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Book Blitz : Rightfully Wrong Wrongfully Right by Varsha Dixit.

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More efforts are needed in - creating a strong lady character or making the tale sound a little less feministic?



Varsha Dixit


Love is in the air again…this time it’s steamy, bold and manipulative!

Gayatri and Viraj both are products of childhood trauma. Yet they were able to survive, one because of her shrewdness and the other because of his genius. Rightfully Wrong Wrongfully Right, the final part in the best selling ‘Right and Wrong’ love trilogy is the story of these two damaged souls.

Gayatri Dutta, the poster child for rich spoiled diva is fighting to escape a life of servitude her tyrant father is hell bent on pushing her into. Her past string of failures have her backed against a wall. Lonely and desperate!

Viraj is a con who uses his genius to perpetuate his isolation. His life once of violence and abuse has left him cynical and cold. He shuns the society and its hypocrisies. 

And then Gayatri and Viraj cross paths. She needs him and he despises her.

To Viraj, Gayatri, is the epitome of all that he despises, shallow, manipulative and the kind who uses her beauty as a weapon. Or is she?

Gayatri sees Viraj only as a means to an end. She is sure that Viraj with his nerdy demeanor, owlish glasses and crude behavior will be easy to manipulate and walk over. Only he isn’t!

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Excerpt from #RWWR

‘I can do this, I can do this, I can...’ Gayatri wound her fingers tightly around her cellphone as she made her way to the cubbyhole Viraj called his office. I did not expect a freaking hug, but a polite ‘how are you’ wouldn’t kill that man. She rapped her knuckles on the door.

Viraj swung the door open. ‘What?’ His brows were furrowed and his lips, pursed.

Gayatri remembered what Nikhil had said to her once. Dr Viraj owns and runs this lab. He was the only one you needed to impress! ‘It’s my first day here!’ Gayatri could hear her voice shake. ‘Could you tell me...

Gayatri scuttled out of Viraj’s way as he leaned out. ‘Find an empty room, do your work there. You are free to leave any time you want. You are free to come or to not come.’ The door shut on her face.

Flabbergasted, Gayatri kept staring at the door. What just happened? She cleared her throat. I should not piss him off anymore. ‘Thank you for this…this job.’ Her voice was as uncertain as the look on her face.

Viraj tugged the door open again. Gayatri flashed a smile at him and opened her mouth to speak but he stopped her short. ‘I don’t like talking. Find a room and stay there.’ He shut the door on her again.

 Asshole! Gayatri fisted her hands and retreated. I can do this! I am doing this! Bigger picture, please! Gayatri paused and peeped inside the first lab that she stumbled upon. The place was quiet except for a low hum of machines. Gayatri pushed the doors open and walked inside the lab. It was empty. ‘Does anyone else work here besides the mad scientist?’ She leaned against one of the steel racks. The door flew open behind her. With a big grin she turned to greet the person coming in. ‘Hi! I’ she froze. It was the mad scientist with a bunch of papers in his hand.

Viraj noticed Gayatri at the same time. A familiar irritation flashed in his eyes. ‘Not this room. Not my lab! Find another room!’ He spoke with cool authority.

‘I was just looking!’ Gayatri smoothed her ponytail trying to mask her nervousness. He had her in knots.

Giving an indifferent shrug, Viraj walked past her. Gayatri got a whiff of his aftershave; it smelled clean and crisp, like water with a twist of lemon. At least he doesn’t stink like his manners! Gayatri stood there quiet and confused.

A loose paper slipped from Viraj’s hand and landed on the floor.

‘You dropped some paper!’ Gayatri said, her voice friendly.

‘Ignore it. Like you, it is not going anywhere.’ Viraj pulled a portable stool and took a seat in front of an electronic panel fixed to a bigger panel.

Gayatri gritted her teeth and grinned with the ferocity of a wild animal that could pounce any moment.

Unknown to her, Viraj gave a similar smile except his was more like the wild animal that had pounced and won.

‘I’ll go and find a room. Thank you!’ Swiveling on her heel, Gayatri headed for the door.

Something stopped herher father’s face and the realization that two weeks ago she had physically fought for herself, and now she had to fight again but with her mind instead of hands. I have to win over Mr Madness. Maybe I could wear a beaker over my head and tattoo the periodic table on my arms!

‘If you are trying to open the door telepathically, let me be the first to tell you it is not working!’

Gayatri exhaled noisily. Scathing and sarcastic, what more could a woman ask for? Taking a few calming breaths, she slowly pivoted to face Viraj, specifically his back as he sat hunched fiddling with the panel in front of him.

 ‘I’m sorry if I have offended you somehow. I really need this job. And also, I’m qualified for it. I can show you my degrees. I can really make a difference here.’

Hearing Gayatri’s words and her apologetic tone, something melted inside Viraj...again. But to keep up appearances, he turned rude. ‘I’m busy!’ he barked.

 ‘Please Mr Viraj, give me’ Just then, without warning, someone swung the door open. Gayatri wasn’t prepared for the push. ‘Ouch!’ She toppled. Her desperate hands grabbed the first thing in the vicinitya steel rack. The rack shuddered violently and some of its contents landed on the floor.

‘What the hell!’ Viraj bellowed jumping to his feet.

Gayatri winced. A large electrical component had crashed into her hand ‘The door just opened, pushing me in,’ she said shaking her arm in pain.

 Viraj glared at the door. He instantly lost the frown and his mouth eased at the ends. ‘Oh it’s you! Come inside!’

Huh, Hyde turns Jekyll! Gayatri spun around.

A timid, bespectacled, five-foot-nothing girl, her long hair in a tight braid, clad in a pastel-coloured salwaar kameez, stood at the door. Her skin was smooth and her hands kept tugging at the dupatta around her neck ‘Sorry to interrupt! Dr Kalra wanted to show you some tests he is about to run in lab 2.’ She then glanced at Gayatri. ‘I’m sorry if I hurt you. It was an accident.’

Gayatri was about to speak but Viraj cut her off. ‘She’s fine. Let’s go!’

Viraj went out with the girl, not even sparing a glance at Gayatri.

Astounded, Gayatri watched them leave.

Urghh…the shit-faced scientist actually smiled and that too at that girl! Gayatri kicked the steel rack. It shuddered again! Shoot! Before anything else would fall on her, Gayatri went after the scientist and the simpleton.

Did you like the excerpt? Author Varsha Dixit offers you four of her chapters free.

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About the author

Varsha Dixit

Varsha Dixit, the bestselling author of four successful contemporary romance books. Her debut book, Right Fit Wrong Shoe was a national bestseller for the year 2010. Varsha was a part of the Indian Television Industry and worked as an assistant director and online editor. She considers herself a dreamer who thinks deep but writes light. Even though creativity is gender free,Varsha feels blessed and enriched to be a woman. Currently, with her family, Varsha resides in CA, USA.

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Destiny of Shattered Dreams - Reviewing Contest

Win a Kindle every week and a grand all expenses paid VIP trip to the JLF.

Rupa Publications present a book review contest for bestselling debut novel ‘Destiny of Shattered Dreams.’ Buy a copy, review it on selected sites, post the link on the author site and bingo! Chance to win a kindle every week followed by an expenses paid trip to the next Jaipur Literary Festival. T & C Apply.

Contest Terms & Conditions:

1. Aspiring contestants require to read and review the novel ‘Destiny of Shattered Dreams’ on Amazon, Flipkart, Infibeam, Goodreads, YouTube, Sapna or Crossword websites.
2. Simply copy the link of your review and paste it on the author website on the contest page.
3. All entries received each week will be judged by 50 participating bloggers each week, the entry posting the most votes will be adjudged the entry of the week and will win an Amazon Kindle each week.
4. Winning entries of the week will be posted on the website and must identify themselves for claiming the reward.
5. A grand prize will await one of the 12 winning entries of each week for the final prize, 2 VIP passes to the JLF along with shared accommodation for 2.
6. Employees of Author Nilesh and Rupa Publications are not eligible to participate.
7. Entries received upto Sunday Midnight will be eligible for entry for the previous week and will be declared on Tuesday on the author website.
8. Minimum of 10 participants required to qualify for a prize.
9. Readers claiming the reward must present a purchase invoice along with proof of ownership for review posted to claim the reward.
10. Contest open on Monday 14th July ’16. Grand prize to be announced on 13th Oct ’16.
11. All reviews are expected to be honest reviews and the ratings have no bearing on the rewards.

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Book Blitz : The Secret of God's Son by Usha Narayanan


Usha Narayanan


With this cruel curse on Krishna, Queen Gandhari plunges mankind into the unspeakable evil of the Kali Yuga. 

It is up to Pradyumna to try and reverse the dire prediction. To journey into terrifying realms, confront Yama and Shiva, and to vanquish the Kali demon. In order to do so, he must shed all that holds a mortal back—his arrogance, his fears, his baser instincts… He must lead his people out of the swirling vortex of greed, disease and misery. And there is one powerful weapon still…the secret surrounding Pradyumna’s origin.  

Will he uncover it in time to fight off the cataclysm? 

In the answer lies the destiny of all humanity! 

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About the author


Usha Narayanan had a successful career in advertising, radio and corporate communications before becoming a full-time writer. She is the author of The Madras Mangler, a suspense thriller, and Love, Lies and Layoffs, a light-hearted office romance. The Secret of God’s Son is the sequel to her bestselling book, Pradyumna: Son of Krishna, which was published in July 2015. 

When she’s not juggling travel, writing and interviews, Usha reads everything from thrillers to romances, provided her cat isn’t fast asleep on her Kindle. She would love to hear from her readers here: 

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Media mentions

Praise for Pradyumna: Son of Krishna

Usha Narayanan has taken a quantum leap . . . to the outright spine-tingling narrative from the leaves of a time before. This book is Indian writing coming of age" Femina

"Like the best of our mythological tales, this too, is a multilayered one . . .There is valour, there is cowardice, there is glory, there is shame, there is sex, lies and deception" The Hindu

"This engrossing tale takes readers on a mythological saga" Times of India

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Book Review : A Broken Man by Akash Verma

Book - A Broken Man

Author - Akash Verma

Genre - Fiction

Publisher - Srishti Publishers

Blurb -

K.K. has touched the rim of the sky but somehow he is craving inside for what he has left behind. While narrating his tale to his driver he touches some deep secrets of his life once again.

Chhavi is the most energetic lad in the premises but not everyone is happy to see happy faces and raised fingers.

What happens when some hard facts hit on the faces of Krishna and Chhavi? Will things rot more or any new pathway will open up for them?

Title and Cover -

The first look at the cover and title both fails to impress because the insight is not powerful but still it is working in general terms. A man who is shown on the cover is bent a little with a lot of things passing through him of different hue and order, it maybe shows the hardships which the main lead has to go through and how life is testing him with different things. The title on the other hand is working in the same manner, reflecting ideas but not to the core.


I loved the variety of characters in the book. From time to time I saw people who were showing mind-sets of very vast order. In the start there were college students, then there were some political goons, also there were two families who were poles apart and it was a great show.

From the major characters I loved K.K. and Chhavi. They being the main protagonists were highly shown and also with expertise.

From the minor characters there were some great people, like, Gope, Panditji and Krishna’s mother. All three of them showed very wide characteristics like that of rage, power, dedication and what not.

Narration -

The narration of the book was smooth, chapters were divided well and the action was in full form from time to time. The third person narration worked as the cherry on the top as it opened more space to understand the characters well. The small elements which the author added here and there in the story added some charm on the not so ruling story. The background, setting etc was well showed by the author. The aura of college, village and moving life in a big city was built nicely. Thus variations easily hit the vision.

Review -

What happens when two people meet in a college, Love? Well, the old setting of a college fails to bind my mind. But there were things that were the saviour. The book starts with a promising aura. What has happened in the past of a man is the question that the author poses in front of the readers. I was highly excited to peep in his life but sadly he didn’t have anything extra-ordinary to show me in the flashback.

The story picks up with energy and it is this part only that makes the story interesting. The college politics is not a naive topic. The heated atmosphere is well shown by the author and he has tried to bring the environment of requisite order in front. The meetings and agendas were interesting to note. The Chaar Saval were enchanting. One can imagine a college dealing with such atrocities and a group of people trying their best to bring things in front. The whole surrounding was created well.

Then comes the turn in the story which was okayish for me. It might affect some readers but I found it very Bollywood movie types.

Every turn that comes thereafter was highly and highly predictive.
What I loved about the book are the topics. The college politics, the value of a girl and expectations the family draw from her, the disturbing elements in the surrounding, the power and reputation that comes with position and the ever-lasting love which is not easy to sail through. The mind set of people who come from backward classes is shown in depth.

A broken man came out to be a very simple and bland tale of two people. The author has tried to make the story stand out of the box by adding things which are worthy to note but it failed to create an ever-lasting impression. And why was it so? It was because the tale wasn’t fresh. It was the same old drama that one sees in different novels from time to time.

Summing up- The book was a nice break for me because I wasn’t reading love stories from a long time. The easy read made me finish this book in a day with not much difficulty in understanding the facts. If and if the author had tried a bit more to renew his book with a different plot, setting and backgrounds then it might have worked.

Eye-catchers -

•“Politics is known to suck everyone inside; even those standing at the periphery.”

•“Every encounter has the potential to change something within your life.”

•“The two greatest fears in a man’s life are the fear of debt and fear of people whom he cares for.”

•“Sometimes the love for our children comes in the way of what our children love.”

•“Love is a double-edged sword. It has the ability to push you into the deepest of hells and also the power to redeem you from it.”

Turn-on’s -

•The inspirational tale, from ground zero to the sky.

•Concept of untouchables not leaving the roots of the country even after so many rules and education. The ugly face shown by the author and the pain of the affected ones is presented well and it is mixed up in the tale nicely.

•Easy language.

Turn-off’s -

•No such turn which was new and never heard of.

•The same old concept of two highly different people.

•Same background, same sort of antagonists, same drama. Nothing new.

Recommendation -

The book can be a pick for new readers who are looking for some easy reads. Also who are fond of simple love stories can give it a try.

About the author -

Akash Verma is an entrepreneur. His work has taken him across the country, and he finds this experience very relevant while giving shape to his stories. He has published two bestsellers till now. Akash is currently based out of Gurgaon, India. He is fascinated by Cinema, Literature, History and Travel.

Connect with the author-



•Twitter- @akashverma1970

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Book Review : When Thoughts Invade the Cancer Conqueror by S Nilakanta Siva and Rajalakshmi Siva

Book- When Thoughts Invade the Cancer Conqueror

Author- S Nilakanta Siva and Rajalakshmi Siva

Genre- Non-Fiction

Publisher- NotionPress

No one can predict the future and this inability makes us do things which we would have wanted to undo when the outcome hits the nerves.

Kuppuswamy is in distress over the deadly disease that had hugged him hard. Fighting through, Kuppuswamy tries to keep calm.

Will he sail without drowning? Or would the disease break him?

Title and Cover-

The title of the book is better than the cover. The whole idea of the author behind writing the book is making people understand the depth of the diseases which are caused by the bad habits, prevalent in the present scenario. But the cover doesn’t say the same. Though the tale is non-fictional but it is said in a fictional manner thus more imaginativeness would have added extra stars to its credit.


The whole bunch of family is present in the book. The far relatives, the kids, the grandkids, team of doctors, physicians and the list continues. Every person had a very distinct role to play and as it was a real life story the characters felt more close to the heart while reading the tale.

I loved Kuppuswamy for his bravery and his wife Pramila for her patience. Also all the minor characters were helping the tale in a broader sense and thus every one must be characterized as the soul of the tale.


The narration of the story is in third person. Well, I was hoping it to be a first person narrative because the emotions were laid back. If and only if Kuppuswamy would have taken the strings in his hand to depict his side of the tale then maybe reader could have reached the deepest cores of his mind.


The story started without any delay in proposing a background or a setting. The tale was cut short to the phase which needed the most attention. From the very start it was certain that the tale wouldn’t be that easy to grasp. With all the details and the pain from the initial level, the book has came up with high splendour.

Minuscule images were brought in light and every element came up really beautifully due to the highly provoking story. The finish line can never be touched without the help of supporters and cheering people in the pavilion. Kuppuswamy was always surrounded in crests or troughs to move ahead with determination and author has penned this part of the story well. There were many people who came in front from time to time to show the same.

The tale becomes really inspiring when the second stage of the treatment process is in movement. The post dilemma is much-much dangerous then the pre one because one knows all the ins and outs. It was the first experience for me to read all this in detail and every turn was hard to inhale because it gave deep pain to know how much one would have suffered. Such was the intensity of the tale.

Whole book seemed like an arena where on one corner were Kuppuswamy and his family and on the other end was this deadly disease. The book can be used as an inspirational and a meaningful novel for those who are addicted to such ill practices or for those who are associated with such people. So, all in all motive of the author is achieved. They have generated awareness by sharing their experience.

Summing up- The book was a great summation of the journey of a family who were chosen to fight. It can be used as a guide. Kudos to the author for going back in the time and experiencing each and every thing again for writing this book.


•“He would not simply exist but live.”

•“He believed goggling medical conditions was the biggest blunder made by patients.”

•“ err is human, to forgive is divine.”


•The depth in which the topic is dealt with.

•Thought process behind penning this tale by the author,


•I thought that the details were much and emotions projected through the story were less. Though I don’t support an emotional tale, I just wanted to sniff a little more deeper intensity.

A never dying spirit rules on every page of the book. It is a must read for those who are fed up of their life or those who have people around who are diagnosed with such dangerous diseases.

About the author-
S Nilakanta Siva was born in Mumbai. His early education was in Delhi. Sivaram graduated in physics and mathematics and did his post-graduation. Sivaram led several public awareness programs to highlight the benefits of atomic energy. Sivaram, along with his wife Poorna aka Rajalakshmi Siva, narrates the tale of how they together conquered the disease.

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Book Review : Destiny of Shattered Dreams by Nilesh Rathod

Book- Destiny of Shattered Dreams

Author- Nilesh Rathod

Genre- Fiction

Publisher- Rupa Publishers


Atul has rose from ashes and is in the league to become the best in town. Though he is leading his life like a king, he is falling in his personal life.

Roshni and Atul had a love marriage but things are not that pretty as it seems. Even the happiest ones have some spots of uneasiness.

What happen when one moves ahead in life very fast? When big names are associated what hindrances pops in front?

Title and Cover-

Where the title had a larger appeal, the cover fails to impress me. The line of demolition showcase the shattering but nothing else the background shows to gave an insight about what the book contains.


The characters were technocrats, politicians, family members, friends, policemen and what not. There were so many that the tale became gripping due to the efforts and actions which people had to bestow.

The major characters were not much, just a man who had to say a lot about all that was happening around him. I loved Atul for what he was, what he became due to himself and others and how he made things around him. I loved his thought process and far-sightedness.

From the minor characters I loved Aarti, Roshni, Ananya, Jyoti, Qazi, Shalikram and many more. Every person had a different state of mind and a different side to bring in front.


Third person narration suited the tale well. The atmosphere of a big house or office, a country, state or situation, whatever came in front was done with utter preciseness. The narrator made every point, turn and situation crystal clear by maintaining a serene flow.


“Destiny of Shattered Dreams” is the tale of a man who has seen various phases in his life and is still in the run to explore new dimensions. Atul is on the move from the very start and the tale is revolving around him and his ventures from the first page. His life is shown at large and thus the author have stuck to what he wanted to project in majority.

The tale has moved from one phase to other with ease. The first section of the book has taken in notice the personal life and the people who are surrounding the main lead Atul. Excellence, intelligence and a want to achieve what he needs is shown on every page in the book.

Corporate world is shown at large and thus the layers can enchant any reader. But at the same time the excess usage of terms of high order can disturb the essence of a fiction tale.

When one moves to achieve heights then what comes in front of him/her is oblivious. The fact was always prominent in the tale and thus changes of same order came in front from time to time.  The tale moves from one politician to other, one location to other and one setting to other.

Also apart from the business sector, the novel has some extravagant love stories that took turns which were not very usual. I loved the way the author has tried to show the dark sides of different tales in a very normal way. The realizations which the characters experience makes the novel rise to a different level. The speeches which the characters used to support their point of view makes one wait and realize the depth with which the author has tried to connect with the readers.

The end of the novel is my favourite part because it was nowhere near a normal ending chapter of any book. Unexpected ends, mind-blowing turns in the middle and a gripping tale of what one wants from life makes the book stand in a corner with pride. The ending speech by the lead seemed like a summation of the whole tale.

Summing up- Destiny of Shattered Dreams is a book with similar elements yet different mixtures. An amazing ride of complexities and tragedies with constant desire of more is what the book contains. A perfect showdown made the book reach tangents of different order.


•“Every crisis looks shallow in the prism of faith.”

•“Love itself is an illusion. We misuse the word so much we forget what it means.”

•“Identifying hate in oneself is probably even more difficult than identifying love.”


•Different places, characters, situations, atmosphere and stories, making the tale a perfect cobweb.

•A well planned design to show the outcome in the upcoming chapters.

•Smooth and easy going flow.

•Perfect pauses and amazing pick-ups.


•There were a lot of business related terms, ethics and explanations. One can happen to avoid such paragraphs without missing much of the story.


The book can target any audience without hindering their choices. So, I can recommend it to any book lover who is looking for a simple yet gripping tale.

About the author-

Nilesh Rathod is a businessperson, writer and poet. Co-founder of Ensemble Infrastructure India Limited, Nilesh’s company currently employs over 2000 people. Destiny of shattered dreams is his debut novel. Nilesh is currently working on his second novel.

Connect with the author-



Buy the book-

•Amazon link-

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Book Review : Kaleidoscope - Colours of Life by Inderjit Kaur

Book- Kaleidoscope: Colours of Life

Author- Inderjit Kaur

Genre- Non-Fiction

Publisher- Notionpress


There are many layers in our life. We need to look forward towards the different arenas and need to learn all that life has to offer.

Kaleidoscope: Colours of life is written to make one understand the different situations and probable way to make one’s path less cumbersome.


An apt title working well for the book. It certainly has that magnetic effect to attract a reader who is in search of some self help book.


The cover of the book is really interesting. A lady with shades of different order mixed in unequal proportions is shown on the cover. It suits well with the book which shows different shades of life and with a monotonous background things reach another level because the book has the same sort of concept.


“Colours of life” is a sort of self help book. The author has divided the book in two parts and I was impressed by the way the realizations were done in order to draw the inferences. I saw many things which are often heard from the elder ones. I felt nice while reading it. It felt I am talking to an aged person one on one and he/she has opened up her treasure of good talks in front of me.

Part 1- Rainbow, has taken reference from VIBGYOR and every colour has shown its sheen in the form of a story which is both inspirational and good for the soul. The smoothness with which it was done is highly commendable. Out of seven stories or essays or small talks whatever one refer it to be, I loved “Confident Blue” and “The Courageous Red” the most.

Part 2 had a lot of quickly wrapped up thoughts. The titles were convincing and half the work was done for me by that only.

There were more than 30 chapters and after touching every aspect in a jiffy I had to wait for a minute for a personal realization. Many things will stay with me and I might forget a lot too but the essence which the book created around me will always be cherished. It felt the author is touching every pained nerve in a reader’s heart and trying to console him/her with the book she has penned.
From all the chapters in the second part I loved, “At the right time”, “Darkness will fade away”, “Master your path in simplicity”, “Success Walks in”, “Walk like a warrior”.

Will I ever return to this book? Well yes I will because life is painful and psychiatrists are expensive.

Summing up- The book is worth having in your book shelf. Books are one’s guide and it is zillion percent true with “Colours of Life”. A lot of positivity is felt while reading it and one gets a break from the ever moving fictional tales which has the ability to run your imaginations but don’t allow to look beyond the limits which a non-fiction like “Colours of Life” can do.


Well the book was full of inspiring and heart touching quotes. Every chapter had some unusual saying tickling your nerves. Kudos author for writing such radiant one-liners.


· The topics covered were vast.

· The book sounds really caring and soft, giving a feel of vintage talks with the oldest member of the family.

· Quotes at the end of some chapters.


· With happiness counted at such great level, there must be miseries of high order. If there was kept a balance between the two sides then a grip could have been maintained. Reading the same essence over and over can make people reach boredom.

· The thoughts appeared repetitive, said in a different way every time.


Darkness can be removed with the positivity shining smoothly in the whole book. It is a must read for loners and pessimists.

About the author-

Inderjit Kaur is an author, a motivator with a powerful voice capable of spreading positive words through her writings. A highly influential blogger and an inspirational guide, who with her tag line: Keep smiling keep shining, has brewed the original concept of living through her books of living series. Inderjit Kaur, a full-time writer whose other books include “Living a more meaningful life” and “Elements of life”.

Connect with the author-

· Follow Inderjit Kaur @inderjitlmml @Alivingseries

· Amazon author page-

· Good reads author page-



Buy the book-

· Amazon link-

Book Review : A Road not Travelled by J. Alchem

Book- A Road Not Travelled: Can the world be a single country?

Author- J. Alchem

Genre- Fiction

Publisher- Storymirror


Niorgast Stinvins, Doilin Flenk and Bakintin Lenit are trying to solve the mystery for such sudden summoning at a hotel. They didn’t know that they are going to be really important for someone who has an unrealistic mission.

They found themselves in hard situations while dealing with different people who are influential and powerful.

What will happen to this dream of “Can World be a single country?”? How will the quest turn out to be? Which aspect will turn their lives unexpectedly?


The name of the book is literarily sound. It says a lot about the uniqueness of the book which can impel anyone to pick this book for having a good look.


I felt that the blue background is an analogy to Earth. Then there is an image of earth which has been centrally put in front in all respects, i.e., not only on the cover but also in the story. A heart, signifying brotherly love between the three leads or between the only romantic couple or maybe also for the world, a patriotic love sign maybe. I fell for it.


The novel had enough characters of vivid orders. People were divided according to phases and they didn’t intrude the pathway of others, taking complexity away. There were students of college in Nior’s life. Then there were officials from the professional sphere. And most importantly there were these three friends who bonded quickly and thus started a very blossoming tale of friendship.
From the major characters I loved Niorgast.
From the minor characters I loved Mrs. Hamilton and Nior’s mother.


The book was in first person narrative. It could have been better if third person was used because I really didn’t get to know the mind-set of many people at different situations, especially Lenit and Frank. The narration was based more on what the narrator Nior was thinking rather then what was required from the viewpoint of the story.


“A Road not travelled” is an out of box book, with drifting and unpredictable situations of high order. The book was ought to be different because that is what author promised. And I was not disappointed. It was different but was this difference worth it? Well, this can only be answered once the sequel is created. Yes, a sequel and thank God I knew this before writing this review.

The story starts on a very dramatic turn. The mystery is built up in the initial chapters itself. I was very eager to unleash it but sadly I was left with a lot of statements from the narrator. When you read a fiction, the whole responsibility is on the story. But in this book I was left with explanations, theories and one’s outlook over different matters.

Book released some air of freshness only when the lives were dealt in particular of different characters. It was a great change within the story. There were three sections in particular where the flashbacks were in action and it helped the story a lot in respiring.
Some queries were building up but I have to control my nerves till the author is ready with the answers in his second book.

So, I can conclude that the middle portion was better than the starting. I took a day in reading the initial two or three chapters and another day for the rest of the book.

Though the starting had concepts of unimaginable level but things can work only with a proper background. I thought that there was a lot of randomness in the story, of every order. Everything was happening in a jiffy. Things were moving faster than ever and success was touching the leading characters quite easily. Well, at corrupted places such serene movements are inhibited (strictly my opinion).

The scenes of “The Library” and “The Cafe” were well framed. It gave more area to peep in the lives of the characters which were else working in a different dimension.

When the end arrived, I was ready for a sudden change in the plot. Climax has to be great, isn’t it? An extra half point goes to the end. Unexpected tales must-must-must possess an unexpected ending and I was again not disappointed. I was impressed by the middle and totally in shock with the end. I liked the way things edged ahead but again the same thing happened I became a victim of quick movements in the tale. I wanted to grasp more but a showdown was executed. So, that means I was hoping to read more. Kudos author.

Summing up- A road not travelled was an interesting and unusual read. A tale of revolution and revolution is not of normal order; it’s one of a kind. With characters so deeply indulged in the tale, the reading experience became quite radiant. If the start up was equally levelled as the middle and end, the book could have left a great remark.


· “...time never runs fast. It is we who are slow to stand up and achieve all that we want.”

· “When God wants us to do something then he pits strange things in our way, in our dreams, in our imagination so that we can pursue them.”

· “...when something begins with the compliment you have less pressure to impress.”


· The subject matter was unusual and one of a kind.

· Easy language and smooth flow.

· Different concept blended with emotions of friendship and love.

· Flashbacks.

· Speech delivered by Niorgast, really inspiring.

· The three way concepts to every problem or theory.


· Fast forward movements.

· Lot of explanations, less of story.


Bored of old genres, "A road not travelled" can be a refreshing pick for sure.

About the author-

J. Alchem is a voracious reader and a critically acclaimed author. He is the winner of story mirror-2015 (a nationwide writing competition), NaNoWriMo-2015 and superhero storyteller (2014). He has written in several magazines and newspapers and received the appreciation for the same. His stories have been published in numerous anthologies such as Blank Space, Love Bytes, and Mighty Thoughts and on various online channels.

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Book Review : The Guest by Mitali Meelan

Book- The Guest

Author- Mitali Meelan

Genre- Fiction

Publisher- Black Ink

Neha is in shock when she learns that her house will be receiving a guest named Cecelia. 

Her life flips and all her activities cease, though not completely.

What role does this new guest plays in forming or deforming Neha’s life? Will things sort or become more entangled?

An appropriate title. Working well with the tale. Giving proper insight to peep in the story. Worked for me in all senses.

I loved the hue of the book. Lot of baggages on the trolley are added to show the arrival of someone in full form creating extra spice. A perfect segment is shown.

There were characters of vivid characteristics. I met dancers, musicians, actors and singers in the book. I loved the way their lives moved according to the role they were playing.

There were many major and minor characters which fitted with the movement of the college phase perfectly.

I loved Cecelia the most from the major characters.

And from the minor ones, I loved Purti and Mr. Ranade.

The narration of the book was a first person narrative and thus I could live the life of Neha for some hours. Such was the mood created by the author. I liked the perfect breaks and pick-ups which the author planted. There were no hitches and no flashbacks creating any second thoughts. All in all it worked well.

The initial inspection doesn’t give any information about the book and thus I started the book on a very happy note. I was expecting a sort of mystery involved in it. Well, there is mystery but of other kind. From the very start, the book was sorted. There were chapters which had incidents of different order, connecting all the strings.

Eye-catchy is the behavioural instincts of various people, a 40 year old and a 17 year old is shown in great depth. I won’t deny that I was losing interest in the book when I reached the middle. But let’s first talk about the starting of the book.

Mitali tried her best to build up an essence for a perfect tale. There were easy conversations, many characters and situations were of high interest. But sadly, that was only in the start. The good part is the simplicity and a clear plan of action which was penned by the author. It demands sheer attention and hold on the story by the creator.

Further, when I reached around the middle portion, I was highly disheartened because things were moving just for the sake of moving. There was no spark. The incidents were getting mundane too. I have heard all these sort of things on various teenage shows. I found Neha very adamant and repetitive. She too showed the expected traits.

If and only if something different would have been planned then maybe there was a hope of an ignition. Nevertheless, I was happy with the end.

Books can either leave you speechless or can tickle you somehow. This book comes in the latter section. The ending was nice but again not extra-ordinary. I was enjoying the speeches which were delivered by Cecelia. It was not new but it was nice to look over the matters which not many notice.

Summing up- The novel made presence in my mind because of its fluidic language. The aura created by the author around some bunch of students was making me nostalgic. There were few ironical phases in the novel which were impactful. If and only if the story could have been moulded in a less casual way then it would have done wonders of all sorts. Still, I enjoyed the easy going reading experience.


· “...every person is the world’s most loyal employees as long as he works for his passion, not his pension.”

· “Beauty is very short-lived and overrated.”

· “It's just how the relationships between parents and children work. It is even more complicated when the child is a girl.”

· “The belief that you belong to someone, that your absence will be felt, is what keeps you going every day.”

· “What matters is whether you smile when you’re with the person; whether you feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders....”


· The ironical situations created by the author were great.

· I loved the part of story revolving around Purti.

· Loved the end. The realizations, the opening of truths and the final segment headed by Cecelia.

· The easy flow of language.


· Found the story to be a lot familiar.

· The pieces were joined properly but they felt a little under-nourished.

It can be a light read for beginners, worth a try.

About the author-
Mitali Meelan was born in Thane and brought up in Mumbai. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Economics and pursued her master’s in English Literature, while working with a magazine as an editorial coordinator for a short while. She has a couple of short stories published in anthologies. When she is not telling stories, you can find her writing blog posts, reading etc.

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· Twitter handle- @mitalimeelan

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