to climb one step above the normal books.



Sundari Venkatraman is well known for her romance novels. “An autograph for Anjali” is like a properly rehearsed scene by the author. Every corner was decorated well because the author seems at complete ease when dealing with romance. I started this book with a pre-notion in mind that a pure romance will be placed on my table. But I was wrong.

92 chapters long novel had more elements than one can think. It had mystery, grief, love, affection, longing, feminism, women empowerment and lot more. I was in complete awe while experiencing so many things in just one book.

The story starts with a bang on but sadly this phase of the novel is cut short. I was enjoying all the murder mystery but then I knew that it was meant to change the line. The drama crafted in the initial chapters was noteworthy. I highly enjoyed the mind set of different people and how people were reacting according to their traits. It was human nature described vastly I must say.

I loved the balance between the characters which was maintained from the very start. I don’t fall for books in which there are only good people. The world is not spicy enough without the antagonists and Sundari Venkatraman was thinking alike. I was crowded by characters and I loved what they had to say, through their way of reacting.

Further, the story took turns in a jiffy and the flashback hit my spine like a hammer. I was so involved to know what happens further. I want to bow down in front of the author for keeping such clean and short chapters. One cannot stop themselves to know what the next chapter has in store for them. It needs proper vision towards the story which one is about to pen to do this.

Anjali represented a woman who was held in the middle. Not knowing much yet wanting to know more. I loved her attitude towards things. The phase of Greece was fantastic. It opened many new faces of people like that of Parth, Anjali and of course Jayant. I loved Jayant from the bottom of my heart. Thanks author for penning such minute details about such group of men who were represented by Jayant.

Not even once I felt that some chapters were added just for the sake of moving things. Every chapter had some necessary movement and information that helped in the long run. I felt the emotions that people showed were more powerful than the story and I haven’t experienced the same thing while reading in a very long time. The book has opened a very new section of writing in front of me. Highly impressive.

Summing up- The book succeeded in attaining a perfect equilibrium. There were equal proportions of everything in the book. Nothing left behind and nothing won the race, no one was over powered and no one was forgotten, nothing was exaggerated and nothing was pressed beyond its need.



· “An author by profession, he was good at observing people.”

· “Acquiring fresh knowledge kept a mind healthy and young.”



The fluidic quality in the book was the biggest turn on. One cannot stop before reading 20 to 30 chapters in a go. Everything about the book is a big turn on.



Wow factors were missing from the book. I didn’t miss a heart beat much often. Also, the mystery is stopped in between and doesn’t appear for a long time. It was like a long break before knowing what happened.



Romance lovers can pick it without thinking much. It is a great book, will surely entertain you.


About the author-

An autograph for Anjali is the sixth book authored by Sundari Venkatraman. This book is a romantic suspense. Other published novels by the author are The Malhotra Bride, Meghna, The Runaway Bridegroom and the madras affair- all romances. She also has a collection of romantic short stories called Matches made in heaven.


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Book Review : DNA: Dad's Not Adopted by Shikha Kaul

Book- DNA: Dad’s not adopted

Author- Shikha Kaul

Genre- Fiction (Thriller/Mystery)

Publisher- Gargi Publishers



Rishabh Shenoy is living a peaceful life. But in a milli-second his life went upside down. Nisa Yuen is a girl from Thailand who is on a mission after her mother’s death. Everyone tries to solve the codes of a hidden mystery.

Ghazal and Pranab are keen to know the truth. But what lays in front of them?

In the middle of this chaos and running scenario, will the truth come in front? Or things would remain entangled in the web of conspiracy? What more difficulties would pop in front of people who are trying to chase the truth?



The title of the book is fine but doesn’t have the capability to leave a great impact. It does have relevance, great relevance but there is no literary impression which it can leave on one.



It is pretty, yes, very pretty but the elements shown in the cover doesn’t depict much of the novel. But the good part is the back cover. The image of a person, a darkened persona and the city shining bright is really tantalising.



Characters are the breath of book. If there power is increased then things can go wrong. The book has an enormous amount of characters, antagonists and protagonists both. The major and minor characters are well described, equally.

Mentioning the best ones- amongst the major characters I loved, Ghazal and Pranab. And amongst the minor ones I loved, Nattakit and Nisa.



Third person narration worked well for this thriller. Everything was well penned, from love to mystery and revelations, everything was well handled. The chapters were divided well and even the flashbacks were handled at ease.



Shikha Kaul has penned the story in her book “DNA” with utmost care and precision. Trying her hand for the first time in thriller she has done wonders. The plot was complicated yet had relatable facts and figures, making it easy to involve completely in the tale. The book has four parts and every part contains some important things which make the whole book from start to the end very influencing and gripping. It never felt that things were added just for the sake of adding them. Everything was making sense.

The story revolves around Rishabh Shenoy and how his life is affected by just one incident which he is not even aware of.

Part 1- The murder:
It was a mind blowing move by the author to keep the most important fact in front. The story was very clear from the very start and that made the curiosity level touch the sky. I loved how the chapters were planned in this part. The confession and the reality were helpful in avoiding any sort of confusion that might have occurred. The story has layers and that is the key step in succeeding when one is writing a thriller.

The main leads were put in front without any delay. I loved the fact that author didn’t exaggerate the power of Rishabh. It would have then become another daily soap. The concentration was on story and not on characters, mind-blowing fact.

Part 2- Thailand:
It was my favourite part from the whole novel because it had unthinkable facts and the highest suspense is created due to this part only. Another important factor about the book is that the main leads switch and this creates a new phase with lot of freshness. The movement of the investigation is triggered smoothly.

The smoky lifestyle of the place and the situations are well described. It has the power to make you stand with the two leads, Ghazal and Pranab while they move ahead to find the clues, it’s that much gripping. Well done author.

This part is a great combo of violence, love and attraction with a little curiosity on the top.

Part 3 & 4- The Past and The Trial:
All that is to be known reside in these parts. The way new characters arrive in the scene to let the readers know more about the story is an interesting fact. If the links were kept straightaway in front then things wouldn’t have appeared the way they were now.

Summing up- A thriller can only success when it makes you lose your heart beat at least once. DNA can do that multiple times. As the story progress one starts doubting even a minor character and that is where the sole motive of a thriller is achieved. It needs to connect much-much more than the normal fiction stories. I loved the fact that minute details were thought of and a straight path was followed by the author. Love, hatred and want was supporting the mystery but were not over-powering it. And that is when I fell in love with the book.

Kudos to the author for being successful with her first thriller novel.



· “There must be something planned about this unplanned situation.”

· “There’s a difference between leading a life and living a life but the good part is... the choice is yours.”

· “Every unspoken word of his was smoothly landing on to her ears.”

· “You drink water to quench your thirst, not to fill your bladder, but they go together, don’t they?”

· “Everyone loves to hate rains here (Mumbai) and everyone hates to love them too.”

· “There’s always a first time to do and there’s always a second time to rectify.”



Everything about the book is a big turn on. The story, the mystery, the characters, places, situations, the ending, everything has the capability to hold any reader.



Nothing I found which distracted or hindered my reading experience.



Mystery and thriller lovers can give it a try without any doubts. There are many layers to keep the fun intact.


About the author-

Winner of the author of the year award by Salis Online magazine for her debut novel “Hidden Husband”, which is a romantic contemporary fiction, author Shikha Khanduja Kaul has experimented with a thriller and a murder mystery with her second bok. Alongside her career in the staffng industry, she managed to pursue her passion for writing.


Connect with the author-


· Twitter handle- @shikhakaul10


Friday, 10 June 2016

Book Blitz : Tales of Sunshine by Sundari Venkatraman


(A collection of short stories)
Sundari Venkatraman


TALES OF SUNSHINE is a collection of ten short stories that bring hope.
“A Ray of Sunshine” is about young Raj who’s terribly upset when many people in his team lose their jobs. But is he able to do anything about it?
“A Promise Given” is about Sachin, the poor, rich, young man; and the pregnant Aparna.
“Life Goes out of Control” is the story where Preeti, an only child, is a bone of contention between her parents.
Rakesh Nath has slogged throughout his life to become rich, to suffer a massive heart attack at 57. Read “Rakesh Nath’s Recovery” to find out more...
“Exam Fever” is about Renu and her anxious mother, Maya. Renu wants to play truant from studies while Maya is terribly worried about her daughter’s exams.
“Until Death us do Part” is the story of Rekha, the 35-year-old COO of an MNC. She finds love or does she?
Ansh adores his grandfather. But his mother Anu is scared of her son spending time with the Alzheimer patient in “Is Grandpa Home?”
The “Daydreaming Mercenary” is Reema. She blows up her sister Rita’s hard-earned money. But are things what they actually seem?
“Breaking Free from the Mould” is the most difficult thing as a human. With so much pressure from his Grandma, will Aarush pursue his calling?

“The Elephant in the Room” is in the first person where the poor Nandita talks about her friendship (?) with the rich Shruti.

Grab your copy @

About the author

Tales of Sunshine is the seventh book authored by Sundari Venkatraman. This book is an anthology of human interest stories. Other published novels by the author are The Malhotra Bride, Meghna, The Runaway Bridegroom, The Madras Affair and An Autograph for Anjali—all romances. She also has a collection of romantic short stories called Matches Made in Heaven. All of Sundari Venkatraman’s books have been on Amazon Top 100 Bestsellers in India, USA, UK & Australia many times over.

Stalk her @

Other books by the author

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Book Review : My India "Musings of a Patriot" by Vivek Gumaste

Book- My India “Musings of a Patriot”

Author- Vivek Gumaste

Genre- Non-fiction (Articles)



The book is a summation of various articles published on different platforms. Topics vary from one area to other but have one common strand “INDIA”.



After reading the book I was really sure about the appropriateness of the title of the book. It was well suited.



The cover depicts the ‘Stone Chariot’ of the Vittala Temple complex in Hampi, Karnataka which was once the capital of the great Hindu kingdom of Vijayanagara. The ‘Stone Chariot’ was built in the 16th century, during the reign of Krishnadevaraya, one of the greatest kings of the Vijayanagara Empire. (As mentioned by the author)
I thought it's better to share the information with the readers. The cover was a very thoughtful account. Kudos author.



The whole book had topics which can make you move with ease. I was in awe after completing the book because it had transferred a lot of information which were never known to me about my own country. At the end of my read I was satisfied.

There were some topics which I found the best; my review would be majorly covering those topics.

Part 2- BJP ; Chapter 15- Why the RSS and BJP are true champions of our democracy
It talks about how things paces after independence in our country. It is needed that we know about how things worked. The heroes and villains must be known. This article is really effective because of its efficiency to draw in front the realities.

Part 3- The Congress Party; Chapter 17- Mr. PM you too can raise to the occasion comparison between Manmohan Singh and Lal Bahadur Shastri
An eye opener was this article. We sometimes forget the people who had done a lot in the most crucial times. It gave me Goosebumps to know what all Mr. Shastri did to fight wars, droughts etc. The information can make one believe that India is a sacred place because it is the home of people like these.

Part 4- Kashmir; Chapter 22- Kashmir: Pakistan is the problem not the solution
The problem of Kashmir is not unknown to anyone. The article was a nice summation of what we are heading to and what we are actually suppose to do and follow. I haven’t read the reality in such naked form which can make one stop and think for a while.

Part 9- Terrorism ; Chapter 47- Be like the French
This topic must be read by all the Indians because we need to know that it’s just in India that things are delayed. Other people are so adamant to move ahead and get things done.

Other mind-blowing topics are-

*Have we been unfair to Narendra Modi?
*Are Nepal Maoists a threat to India?
*Forget Pak, let’s first strengthen our internal security
*The rape controversy: why we need to move beyond protest

The topics in the book are short and not exaggerated much. It made the reading experience quite subtle and easy. The topics are meant to teach and show things which we neglect or might have forgotten to even notice. The book was a great read, something really refreshing.



· “His moderation, unimpeachable integrity and honesty made him an ideal compromise candidate.”

· “Bad behaviour cannot be rewarded.”



The way the book was divided in various parts and the different topics which were presented in each of them was making things appropriate in one sense or the other. The author’s vast knowledge can easily be seen through each and every topic that was discussed. It was well balanced book.



Readers who are into reading political writings can give it a try for sure. The book is not for fiction readers because it requires a lot of patience and attention.


About the author-

Vivek Gumaste is an academic and political commentator based in the United States. Passionate about India, he is an avid writer and has written several op-eds and columns for mainstream Indian newspapers like the new Indian express, the Hindustan times, the Sunday guardian and the Pioneer. In addition he is a regular columnist for the popular news portal, Rediff and blogs on Huffington post (India).

Book Review : False Ceilings by Amit Sharma

Book- False Ceilings

Author- Amit Sharma

Genre- Fiction (Saga)

Publisher- Lifi Publications



A girl from Dalhousie is stuck in the suffocating environment of Delhi. The series starts from her and moves on to her great-grandson. There is a secret which passes down from the top of the family tree to the very end.

The people are fighting from their inner self more than the people which are near them. It is like a web which never ends.

How people will tackle the secret at various levels? Will things remain grounded or there will be a time when things would seem sorted? What effect the different generations will have on each other?



The title is well suited because it is an important part of the tale. But there could have been various other options which could complement the story in more literal terms.



Various images which cover have like the radio, the almirah and the mountains, are the synonyms of the story, partially. The colour scheme of the cover is kept in the vintage style. The brownish shade is working perfectly to fit in.



The best part of the book is its characters. I couldn’t stop thinking about them. All of them had something going on in their lives which they didn’t spoke about and that is the reason (apart from they being from one family) that kept them together till the very last.

Major characters like Shakuntala and Meena always had a lead in things. They were very moving and both of them had the same background still they couldn’t mix well. That was the biggest irony of their lives and it was portrayed wonderfully.

To pick the best characters then Shakuntala, Meena and Aaryan would be my pick. These characters had the widest scope in the story. The minor characters were also very radiant for example, Kanshi Ram, Kulbhushan, Shakuntala’s mother and her grandmother. They were mind blowing.


Narration of the story was smooth. The editing was super fine and thus there were no breaks anywhere. The one liners used by the author in the narrative part helped to enhance the story very well.



The story is hidden beneath a veil which isn’t removed till the very last. False ceilings by Amit Sharma is a story hidden in various shells. Every layer embarks something new and after the initial pages I was voracious to inspect the hidden aspects. The story starts on a very weird note of an If-else statement. I was very amused to see it because I never hoped to see this name in a fiction novel. I quickly realized how and why the writer has added this factor in the book with so much emphasis.

The novel has so many important nation-wide movements which come in front, page after page. The Independence of the country, the 1984 massacre, etc. The story touches such a vast number of years that it becomes so complicated to notice the same in a jiffy. It needs sheer patience and understanding. In my case I made a family tree to make myself sorted all the time. Such was the level of the book, kudos author.

Shakuntala is the major protagonist of the story whose life leads to the complete tale. I was really moved to read all that was happening in her life. From the roads of Dalhousie to a house in Khanna and then to Delhi, her journey was really moving. The vivid imageries which author created with his knowledge about the cities were really worth noting. The serenity of hills was fully shown. Also the meek voices trampled under the noises in the city didn’t remain unnoticed.

The chapters were not incidents but they were people. It created a very strong impact and it might have taken a lot of hard work to remember all the small details from every individual’s life by the author. From time to time things cross your vision one after the other and the author has preserved every person in the reader’s memory through these cautionary visits.

Manohar, Vinod and Aaryan were the analogy of each other. They were subjected to something which always took them under their spell. The three generations were complimenting each other well and thus they leave a very nice hint in my mind. I don’t know how I will remember them, as a protagonist, as an antagonist or as a meagre connecting link between the ladies who ruled the whole book and the essence createdby them. But I will surely remember them.

The best chapters in the whole book were “Shakuntala”, “Meena” and “Lipi”. The three vastly gaped generations who always had their individuality dealt by others in one way or the other.

I found Meena to be standing somewhere in the middle, always oscillating either between her thoughts and her present life or her individuality and the course she has chosen. I started to adore Meena a lot but then chapters moved and I reached the place where I was told by the author how and when the characters reached the place they were in presently and I was again shifted back to caressing Shakuntala. Her bond with her dad, her connection with Dalhousie, her ill-treatment to her husband, to her children and to Meena all starts making sense.

The story moves but the agonies of the people remain deep rooted in the reader because they were strong and they instigate the sense of remorse and grief.

The decline of Manohar’s structure depicted the loss of hope and says a lot in few words.

The dying aspirations of a lady are well spoken without even mentioning about them much.

The quick attractions and infatuations come across from time to time. The fading love and people moving inwards is shown beautifully.

Lipi’s part of the story is the most vast and influential because it is the one which sum up everything and I was relaxed after reading that. All the questions were well answered till then. But the problem arrives when the secret was to be revealed. I felt that it was highlighted a lot but wasn’t handled in the same way. I felt betrayed because I was waiting for a massive heart ache but the blandness was too much to handle.

So, False Ceiling was a great book showing human relations and inhibitions. The drifting relations and the long family connected with some old memories.



· “She wondered how many times she will have to let go of this feeling of stability.”

· “...nonchalantly the soul passed to the other side, quietly closing the door behind.”

· “We just waited for things to fall back in place instead of moving them ourselves.”

· “It was like history repeating itself and no lessons learnt.”

· “We replaced everything with the other things flashier, except for our rusting thought process.”


As the story advances new characters comes in front but they are somehow related to the old characters only. Thus the author don’t allow any character to be the talk of past.
The hard times in emergencies and violent movements are shown with ease and vigour by the author as if he has inspected them in front of his eyes. His sense of depicting them is great and that has added some extra beauty in the book.


What happened to the if-else statement? Didn’t it have anything in particular?
Also the way the climax was handled was degrading the level of the story.



Need a complex story book in your shelf? False ceiling can be your choice for sure.


About the author-

Having studied M.Tech in Computer Science from Kurukshtera University, Amit Sharma is currently working as a software engineer in Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) for last ten years.

Connect with the author-




Book Review : Encounters "Someone’s always waiting" by Sumana Khan

Book- Encounters “Someone’s always waiting”

Author- Sumana Khan

Genre- Fiction (Horror)

Publisher- CinnamonTeal Publishing



Have you ever encountered something strange in your life? Something which has left a deep mark? Or have damaged things beyond limits?

Five stories dealing with completely different aspects of life and experiences. The characters range from a retired fussy old man to a very strong headed woman. The stories work in flashback and also take you on a walk with them in the present time.



The title of the book starts making sense from the very first story. It was nice to see that the title is related to theme of the book and not just to something which is less substantial when talking wholly. The title was a perfect mirror image of the stories and its content.



The reflection of the scenery and the lonesome man on the boat, with dark details is raising the level of curiosity. The first two impressions are great. The hidden truth and the external details of the stories can be equated with the aura created by the elements shown on the cover.



Vast characters and very unique qualities each of them possess. Every person is bound in some chains or some happenings which make them look beyond the normality. Well, I was impressed with the number of people which came in front to express their expression towards something unexplainable.

The strong woman in the “First Love” or a normal girl from “Best Friends Forever”, a doctor from “BFF” or a doctor from “Happiness Clinic”, all the characters were shining bright at their places.

I have a lot of favourites to pick. From the major characters I loved, “Ratna”, “Vrka” and “DR. Shrinidhi”. And from the minor characters I adored “Andal” and “Alice”.



Every story was narrated perfectly and the plot moved smoothly. The author has done a great work to make the tale an easy grasp. The flashbacks came at many times but author managed things pretty well, avoiding any sort of confusion that might have occurred.



"Encounters" was a book which can be remembered for a longer span of time because it had elements which can make one go crazy. The stories were normal but the way the author presented them was extra-ordinary. At times the stories sounded heard but then there was another page in the end which lifted things beyond the normal posture.

Starting with the first story, “First Love”, the author has tried in all the stories to bring in front the people who were different, in one way or the other. This story was woven around a woman who was strong enough to break the strands which were suffocating her. The story was great mixture of suspense, feminism and darkness. The story was mixed up, in a good way of course. It was nice to witness so many changes within the scenes. They ranged from a normal household to wilderness, which was catchy enough to hold an individual’s attention.

Next in cue is “Reminiscences”. It was a short and sweet tale. But when you start with a story like “First love” which have created a sensation in your head then something below the line can’t work. The details mentioned in the story were precise and very normal which made the story very light and easy going.

The third tale is “The story-teller”; the base of the story was very impressive. It was unusual and prolific. The pastoral images which the author has penned are noteworthy. Flashbacks always work and it touched another height with this story.

“Happiness clinic” is the second last tale of the book. The best part of all the stories is the characters. In happiness clinic we see two protagonists, the man and the woman. They are poles apart from each other but still they try to move hand in hand. The difference in their personalities is expressed with brilliance. The lessons learnt are though heard but still they had that shine in them, to create an unforgettable effect on any reader.

And finally we have the story of two friends, “Best friends forever”. The story is the highlight of the book because it contains enough spooky images and advancement than any other story of the book. The story is a mixture of love, friendship, separation, hatred and envy. I was so moved when I read the closing pages that I had to stop for a while to inhale all that was happening. Such was the magic created by the author.

The stories weren’t horrifying, instead they were meaningful. The book can be read again and again and the author has made sure that every reader leaves with something in hand after completing the book. At least that happened to me. I have never seen so much variation in my reading experience ever.

I would really like to form an order according to my liking of the stories which are part of this collection:

1. Best Friends Forever
2. First Love
3. The Storyteller
4. Happiness Clinic
5. Reminiscences



· “Was I just a pair of breasts and a womb to everyone?”

· “To have loved Radha, and to have been loved by her- yes, that has been the purpose of my life.”

· “This mental imprisonment is the greatest tragedy of our society.”

· “In her words you will find yours.”



The best part of the book lies in every part of the book. The narration, the characters, the topic, the handling of the plot everything was a big turn on for me. I haven’t read a short story collection like this in a very long time.



I was expecting more spooky stories and more elements of horror. I signed up for that only but nothing such happened. The stories were meaningful and fulfilling but were not horrifying.



A great book. Anybody can pick it up without any second thoughts. The book is a gem.

About the author-

Sumana khan was born and raised in Bangalore where she pursued a career as an IT consultant. She currently lives in the UK and is a full-time writer and student. She holds a Master of Letters in Creative Writing from University of Glasgow and is pursuing her M.Sc. in Psychology. Her first book was “The revenge of Kaivalya”

Connect with the author-


Friday, 3 June 2016

Cover Reveal : The Prince's Special Bride by Devika Fernando

Cover Reveal


Sneak Peek

Marie doesn’t believe in fairytales and needs no handsome prince to rescue her from misery – but everything changes when she falls in love with Crown Prince Christian of Taragonia. When his sister invites Marie to the palace, their lives collide and leave them both fighting their forbidden attraction.

Prince Christian has no place in his life for love or for a woman who doesn’t fit into the royal scheme of things. But vivacious Marie steals his heart and puts all he has lived for at stake. When the media gets wind of their affair, he has to make a difficult decision. 

Will the unlikely couple have a chance at a happy ending?

About the Author

Almost as soon as Devika Fernando could write, she imagined stories and poems. After finishing her education in Germany and returning to her roots in Sri Lanka, she got a chance to turn her passion into her profession. Having lived in Germany and in Sri Lanka with her husband has made her experience the best (and the worst) of two totally different worlds – something that influences her writing. Her trademark are sweet, yet deeply emotional romance stories where the characters actually fall in love instead of merely falling in lust. She draws inspiration from everyone and everything in life. Besides being a romance novel author, she works as a self-employed German web content writer, as a translator, and as a faithful servant to all the cats, dogs, fish and birds in her home. What she loves most about being an author is the chance to create new worlds and send her protagonists on a journey full of ups and downs that will leave them changed. When she’s not writing, she’s reading or thinking about writing.

You can follow the author here:
Facebook | Twitter | Website | Goodreads

Excerpt from the book

Marie blinked some more, her feet automatically carrying her close. “What…what are you doing here?” Belatedly, she curtsied and added a weak “Your Highness”, remembering that they were not alone. 

His smile widened. For a moment, he seemed to be drinking her in, his gaze roving appreciatively over her body clad turquoise capris and a white polo shirt. She felt his gaze like a physical caress, driving her out of her mind, increasing the heat.

“This is my family’s property. Surely I have a right to be here,” he joked mildly. For a moment, it looked like he wanted to touch her, but his hand fell back down to his side, clenching into a fist once.

“Yes,” she replied, still dazed. “But you’re a crown prince, not a winemaker.”

He laughed, and the sound traveled straight to her heart. “That is correct, but I do know a thing or two about wine. My duties encompass everything concerned with my kingdom.”

She nodded. Of course. And wasn’t that what made him the perfect regent? His interest in anything and everything, his willingness to learn and his readiness to get his hands dirty?

He ushered her into the building, her entourage trailing behind and exchanging looks.

“I came here this morning with the dignitaries from England and Germany to give them a private tour.” Christian raked his hands through his hair, as if the time spent with them hadn’t exactly been fun. “My sister told me you’d end up here sooner or later, otherwise I’d have traveled through the region, visiting some other vineyards and villages.”

Marie swallowed. So he’d stayed behind because of her. She felt thrilled and anxious at the same time. As keen as she was on every minute spent with him, this would lead nowhere and should not even get a chance to bloom. Why nurture something that was doomed to be cut off at the stem before it could blossom?

Are you ready?????













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