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Book Review : Boltu by Debaprasad Mukherjee

Book- Boltu

Author- Debaprasad Mukherjee

Genre- Fiction

Publisher- Petals Publishers

Pages- 240

Price- Rs. 275


Boltu is surrounded by some not so great friends and family. He finds a bit of solace only when he meets Madhab and Poly. With a dangerous plan, Boltu is ready to take a leap in his life. But do things happen the way he thinks?

What happens when Dr. Mohapatra struggles for his life? How he is related to everything?

Mr. Kapoor, a senior Forest official is in a dilemma? Will he be able to come out of what is going on?

Boltu always thought of doing something big. When his quest will end?

Title and Cover-

The title and cover both has the main lead in major proportions. The front cover has a man looking ahead seeing the vast river body. This fact can only be understood after the completion of the book and I love when I discover hidden or important facts which tell things much more than what is decoded from the story. Similarly, the back cover has a man and a woman in close proximity. That too is an important part of the book, and the source of light which is ahead of them says a lot. I simply loved the cover.


There were a lot of characters in the book which came in the front according to the different phases which the book contained. The characters were simple and highly apt. I loved the changes which came in them as the chapters progressed.

From the major characters I loved Boltu and after a long time I have loved the main lead. Boltu had everything which a lead needs to have, in order to outcast others.

And from the minor characters I loved Dr. Mohapatra, Madhab, Chirkut, Paltan, Paltan’s mother, Poly’s mother, Poltu, Baramdeo etc. I found the minor characters really helpful and creative. It was because of them that the book could reach different tangent.

I also loved Fotu-Babu because he was an ideal antagonist who took the book to another level.


Third person narration worked well. But I was a little misguided in between because I felt the narration was done by Madhab but later I found that it was not the case. The chapters were divided well; different people ruling different situations and making a strong connect to finally reach the much awaited ending.


Boltu is a great book with a wonderful storyline. I was into the book from the first chapter itself. The author made himself very clear from the beginning and the characters and situations helped him a lot in making a wonderful start.

The first phase of the book is all about mischief of four boys who want to achieve something in their lives. I loved the way the author has showed their intimacy. Thank God it was not the same which we see in the films or other novels. Friendship isn’t the name of sharing same background or likeness it’s much beyond that. And the thin line was shown widely in the book.

First person narration used in the tale from time to time made things more understandable and easy to grasp. Because it gave a wider outlook to see things beyond what the narrator has in mind to offer.

Further, the story moved to Madhab and his college life. I loved the way things were connected but on second thoughts I was able to guess that a bit when the name of Madhab’s new friend was mentioned. I was hoping that what I am thinking mustn’t be implicated but sadly….

I liked the phase when Boltu and Poly were going ahead. What infatuation can turn into is shown well by the author.

The story edged ahead when “The Plan” was executed. I liked the changes in the story. I loved the variety shown in a person. I loved the atmosphere created by the author. But most of all I loved the way the kindness was shown in the further chapters in one form of the other.

A woman was shown at her best in the form of Dr. Mohapatra’s wife. Well, women are really hard to understand.

Then there was this incident about the roommate of Boltu who brought some light humour in the tale, which was going without any crests or troughs till then. A hilarious account can always provide a great break. But apart from being comic, the scene was sarcastic as well.

Finally the big bomb is dropped when Boltu and Poly advances. Well the way they met was a bit melodramatic for me or maybe a bit over the top for a decent story. But what stole the show was the ending. I loved how the concept of Boltu’s wish of doing something great was stretched and was used to create a great ending. Well, the showdown was stupendous.

Summing up- Boltu’s story was crafted in a very precise manner, while keeping in mind all the details that were needed to pen some different realities and lifestyles of characters. Everything came out as a great package and the book turned out to be a superb fictional tale which had all the elements, like friendship, love, want, honesty, sacrifice, lust etc.


• “Our body is like a nuclear plant which can either make bombs or can make energy for the benefit of mankind.”

• “Strange is the world and stranger are women! You never know which chord will stroke the right note in them.”

• “If you don’t remember a problem, it is as heavy as iron; if you understand the same, it is as light as cotton.”


• I loved the characters.

• Then I loved the way how the story ended.

• Perfect chapter length with proper breaks.


Well Boltu is a genre less story. A fictional tale at its best. But yes to some readers it can sound a little heard but there is no harm in giving it a try. Entertainment guaranteed.

About the author-

Originally from Rourkela, Debaprasad Mukherjee is a doctor by profession. His first book, Pearl Oysters, a collection of short stories was published in 2011. His second book Familiar Faces also a collection of short stories was published in 2014. Boltu is author’s first novel. He is an avid follower of writers like Anton Chekov, RK Narayan, PG Wodehouse and Agatha Christie.

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