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Book Review : Panorama by Shilpi Chaklanobis

Book- Panorama: A collection of short stories

Author- Shilpi Chaklanobis

Genre- Fiction (Short stories)

Publisher- Notion Press

Price- 150

Pages- 134


Panorama is a book containing fifteen stories of varied emotions and situations. Some relationships between a mother and daughter, an inner conflict in the mind of a professor, the gap between two friends etc are some of the thoughts that the author has brought in the book.

Title and Cover-

The title and cover can surely be loved after completing the book. The book this time compliments the other factors. The simplicity of the book is well matched with the name of the book and the serene background which is shown in the cover. With beautiful colours, everything is working in good way to make things better.


There were few characters which were mysterious, beautiful and worth remembering. I can surely pick Rani, Vimala, Roma, Prabha, Swati, Kamla, Padma, Payal, Arnab and Martha. The characters were brought to life by the way author has weaved a story around their lives.


Fifteen great stories with mind blowing concept, I haven’t felt the same for any short story collection in a very long time. I can’t pick any one favourite story because all were complimenting the book in a really larger sum.

I was impressed at the very start with the story like “Wok”. It was so deep and down to earth that I almost felt an ache in my heart after I read the end. The characters, their conversations and the mood that the author was able to create were really beautiful. So many emotions were brought in front in few pages.

“The Thirst” made me a bit anxious for the lead. I so wanted the end to change but I knew that the essence could have only been brought in front due to this magnificent and well thought of climax. I really liked all the facts which the people like our main lead face. There is always this dilemma in them; this hope inside that everything is not that bad. This dilemma was well penned.

The story “Forever” is engrossed in my mind deeply. It was not any different love story but there was something in it that made it beyond any normal lines of worthiness. With a lot of serenity the author put in front the images of longing and gaps that comes in between different sort of relationships with time.

“The Wait” shows the real face of India in depth. I was touched by the simplicity of Kamla. She brings in front the sarcastic flow of our values. The end was unacceptable and that is the cherry on the top too. It can make you think deeply that which path you need to follow ahead, the one which is your own creation or the one that is made for you by others.

After this comes this dreadful story “The Second Tsunami”. It was one of a kind story and one of the best in the book. The transitions in the relationship of the two kids made me feel high. A well thought and well executed story.

“The Example” and “The Meeting” showed two different things at length. Firstly, the need of self satisfaction and secondly, the changes that the time can bring. You can never know how and why things change. Sometimes it’s for good and sometimes for the worse. Both the stories were very deep and analytical.

The author was at her best in “Mirage”. There was a lot of detailing in explaining the relationships and the way they progress from two point of views.

“Destiny” “The untimely death” and "Before it’s too late” were continuing the same legacy and were superb in their own way.

The author started well and ended magnificently with the story “The sealed wish”. I loved the way the story progressed and the intuitions, the magic were brought nicely in the story.

Summing up- The book was a great collection of short stories, ranging from emotions, relationship and lifetime lessons. From all the stories “Bribe”, “The sealed wish”, “Wok”, “The meeting” etc were some of my favourite ones.


• “...the dust can only cover your memories for some time but the feelings that lay buried beneath them remain the same, forever.”

• “In the process of winning the race of life, he had forgotten the basic rule of living. You have to catch the spring before it’s too late. You cannot expect the freshness and aroma from a flower after it’s dried.”


• A different concept and set of emotions in the stories.

• Great to the point stories with balanced starting and climax


A wonderful collection of short stories the author has penned. Every story is better than the previous one. I can highly recommend it to avid readers.

About the author-

Shilpi Chaklanobis hails from the beautiful city of Kanpur and has spent the majority of her adult life in Delhi. She currently heads the digital marketing division at an MNC. She aims to translate her experiences and understanding of human relationships in to stories that not only move people but also resonate with them. This is her first endeavour as a writer.

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