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Book Review : Ponytail- The love for Revenge by Pradip Chauhan

Book- Ponytail “The Love for Revenge”

Author- Pradip Chauhan

Genre- Fiction (Romance/Suspense)

Publisher- HRC Publisher



Prabuddh is famous for his flamboyant avatar. His big hair is a very hot topic of discussion amongst his office folks. But he has some desire which keeps him burning from inside.

Three women, Tapasya, Kaumudi and Amita, make Prabuddh reach different sections of his life.

Which way his destiny takes him? What effect the trio has on his life? Does it end on a normal trip? Or something really big lies in front?



The title isn’t literary suiting anything but it has some strong connection with the story. The subtitle says a lot and hides equal proportions and thus instigates the desire to know the story. For me the title was not bad (to mention it particularly) and also not great (to be remembered for a long time). It basically lied somewhere in the middle.


Book cover was bland. It didn’t work in any way, further it didn’t describe anything in particular too. Not at all impressive.



Well the story was short so if I judge solely on that basis then the characters were enough. But the traits were not mentioned clearly of any character. I like characters which are influential and demanding. I also felt that just one character author had in mind and every minuscule detail about him (Prabuddh) was exaggerated. Like, I was not interested in knowing which car he was driving, duh. These details didn’t help the story in any way.

It’s sad but I couldn’t find any character worthy enough to be cherished till the very end. But if still I had to point out some of my favourites or near to be my favourite then the trio of ladies, Tapasya, Kaumudi and Amita would be my pick. Still I thought that they were like those heroines of South Indian cinema who were just added in the story for the sake of adding them. They didn’t have much to say or do. And if they had something to add then it was just to carry forward the story.


First person narration becomes boring after one point of time and same happened in this story. The author tried his best to keep the tone easy and smooth but the fault was in the loose plot. Talking about the narration then I felt that author can be given credit for making the read easy and extra mentions for his ability to keep the flow intact till the end.



Book is divided into three sections. The first section of the book is very simple and as expected only the base is built in the initial pages. The new characters come in front from time to time and just help in moving the story ahead. The extravagant life of the protagonist “Prabuddh” is shown at large. I found the story in the start very plain and nothing special caught my attention for a very long time. There was no moment in the first section which was catchy or emotional or exciting. The first section thus had less of story and more of unwanted details.

The section two is the only hope of the book. This section fills all the gaps which were created by the first section. Story starts making sense and every pawn reflects its importance from time to time. In a very nice way the author brought in front all that is happening, has happened or is about to happen. But don’t be judgemental till the last. The best authors are those who keep the best for the last and Pradip has tried to play his ace accordingly.

A lot of expectation was build up in my heart but sadly I was again in the trap of exaggerated facts. This part of the novel didn’t have much to say. I loved the wrap up but it could have been much-much better and no excuses can work for the climax. If I keep my head aside for a while then only I can give some credit to the author for building up things which didn’t go with the flow. But sadly that can’t be done.

At the end, the story was nice and the book was an easy read. The writing was smooth and clear. The story was a little away from leaving an everlasting impact but still the author tried his best to present things well.



· “Love spreads peace in the world while revenge begets hatred.”



Twists and turns in the middle part were the highlight of the story. I liked the way things turned and the essence of suspense in the story can make a person still, till he/she reaches the very end. The editing of the book was fine too. It allowed a super fast and easy reading experience.



The plot was the main turn off because it didn’t have anything fresh. The novel can only be counted as fine because of its smooth writing. The author tried his best to add turns but then at the end they were predictable, except some major ones.



It is one time read, the readers who are in the initial levels of their reading experience can give it a try.


About the author-

Pradip Chauhan is from Gujarat. He has a medical science degree (MBBS, MS, CRM) from Saurashtra University. Presently he delivers lectures of Anatomy subject in PDU. Govt. Medical College, Rajkot, Gujarat. His first book was in Gujarati which received good response. Other two books of published by him are- “Love stories” and he wrote first book series “On the Earth: in the light if the sun”. His area of interest is paranormal, science fiction, romance, suspense and thriller.


Connect with the author-


· Email-

· Twitter handle- @Prajwalit2015

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