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Book Review : 2 Peg Ke Baad by Nikita Lalwani

Book- 2 Peg Ke Baad

Author- Nikita Lalwani

Genre- Fiction (Short Stories)

Publisher- Srishti Publishers


What happens when you are two pegs down and all your memories are a little hazy?

14 stories, 14 drunkards and 14 instances of rage, negligence, comedy, realization and many more.

Title and Cover-

Well thought of, actually it seems the first point of the book in real terms. It indicates the start-up or an idea in a more glorified way. A well suited name of course.

On the other hand, with a simplistic name the author could have added more images to the cover related to what one is about to see in the book. Still a large glass of alcohol wasn’t much depressing too. Overall a nice effort.


All the stories had one common element, the 2 pegs down characters who were ruling the book like hell. I loved the characters of some stories because of their unique characteristics and usage of voice in a very perfect and proper way.

From all the people casted in the book I liked, Rosita, Laxmi, Satpute, Ayesha and Kiara. They were magnificently crafted.


“2 peg ke baad” is a nice collection of stories ranging from one genre to other. The beauty lies in the concept which is used very smartly by the author. The stories in the book show colours of various orders and thus it saves the reader from the boredom which the discontinuity of short stories can cause.

“My last painting” is a normal story but what I liked about it is the fact that how the transitions were shown in one’s life and in the characters, with the help of just one simple paragraph. It was a powerful one and it brought the essence of serenity. I was disheartened by the ending, and that can be seen as a good sign or a bad one too.

Next in queue is “When all that mattered was a gun”. The story didn’t end the way I was thinking and that is why I loved it. It was nice to see the bonding, friendship and the aura of younger and chirpy days. The story had enough amount of suspense to blow your mind and a lot of comic elements to lighten you completely.

“Drive in-sanity” is another hilarious tale of two girls who are out to enjoy but somehow the 2 pegs that they have gulped down have made things a bit awkwardly funny. The changes in the tales are the best parts because it suits the theme in a very prominent way.

Further I loved “Rosita in the bar” because I found the main lead very dark and mysterious and it is because of her character that the story turned out to be a bit spooky in a nicer way. I loved how the narrator was telling the story and how things progressed. Was I expecting a little different end, umm, yeah.

Then all the stories which were lined up in the end were superb because they were wide in their aspect. “It’s not a love story” is not a love story (chuckles). It’s a story about a weird bond which two people share and what roles they play in each other’s life. The concept was mingled well with the book because a person is more open and exuberant once he/she is a little down. The story was a great encounter.

“Euphobia” on the other hand was comic fantasy, executed well with some right amount of gestures and fear used here and there to bring out the best. I couldn’t believe the end and that is why the story topped the list.

I thought the author was at her best in the story “Epilogue” because she showed a lot in a very few pages. It is the best story of the book, followed by “What happens in Banaras....” and “Euphobia”, then I can line up “Drive in-sanity” and “It’s not a love story”.

Summing up- The 14 short stories were great in one way or the other. But sadly not all the stories were up to that mark. When you are reading a collection then one expects the next story in the line to be better than the previous one. Here some stories were less shiny and thus only around half of the total stories could leave an impression and they were definitely extravagant.


“...that is how it happens in most of our Indian families. Education to please relatives, marriage to please more unpleased relatives, then kids to please relatives who have suffered all the other pleasures of life.”

“I would like to marry a person who can speak up at the right time and not just over beer.”

“It is advisable that to overcome a break up one must get engaged to something and not someone.”

“...the world inside of me is much prettier and it comes up only once the rest of the world fades away.”


• Different emotions brought from the same background.


• Stories like “A walk with...”, “How we...”, “Apology...” etc had portions which were heard. Some things seemed to be picked from a movie to be very frank.

• In some stories the predictions building up in my mind worked, making the stories sober, less interesting and below the mark.


Missing light humour, 2 peg ke baad can be your pick for a light read.

About the author-

Dr. Nikita Lalwani considers to be married to writing and is very happy with that. Swimming, spiritualistic, reading, learning new languages are her other girlfriends. She authored her first non-fiction work Live Life... Stop Analysing It when she was 16. Nikita believes that destiny happened to be destiny, but writing is where she truly finds herself.

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• "http://www.2pegkebaad.com"


• Twitter - @2pegKeBaad

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