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Book Review : An Autograph for Anjali by Sundari Venkatraman

Book- An Autograph for Anjali

Author- Sundari Venkatraman

Genre- Fiction (Romance/Thriller)

Publisher- Self Published



Anjali and Jayant are married for very long, still void reside between them. Arjun tries his best to bridge the gap but he is more concerned about the feelings of his parents.

Parth is a bestselling writer. But he lacks inspiration in his life. The new change arrives which alters things beyond normalcy for him.

What will happen when sanity becomes the call of past? How will the leads tackle the pressure? Will things mend for all? Or will things fall from their hands?



Title was ok. It wasn’t literary and it didn’t create an everlasting impression. There could have been alternatives.



The cover is really gripping because it has all the elements which are an essential part of the book. The “PB” initials, the coffee mugs, the red and grey tint, the bullets. It is a very thoughtful and creative cover.



Major and minor leads cross one’s eyes from time to time. There is a perfect blend of negativity and positivity residing in the characters. There thought process is very wide and didn’t repeat. It seems they open up another dimension to let the readers know the mind-set of: a housewife, a millionaire husband, a caring son, the upper class society and what not.

If I pick my favourite characters then I would surely mention, Anjali, Parth, Jayant and Arjun. It has been the first time that I have loved all the leads. Also, from the minor characters I loved, Rana, Seema and Nalini.

All these characters were mind-blowing.



Third person narration was really well suited. Short sentences, normal vocabulary makes the novel an easy read. Short and sweet chapters were another important factor of the book. The narrator doesn’t just say the story but also the feelings were well shown which allows the book to climb one step above the normal books.



Sundari Venkatraman is well known for her romance novels. “An autograph for Anjali” is like a properly rehearsed scene by the author. Every corner was decorated well because the author seems at complete ease when dealing with romance. I started this book with a pre-notion in mind that a pure romance will be placed on my table. But I was wrong.

92 chapters long novel had more elements than one can think. It had mystery, grief, love, affection, longing, feminism, women empowerment and lot more. I was in complete awe while experiencing so many things in just one book.

The story starts with a bang on but sadly this phase of the novel is cut short. I was enjoying all the murder mystery but then I knew that it was meant to change the line. The drama crafted in the initial chapters was noteworthy. I highly enjoyed the mind set of different people and how people were reacting according to their traits. It was human nature described vastly I must say.

I loved the balance between the characters which was maintained from the very start. I don’t fall for books in which there are only good people. The world is not spicy enough without the antagonists and Sundari Venkatraman was thinking alike. I was crowded by characters and I loved what they had to say, through their way of reacting.

Further, the story took turns in a jiffy and the flashback hit my spine like a hammer. I was so involved to know what happens further. I want to bow down in front of the author for keeping such clean and short chapters. One cannot stop themselves to know what the next chapter has in store for them. It needs proper vision towards the story which one is about to pen to do this.

Anjali represented a woman who was held in the middle. Not knowing much yet wanting to know more. I loved her attitude towards things. The phase of Greece was fantastic. It opened many new faces of people like that of Parth, Anjali and of course Jayant. I loved Jayant from the bottom of my heart. Thanks author for penning such minute details about such group of men who were represented by Jayant.

Not even once I felt that some chapters were added just for the sake of moving things. Every chapter had some necessary movement and information that helped in the long run. I felt the emotions that people showed were more powerful than the story and I haven’t experienced the same thing while reading in a very long time. The book has opened a very new section of writing in front of me. Highly impressive.

Summing up- The book succeeded in attaining a perfect equilibrium. There were equal proportions of everything in the book. Nothing left behind and nothing won the race, no one was over powered and no one was forgotten, nothing was exaggerated and nothing was pressed beyond its need.



· “An author by profession, he was good at observing people.”

· “Acquiring fresh knowledge kept a mind healthy and young.”



The fluidic quality in the book was the biggest turn on. One cannot stop before reading 20 to 30 chapters in a go. Everything about the book is a big turn on.



Wow factors were missing from the book. I didn’t miss a heart beat much often. Also, the mystery is stopped in between and doesn’t appear for a long time. It was like a long break before knowing what happened.



Romance lovers can pick it without thinking much. It is a great book, will surely entertain you.


About the author-

An autograph for Anjali is the sixth book authored by Sundari Venkatraman. This book is a romantic suspense. Other published novels by the author are The Malhotra Bride, Meghna, The Runaway Bridegroom and the madras affair- all romances. She also has a collection of romantic short stories called Matches made in heaven.


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