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Book Review : Go Clown #AccheDin for Comedy! by Shatrugna Vadwlas

Book- Go Clown #AccheDin for Comedy!

Author- Shatrugna Vadwlas

Genre- Fiction (Comedy)

Pages- 325

Price- Rs.189


The clown is always up for some mischief but not always he can come up with the notorious activities, building up in his mind. What happens when few friends move ahead and experience some different sides of life?


I liked the title because it is catchy and just the name is enough to guess what the book is all about. I loved the sub-title too.


The cover had some important elements, like a man with a cigar in hand, the game and a clown which is made from the smoke coming out from the cigar. Everything gelled nicely but I felt that the theme was dispersed just like the book. The elements didn’t come up together as a whole showing the theme in a wider sense.


Third person narrative was going well with the humorous tale. But I felt that more work was needed to be done while crafting the chapters. I liked the name of the chapters because they give a larger insight but the author failed to provide a proper proportion, which made some chapters extra-ordinarily exciting while some chapters were bland making one lose interest in the tale.


Go clown is a comedy book and I was happy to see that the genre was handled beautifully throughout the book. The book revolves around the life of Kiriti. The incidents were so crafted that they showed the different sides with perfection. But what went wrong was the secrecy that was maintained for long. That made me a bit confused when I reached the middle portion of the book.

I loved the way the book started. There were many subtle incidents which matched nicely with the grounded aspects. But in the race of writing a comic book the author lost his track of narrating a fictional tale. I found different incidents here and there but I felt that the way he narrated the story was not helping the book. A lot of homework was needed to be done on the way the things were lined up.

Further, the normal vocabulary was helping the comedy in larger terms. The extra explanations which the author made in the brackets made the read more ecstatic. Every Indian can relate to some incidents which the author has mentioned in the book. Some punches were really great but some really felt a little below the belt and they didn’t seem comic at all.

Summing up- The book came out as a great break from the usual tales. With not even a hint of normal emotions, Go Clown became a wonderful read to rejuvenate one’s mood. The idea was really interesting but a little more work could have made the book a great package of comedy, sarcasm, friendship and what not.


• “…competing and achieving in India is far more difficult than in a rich country where there are less people, more opportunities and less competition.”

• “Everything is bound to happen at the appropriate time. No amount of worrying can change the order of things, which they ought to be in.”


• The relatable comic elements.

• The vivid variety brought together.

• Loved the sentiments, were pure and didn’t seem made up.


• Lot of things happening but it didn’t come up as a whole.

About the author-

Shatrugna Vadwlas, is a software architect based in the U.S. he has contributed to the times of India besides other Indian online portals like Faking News etc. He has completed a Writer’s course at the writers center, Bethesda in Washington DC.

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