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Book Review : My Dream Man by Aditi Bose

Book- My Dream Man: A journey from dreams to reality

Author- Aditi Bose

Genre- Fiction

Publisher- Author’s Ink Publications



Ajopa is all set to hit the buttons to produce a manuscript, in a limited amount of time. After all the heartbreak and rejections from various publishing house, Ajopa was set back for quite some while. But a hope enlightens her life.

Aniket is a professor of Economics and bridges the gap between immaturity and maturity.

Will Ajopa overcome the fear of getting rejected and produce a scintillating story? How Aniket will influence and handle the chaos? What end is destined for them?


Title and Cover-

The cover of the book has a deeper sense just like the title. Two entangled beings say a lot. The saying “Don’t judge the book by its cover (here name too)” fits perfectly because the story has touched different tangents. One can understand the title and cover only after reading the book. And I love exploring hidden meanings. Perfectly worked for me.



A book with not a bulk of characters manages to face the wind with guts. Just two names cross your eyes and even then I enjoyed a lot.

Aniket, the hero of this romantic tale is not any Casanova or a male chauvinist, he is subtle. Aditi has beautifully crafted him in the story and his presence made things better. Ajopa being a mixture of a bubbly student and a grown up is shown radiantly. The way her life advances with her age leaves an impact of evolvement.

Apart from these two there were some supporting characters which didn’t shine at all. There role ended with a blink of eye.



I never like first person narration, personally speaking, but “My Dream Man” was an exception. I enjoyed the simplicity which could have been produced only through first person narration (In my opinion). The narrator Ajopa was clear from the very start that she was the master and she narrated things quite well. There were proper breaks, perfect change of situations and well divided chapters.



The story of Ajopa seemed quite related and after just few pages of reading I could feel a strong connection with her. The way she presented herself was really charming and fluent. Story moves with the narration of her life and aspirations. In the midst of so much going in her life you don’t need to wait and understand what is happening because everything is swaying smoothly, no hitches, no haste.

The novel starts at a very bland end. I am never interested in knowing how people meet, what interest me is how things progress in their lives and Aditi Bose has touched that grip when the middle portion of the book arrived. Interesting was to see the part where Ajopa is in between the low phase, the writer’s block. The variety of things she tries and what at the end attracts her is used well by the author in terms with the moving tale.

At many nooks and corners I found comparisons, say, between situations and people, and it is not just told by Aditi, it is shown. You get a wider scope to understand things, microscopic level I must mention. The gags were making things brighter in the dim light. I read that the author wrote the book when she was low, no one can guess that while reading "My Dream Man" . The blend of openness and hindrances was well managed to attain a perfect equilibrium.

Further, the story has a very dramatic portion. The way author has mentioned deaths and dreams is quite radiant. The explanations and little theories that Ajopa implies give you a comfort pat on your back. It sounded smooth. And that can happen to only those who have close relation to Dream and Death in their lives. So in the midst of jokes and light chapters there comes a hole where such deep things are hidden in the book. I loved that fact.

Other noteworthy parts in the ending of the book are the second try of Ajopa and how things crawl. Not going in much detail, I want to mention one more thing which hit my nerves was the family scene. I read it with apt attention and found that we all are part of the same game. High five author.

Summing up- What can be better than an end which can make you smile. A proper showdown and blend of extra spices the book contained, before the curtain was about to fall. I loved the middle, liked the end and was involved with the beginning. The author has tried to show her best colours in the pages of “My Dream Man” and I am happy to say that she hasn’t failed. It was a book which I can read once again just to dive in with Ajopa and meet Aniket in the way.



· “..The harder parents try to bind us in chains, the easier they make it for us to slip out.”

· “People tend to become their vulnerable at night.”

· “Everything would turn into a blur. All except his touch.”

· “No relationship can bloom without thoughtfulness.”

· “Sometimes just sitting alone calms down the mind.”

· “Writing is a craft. And craft is a creation. It is an urge. It is not a choice.”



The simplicity of the book is what turned me on. An easy and quick read made me finish the book in a day but not to forget the story which was also that powerful to hold me till I finished. The blend of softness and truth of life are seen at every end.

A mind-blowing fact about the book was the small quotes which author mentioned with the start of every chapter. If one closely takes a look after finishing the chapter then one can get a powerful insight to some hidden aspects.

The one liner's were great. The conversations were quirky and day-to-day type so a strong connection was made with the characters while reading.



I wasn’t awestruck even once while reading. There was no rise of heart beat and no goose bumps. The story moved and moved and then finished but that one moment of greatness was nowhere to be seen.



The short and beautiful tale can be a perfect break from all those hard literary works you are about to read. Worth a try.


About the author-

A content writer and the author of an e-book for children Aditi Bose is based in Delhi. She completed her MBA from the International Management Institute and is an alumina of Loreta house and St. Xaviers College. Hailing from a family of judges and lawyers she is the first to pick the pen. Stories her parents told her as a child and her passion for maintaining a personal diary and a travel journal inspired her to take up writing.


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