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Book Review : The Fence: Stories from HBB workshop

Book- The Fence: Stories from HBB workshop

Genre- Fiction (Short Stories)

Publisher- Half Baked Beans


The Fence is a collection of short stories compiled and edited at a workshop conducted by Half baked Beans in Mumbai.


“The Fence” is the collection of eight stories that allow you to travel like a hippie and adore the different realms of the society, people and surroundings. Every story had some magic in them, positive or negative. With great illustrations on the cover, the book becomes catchy and demands attention.

Ilustrado’s Eulogy is a very serene tale. A letter without any particular addressee, a reader without any interest and the beautiful tale of a girl, the mixture was deadly. The story was soft paced and I could feel every bit of what was narrated. There was a different panache in it that lingers ones attention.

The other woman made me laugh in my mind. The imageries were well balanced and everything helped the tale to move like a real life picture. I liked the ironical behaviour of the characters but the transformations in the ending were surreal and thank God for that. What I liked about the story is the uniqueness.

The Smartphone is a very crucial and toxic tale. On one hand I was so happy with the advancements, with the new areas that the lady was exploring and at the other shore I saw the debris. The quality of this particular tale is the management of different hues. I liked to see the crests and troughs giving company to a very mundane thought.

Resignation to Heaven and Love is everything were the stories which didn’t appeal much to me. I found them really okayish. And that is because at some instances in the former tale I was so lost in finding the correct meaning and feeling of the story that I lost my interest in the first few pages itself. A little bit refining could have helped the tale to match the level of others. It might also be the case that I couldn’t decode the meaning properly.

Love is everything didn’t have extra appeal. It was as normal as the coming of dawn and dusk. The story moved, moved and ended. Just like that, without creating extra tingles.

Runaway was a nice tale of realization but I have mix views of the story. At one end I liked all the proceedings but it became really heard after one point of time, not completely though. There was a great need of something new, something extra that could have lifted the whole concept a bit more.

Cashmere, I need Cashmere is my favourite story out of the whole lot and that is because it had things surpassing every other tale. It wasn’t showing just one emotion or substance, it had a whole bundle of love, affection, hatred, envy, inferiority and a beautifully appearing guilt. It was the effect of the story maybe that the characters of this tale were my favourite ones from all the others. I liked the pair of daughters, the old man and also his wife who was not even present in the story, physically. The story felt down to earth yet touching the sky due to such vivid colours. I loved the start and was totally in awe after reading the end. Well done author.

And "what she wanted", the last story of the book was my second favourite because I love the world of fiction and the way it is used in order to relate it to someone’s life is marvellous. It was one of a kind experience for me to inhale such things. I felt connected to the lady because her pain is everybody’s pain in general at one point of time in his/her life.

Summing up- The fence is a great collection of short stories, with topics ranging from love to hatred, from kin to friends. From all the stories “Cashmere, I need Cashmere” and “What she wanted” were my favourite.


• “The heart to heart talk between friends has lost in the oasis of virtual reality.”

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  1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I think I can speak for everybody who worked on The Fence when I say that all of us strive to give the reader value for their time spent with us. And we shall strive to never let you down. :)


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