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Book Review : The Mahabharata Code by Karthik K.B.Rao

Book- The Mahabharata Code

Author- Karthik KB Rao

Genre- Fiction (Sci-fi/Mythology)

Publisher- Notion Press

Pages- 216

Price- 250


A NRI Mr. Narayan Rao is finding some clues in the mystical country India. Mahabharata and Ramayana lure him from the time his grandmother narrated them as bedtime stories.

When the dimensions are changed and a group of people has travelled some light years away they inspect something magical and unbelievable.

What will happen when the restaging will be in full swing? Will Mr. Rao get his answers? Will the words of Krishna reveal the bigger picture?

Title and Cover-

I loved both the title and the cover because they explain things in a very wide manner. The name of the book tells the story in some parts but a lot of things can be seen only after the completion. But yes such indifferent title can make any mythology reader have a good look at the book. And what adds more points to the mythology characteristics of the book are the elements which are painted in the cover to deliver the relatable picture. The stars, planet and the Mor-Pankh say a lot. The cover is really catchy and extremely beautiful in all terms.


Well as it was Mahabharata so I was expecting a lot of characters. There were many characters but those were different from what I wanted to see. But I am not sad over that because author has brought freshness in these new characters that were exploring the beautiful world of Shree Krishna. What I liked about these characters was that they had a spine. All the characters were able to show something of high quality and though they didn’t appear much in the book (in case of some characters) they still had that magnificent personality of theris which enhanced the parts in a great way.

From all the characters I loved Narayan Rao, Shree Krishna, Srishti and Badal. These characters were holding the book in one way or the other.

But yes if there were more people from Mahabharata I could have relish things more.


The narration was smooth and to the point. I didn’t find any extra explanations. I didn’t find any hasty movements. Everything seemed very well crafted and nicely planned. The chapters were divided well and everything was complementing the book.


The Mahabharata code is one of a kind compilation of two very different yet fascinating genres. On one side is a member of NASA who is out to explore the hidden aspects but something whimsical is on his toes, and on the other side is Krishna who is magical himself. I picked the book just because of its name. Being an ardent follower of Mahabharata I was ready to explore some more details through this book.

And as expected I did explored some hidden facts. The book started with a bang on. The most basic and serene scene not to forget touchy as well is presented by the author. I loved the fact that the story wasn’t narrated in a monotonous way. There were amounts of thrill added here and there because of some different dimensions brought up together to make a great cameo.

What I loved about the book is also the same thing which I didn’t like. I was enjoying the changing scenarios very much. I was noticing Krishna at one end and I was seeing the beautiful explanations by a girl of Kalyuga. But as I proceeded I came to know that I wouldn’t get much of Bheem, Draupadi and Ashwathama in the book. So I was standing in two boats at the same time.

I wished the author could have extended his narration in showing some unforgettable incidents from the epic Mahabharata. But alas it’s the choice of author.

I loved the starting of the book. This part contained both the situations/eras in equal proportions. But the middle had more of explanations then story. The explanations were really scintillating no doubt. The author has taken a lot of pain in explaining different things with completely different concepts. But I wanted some story also going hand in hand.

The last three chapters of the book were the greatest because it had everything. I could see the great advices given by Krishna and the terminology was helpful in putting a cherry on the top. I was happy to see that the author maintained equilibrium. Then I liked the unfolding and the suspense’s and the turns that the last two chapters had. They brought out things in a more fuller and delightful manner.

I loved the fact that the author didn’t try to explain the things much. We as readers were left to think and draw an inference on our own. A book that can make you think for hours or maybe days is worth picking up again once in a while.

Summing up- The book came out to be really surprising because it is a piece of art that needs more space in your mind to place the thoughts which it contains. With simple vocabulary but distinct terminology blended with incidents of Mahabharata Kaal are really working in great terms.


• “No matter what your salary is, there will always be that one person whose salary would be greater than yours and you will still end up comparing yourself to that person.”

• “India is like a mirror. If you see it with a negative mindset, you will only see negative things. You see it with an open mind and you will get whatever answers you are looking for.”

• “If you set aside your ego, any problem on this planet can be resolved.”

• “Act and fail rather than be inactive and regret later.”


• Out of the box concept.

• The creativity of author.

• Simple and fluidic vocabulary.

• Negligible editing errors.

• Srishti’s explanations and point of views on different things. I found them really fascinating.

• The last three chapters.

• The mash up created.

And the list is endless...


• A very smaller portion of Mahabharata is displayed.

• I missed some of my favourite characters.

• I felt a lot of positive side was shown in the book in the form of characters or incidents and the author didn’t focus on the antagonists and the darker phases in great length.


Sci-fi and Mahabharata lovers can surely pick the book. It is a nice mash up of something extraordinary.

About the author-

Karthik Rao is a 32 year-old software professional based in Bangalore. He says that he gets to meditate close to three hours every day on his bike, thanks to the notorious Bangalore traffic. His hobbies include following cricket, Indian politics on the social media and Indian mythology.

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