Thursday, 27 April 2017

Book Review : The Princess of a Whore House by Mayank Sharma

Book: The Princess of a Whore House

Author: Mayank Sharma

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Notion Press

Pages: 98

Price: 149


Aparajita is a tenacious go-getter. Her name means unconquerable in Sanskrit, and she lives up to its meaning.
Just like any other ambitious girl, she desires to fulfill her dreams and become an independent individual. Far and wide, the shadow of her melancholy past chases her passage. The fact that her widowed mother is a former sex worker irks the community. Nonetheless, she is not ashamed to reveal her mother's past.
Will she lose hope, or will she defy an enigma that is centuries-old? Will she ever conquer the hearts of a prestige-obsessed community?
See the world through Aparajita's prism in a tale stirred by some real life events.


The story is a short account of a lady’s life written in not so powerful voice, containing a very touchy and important subject. I was really intrigued by the blurb and the cover to read this piece as they sound really promising. One thing I was anxious about was the length of the book. When you have an important subject in mind it is important to blend the ideas well.

The length of the book doesn’t always relate with the quality of the book but more descriptions, elaborations surely help the reader to connect with the book well. Now here the book was so fast paced that it wasn’t easy to love and adore characters. There weren’t much though but all those who were there couldn’t leave an everlasting impact.

I loved how the story is woven around a simple aspect, education, but in broader terms. I liked all the advancements in the tale from the very start. The flashback telling about Ramya’s side of story. But in the midst of all the good that was happening I was missing the basic pain that a prostitute faces when she is stuck in a surrounding like that.

There is no happiness without a realization of pain. That was the main thing missing from the story, a bit of pain.

Now as we move ahead in the tale there are more characters that show Aprajita the path of success. The story moved in the same way as it moved in the first half.

Even the ending was bland. There was no place where I could have laughed or felt like crying from the bottom of my heart. It was like a mechanical show of an overly sensitive topic.

If we talk about the writing style then the author managed to pass the average line. The narration was a little bit off track. The dialogues were fine, keeping in mind the short tale we were inspecting. It was a nice short story.

  •  “Life invariably provides every individual a cause to discover prudence amidst disquiet.”
  • "..our fears would disappear when we accept the truth and confront our challenges with integrity.”

About the author:

Mayank Sharma is a ‘left-brained’ professional with over twenty years of global experience in leading multinational companies. His interest in writing intensified when one of his articles was featured in the May 2014 edition of Better Software magazine published in Florida, USA.
As Mayank travelled across continents and associated with people with diverse beliefs and values, he became more curious about the social riddles that curtailed liberties across civilizations. 

He is transforming into a 'right-brained' writer with his debut book, The Princess of a Whorehouse. Besides writing, he is passionate about painting and making sculptures. 

Mayank lives in the National Capital Region of Delhi with his wife, Sonali, daughter, Myra, and son, Aarav. 

Connect with the author:

Twitter: @mayanks5572

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Sunday, 23 April 2017

Book 1 : The God of Small Things : Week 3 Discussion

So third week has also ended and the book is at the edge of completion. The book is now a little fast paced as compared to the first week. The chapters are a bit smaller and there is a lot going on, with a lot of characters coming in between, who till now have left a great impression in one way  or the other. The best thing about the author is that she has made her every character extravagantly live and fresh.

This week’s discussion is basically my thoughts over different aspects, so it’s more of like hearing different aspects on one situation or an event in particular.

So let’s dive in.

1.       There is a strong bond in the cousins now. It has transformed completely. Did you expect that from Sophie, Estha and Rahel at first?

2.       The River in the boat is a very strong chapter which will lead to a very important event. It has a very interesting character Kuttappen. What are your thoughts about him? Author mentioned him to be a “Safe Paravan”. What do you think over that?

3.       The highlight was the chapter “The god of small things”. Could you at first figure out what the name would be about? It's completely marvelous.

4.       Ammu and her instincts are wild and free. Could you connect with this new face of hers?

5.       Kochu Thomban was a nice break from all the changes that were brought up till now. Did you found this chapter a misfit or was it an effort to say something extra and powerful?

6.       How did you find the flashback of Margaret Kochamma and Chacko’s tale?

7.       Did Mammachi over-reacted after listening to Vellya Paapen’s words or was it expected from her? Is there a smell of double standards in the air?

8.       Was Baby Kochamma’s revenge eventful?

9.       Favorite part of the book you discovered in this week’s reading session?

10.   Favorite quotes?

11.   Favorite character till now?

12.   Favorite chapter?

Guys, we will be reading “The Namesake” in the month of May. This is a highly acclaimed book and it is in the Rory Gilmore challenge too. We will be reading from May 1st. Discussions would be on weekends as usual. Hoping to read with you all :)
Have a great weekend.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Book 1 : The God of Small Things : Week 2 Discussion

Hello Guys.

The second week of our group reading has ended. And some people are finding it hard to cope-up with the book. I know the book is a little slow but that was in the first week reading. In the second week the chapters I encountered are really interesting and easy to grasp. One just needs to trust the author fully to understand things.

Please avoid spoilers if you have moved ahead and read beyond chapter 8.

   1.       There is a very different approach of author towards relationships. What do you feel when you think about Estha and Rahel in reference to Chapter 3 "Big Man the Laltain, Small Man the Mombatti”?
   2.       How do you take the incident with Estha in Abhilash Talkies?
   3.       Chacko’s real self is out in an empty room. What do you think about it? Does Chacko’s character flies near your taste?
   4.       Sophie Mol’s arrival is celebrated in an exaggerated way. Do you feel it has something extra to what it is said in mere words?
   5.       Does Sophie Mol sound suspicious to anyone, if one sees her short appearance at the end of chapter “God’s own country”?
   6.       Baby Kochamma’s boastful behavior was funny or obnoxious in the chapter “Cochin Kangaroos”?
   7.       The most moving chapter for me was “Wisdom Exercise Notebooks”; I think child behavior was best shown in it. What was your favorite chapter?
   8.       Velutha and Ammu are shown in a different light in the chapter “Welcome home our Sophie Mol”. Do you think it will cross our eyes ahead? Was it interesting to read for you?
   9.       What does Estha no show in the last chapter signifies?
   10.   Your favorite quotes?
   11.   Your favorite moment?
   12.   Your favorite character at this stage?

As always you can answer some or few of the questions ac
cording to your convenience. Have a great week ahead. An information for everyone; we are ready to pick the next month’s read. I have few choices for you all: “The Namesake”, “Time Traveller’s Wife”, “The Guide”, “Train to Pakistan”, “The White Tiger”. You can tell me your choices in this week. :)

Happy Reading J

Book 1 : The God of Small Things : Week 1 Discussion

Hello guys. So this is our first ever discussion of “The God of Small Things”. I hope you all are enjoying the book largely. This book is not that easy to grasp because it has a lot going on within the simple tale of two cousins. Classics have a great charm, but nothing is assured. You can either like it or hate it.

While discussing these questions please keep in mind to keep your answers spoiler free, in case you have proceeded ahead. Try not to open up very much.

So here are some of the questions which I thought to be worth discussing. You can add up more if you need an opinion on them. You can answer all these questions or some according to your taste.

1.  What you think about the scenic beauty that the author talked about largely?
2.  Was it hard to move ahead with all the details and lot of names? Was it confusing at any point?
3.  What do you feel about the usage of death at such an early phase in the book?
4.  What do you think about the siblings, Rahel and Estha?
5.  What are your views about the scenario penned around Velutha?
6.  Where do you think we are heading in this book?
7.  Which character you liked the most till now?
8.  What do you think about the hard realities that the author said in just few words?
9.  Does the names of the chapters sounded confusing to you?
10.  Some of the best quotes you encountered?
11.  What was the best part according to you in these chapters?

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Book Review: The Origin of Martin Krooger By Sameer Kumar

Book- The Origin of Martin Krooger

Author- Sameer Kumar

Genre- Fiction (Fantasy/Thriller)

Publisher- Half Baked Beans

Pages- 187

Price- 299


In the land of Gods, the arrival of a vigilante stormed the silence. He was brutally used and harassed by Gods. His emotions and sentiments were toyed with.

The most powerful god, Agusthus, feels crippled before him. He targets everyone responsible for his state. He drains Agusthus by slaughtering his son. He exhausts Moira, daughter of Agusthus, by killing her brother before her eyes. He breaks Castle Gray, the only one capable of stopping him, by cursing his love into a cold bloodless stone. He weakens the powerful Queen Iris, Gray's mother, and enslaves her husband. He certainly has no opponent.

However, no one targets him. He is so silent and precise that no one buys the fact that the vigilante, who was cursed and killed long ago, is somehow back. Hence, the time waits for the birth of the last hope left to save the world from the wrath of the demon. Time waits for 'Martin Krooger.'


The origin of Martin Krooger is the first book in this series and it has done quite a lot of justice to the name and mystery is creates by its first look. The dark cover, the mysterious blurb and an amazing title, the book has it all.

When I think about this book I feel really connected to it in one way or the other. Every aspect of the book is written in a wonderful way, it surely attract you towards it from the very first page.

The main highlight was the characters. It was all really gothic and mythological but not in an absurd way mind you, it was a light show with a very edgy topic. I loved the supporting characters, the main leads, everybody, I loved everybody, from Andrew to Queen Iris, from Moira to Agusthus and I loved Castle Gray. I enjoyed everyone at large. And this was mainly because everyone was so different from each other that every time a new character came in view, it was a treat. My favorite was Eli.

In every character there was a different spark, a different attitude which was attractive beyond limits. I loved Adam, I simply loved him. He was this darkest of all, mysterious and full of rage, it was so nice to hear him, his part, his pain and his version of the tale. His words could move the mountains, so much of grief and sadness. It was mind-blowing.

The problem was in the untimely and unannounced change in the course of action. At one time I am reading the part of a group of friends and suddenly the story changes to the serious discussions between Agusthus and Marion. The author should have separated these two things by a certain symbol so that I could have prepared myself for such change in the tale. It became a little disoriented for me. Also the overall narration was a bit not great. Queen Iris was narrating a tale and I didn’t get to know when that ended. Many different parts came in the tale and I just lost the track. A little more specific narration was needed.

Now coming on the story, the starting was amazing. The whole idea of Eva and the Gods was superb. It was penned well, with fine characterization. As the story was still emerging fully, the author was very subtle with it and a right amount of everything was there in the beginning. I loved the whole episode of Nirvana and the people living there; the whole decorations to the surroundings that the author did and the use of imagery to exaggerate its splendor.

The story moved in the similar manner in the middle as well. There was a lot of suspense going on then and it didn’t get ruin anywhere, not even an inch was disturbed. Though the episodes of all the friends meeting was not jelling up with the main tale but it was nice break to see all of them enjoying a bit when a lot was going on in reality. They played a very important role in the end though.

I loved the whole episode of Mary and Andrew visiting the underground. It was the main highlight of the book. Everything said, everything done in that course took my breath away. It was so dark and supernatural that due to that I am more excited to read what happens next in this series. I was concerned about the end at first because only few pages were left and the tale was nowhere close to ending but then all endings have a beautiful start. I hope the same happens here.

If I talk about the writing quality then the author managed to pass a good bar. There were no hindrances or difficulties in understanding his point of view in the book. The vocabulary was fine, the editing was fine. All in all, the book was a really enjoyable read only if the printing could have been more eye-friendly I would have finished it a little sooner. Waiting for the next part.


I can recommend this book to all fantasy readers who want to explore Indian authors’ books falling in this category. It is not a big book so those who want to read more books this year can give it a try too. You won’t be disappointed at the end.

  • “A demon with patience is the most powerful of all.”
  • “Never target an opponent without knowing him.”
  • “…success does not mean attainment of your aim or ambition, because one aim compliments another.”
  • “Destination is just an event, holds for just a fraction of time, journey on the other hand defines you.”
  • “You never know when and how life will surprise you. Great things can happen in a single moment.”

About the author-

Sameer Kumar is a mechanical engineer from B.I.T Sindri. He works at Tata Steel as a management trainee. It took him nine years to research and complete his novel. Being a motivational speaker, he works silently for the betterment of the society. He is a tech savvy and loves to make gadgets with his friends.

Buy the book-

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Book Review: UNNS-The captivation by Sapan Saxena

Book- UNNS: The Captivation

Author- Sapan Saxena

Genre- Fiction (Romance/Thriller)

Publisher- Inspire India Publishers

Pages- 244

Price- 189


"Of course you know about the seven stages of love, but have you ever lived them?"

Atharva Rathod and Meher Qasim.

Lovebirds since adolescence. Bonded by love, separated by circumstances. They part ways only to meet again. But this time, he is on a secret mission...

Are they in control of their own destiny, or it’s their destiny which is making them dance to its tunes? Only time would answer, as Atharva and Meher unwillingly and unknowingly transcend the seven stages of love.

A quintessential tale of love and romance marked beautifully by its own rustic old school charm.


"UNNS The Captivation" builds a nice aura around it due to an interesting name and a serene cover. The book is a nice blend of love, hatred, passion and sacrifice.

Stating it simply, I would say that UNNS oscillate somewhere between my likes and dislikes.

The cover of the book is really good but there were a lot of elements which could have been used to make the cover more expressive and elaborative. The name of the book really is a mystery and thank goodness it wasn’t dragged beyond limits. Somewhere in the middle it is revealed what the title really means.

But I have this issue with the naming of the chapters. They were not informative and in the start when some words didn’t make any sense to me, it was hard to decode the meaning and thus making a connection with the chapters was not that easy as we proceed with a new one. But it didn’t impact the tale that much because every chapter was very plainly laid, with no complications anywhere.

The characters in the book are not that impressive, not even the leads. This all happened because of a great resemblance of the story and the leads to movies and there characters. Whenever you read a segment you find similarities and the trend doesn’t go till the end of the book.

It was like revising a lot of movie stories in a go.

Another problem in the book was that everything was very easily guessable, except the ending. I was bored to death when I had to read things which felt heard.

The starting of the book increased curiosity and I was looking forward to read more. There was an average tale going on. I personally don’t like school days or college day’s stories though. The leap was a major problem for me. It was like reading something which wasn’t fresh enough. I am making this review as much spoiler free as I can but I had to mark this down.

The characters introduced were heard of, situations were heard of and even the incidents couldn’t ignite the requisite flame.

If I talk about the writing then the author did not disappoint much. The narration was easy and smooth, the language was not below the average line and the dialogues were relatable. There were no major editing issues in the book as well. The spacing, the fonts all pleased the eyes and that is why it became a very quick read.

The middle portion of the book was the most disappointing one. The starting was average as I already mentioned and the last section was good. There was something to look for in the ending and that is why the book became a little gripping. I enjoyed the chain of events, the change in characters and the revelation. It was a nice showdown.

  •          “Sometimes, it’s worth living the dreams, tasks, hopes or ambitions of the people you love, however unjustifiable or stupid they may sound.”


The book came out to be a one-time read for me. So if you are looking for an easy romantic Bollywood sort of drama you can pick this book. It is not very short in length so patience is demanded.

About the author-

Sapan Saxena is a software engineer by profession and an author by choice. Born in the city of Nawabs Lucknow, he earned his engineering degree from MNNIT Allahabad. Sapan started writing when he was coding for a complex algorithm and found that a fictional story would at least make some sense.

Currently based in Nashua, New Hampshire, he is the author of the highly acclaimed FINDERS KEEPERS. UNNS-The captivation is his 2nd attempt at writing fiction.

Buy the book-

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Book Blitz: The Diamond Heist by Sai Daksh

Sai Daksh


Life was all fun and play, with a few small adventures and mishaps, for Daksh, Arsh, Garv, Om, Swarit, Aditi and Simran till… 

They are recruited by the Indian Detective Agency. 

They are summoned to the headquarters and given a mission – to recover a lost diamond. 

With all the plans and props in place, they set forth to hunt down the diamond. 

By chance, they stumble upon a conspiracy that is connected to the theft. 

Do they succeed in foiling the conspiracy? What happened to the lost diamond?

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About the author

Sai Daksh Shetty, at the age of eleven, completed the book 7 Agents: The Diamond Heist. At the age of six, he had started writing short stories. At the age of eight, he used to draw comic strips and share it with his friends. Although this is his first book, he plans to write a whole series on the 7 Agents. Since early childhood, he has had a very creative mind and uses his imagination in all his activities. He is very interested in all forms of creative arts. He is very open-minded. The main characters of the book have been inspired by his real life friends. Om, Garv, Arsh and Swarit are his best friends and are in the book, while Aditi and Simran are fictional.     


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