Thursday, 15 September 2016

Book Review : Figmented Reality by Zuko

Book- Figmented Reality

Author- Zuko

Genre- Fiction

Publisher- Frog Books- An imprint of Leadstart Publishing

Pages- 157

Price- 150


Addiction blurs our hold on reality; people say. But what if addiction becomes our reality? Siddhartha had a fair few addictions in his wake. The challenge now was to differentiate between the ideal world and the real world. Will Siddhartha be able to overcome his addictions and find true love? Or is it just another addiction?

Title and Cover-

Well the title and cover are the breath of book. Both starts making sense after one completes the book. I was very impressed by both the elements. The black-grey contrast with blurred image was like the sugary icing on the dry cake.


There was a great need of more characters in the story. The story was becoming really bland with just four to five characters. It seemed like a stretched version of a short story.

I liked Veena and the narrator, because I thought they were the ones which kept the story intact.


I liked the narration very much. There was a human which I was reading because the author gave a very wide area for a reader to explore.


Figmented Reality is a very different and analytical book in some ways. Well, when I started I wasn’t sure that as to what I am about to read. But as the story progressed things started engulfing me in a tight grip, as if demanding extra attention.

The dialogues that the author has decided to showcase have helped the story in larger way because there wasn’t much matter in the story but the conversations kept the things moving.

I liked the different kinds of relationships shown in the book. There was a subtle amount of everything and it gave a wider insight to the whole drama. The confusions which the lead experience when he comes in contact with the lady whom he admires is really nice to inspect. The author didn’t try to show a simple moving admiration and love concept, there was much more to everything.

The story was moving perfectly in the beginning and also in the middle. There were nice situations and twists. Also the speeches that were penned in the start of every chapter were really meaningful and serene.

What went wrong are the last chapters and the showdown. The surprises were great but I think that the author has just laid forward the suspense just like that. There were some clues left in the middle of the story but they were not that impactful. If and only if the author could try to show these elements of suspense in the whole novel bit by bit, things could have reached another level.

Also I felt that there was lack in minute detailing. There were some facts which the author has mentioned in the book which have no specific relation to the story or the characters. I never want to read the details blandly; I like to explore them through the actions, speeches of the characters. A little more work on that was needed.

Summing up- The novel had a great concept. The characters and situations were made a little dark and mysterious as per the requirement but a lot of detailing and extra usage of surprise elements was required to make the book a happening read.


• “In moments between life and death, we might not remember every moment we are proud of but we certainly will remember moments we regret.”

• “Our brain produces moments that seem so realistic that we no longer want to live it in real life.”


• Conversations, making things livelier.

• The darkness prevailing on every page.

• Interesting characters.


• Things were laid out in a hurry.

• There was a great need of more details because some facts were just piled on without any specific justification.

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