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Book Review : Anya's Lyric by Nikhil Kumar

Book- Anya’s Lyric

Author- Nikhil Kumar

Genre- Fiction

Publisher- CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Pages- 180

Price- 564


“I was born on the 29th of February. It was perhaps fitting that I was born on a date that follows a specific albeit unnatural routine.

I was the child of a divergent day, a day that shattered the carefully planned routines of my parents, and was born because of one man’s inability to read.

I was named after a word that meant “different” in my language.

My name is Anya, and this is my story.

Title and Cover-

Both the essentialities have been taken good care of. The cover and the name both are attention seekers. With some great hue and a radiant image of the girl who is shown as a powerful figure, the cover is definitely a wonderful compilation of Anya and her life’s proceedings.


Anya’s Lyric is like a mirror to different realties that hit our nerves in the day to day movements. I found the book really to the point and striking because there were no efforts done by the author to impress the readers. The turn in the events and the way the story was made fluent due to a girl who is different from the rest is really worth seeing.

What is catchy and interesting to note is the striking blurb and the way things are used to come to the required part in the story where Anya is born in unnatural circumstances on an unnatural day. Well the analogy to this is quite literarily sound. Because it is a story of a girl who was different from the world.

I liked the concept of using the characters as there significant and noticeable marks and traits. It was Anya’s Lyric and it had to something umm, unnatural and less general I guess. I really liked the way the author has remarked the inabilities in the girl Anya by showing the people in the book in a different and provoking manner.

The different tales that were used to connect the story to reach the zenith worked in higher terms because everything came out to be so perfectly knitted that there were no loop holes left to doubt the story at any corner.

The story of the girl who left her home and the fever of her tale that continued even in the midst really touched me. I liked the part of the little pet of Anya and how her fears were used to show the intimacy she shared with the pet. I loved the part of the old magician. The full life circle that his tale showed was marvellous.

Also I liked the chain snatchers part and how his small act changed a lot of things in Anya’s life. Every act somehow created a space in her life and such relations which were getting drawn automatically was really interesting and making me high.

The intimate scenes that were shown between different characters were to the point and naked in all senses. It didn’t show power or cowardice of anyone in particular (sarcastically or in general); it showed deeper fragrances without any hint of plasticity. It takes guts to say what has been penned here and I am so glad I read something of that kind.

Summing Up- The book was a great sarcastic account at places to show what is really behind the cloak. The small topics that were brought up were so serene that I almost felt like a part of the book. Only and only a little more brushing was needed here and there to make the tale a whole lot smoother and shiny, in order to reach a wider set of audience.


• “They had everything they needed and nothing they wanted, which was a fairly acceptable way to lead lives.”


• Thought provoking ideas and stories.

• Great characters.


• A little less clarity.


Every great story need abundant readers. I can strongly recommend it to anyone irrespective of their likeness.

About the author-

Nikhil Kumar is a 32 year old advertising professional from Bangalore. Anya’s Lyric is his fourth book. His first book was “Untitled”, a collection of 25 short stories published in 2006, "Simran" in 2009, “Where are my pants?” in 2015. Nikhil has maintained a blog called MirrorCracked since 2001.

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• Twitter- @nkkmr

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