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Book Review : Con Kabir by Vinod Gairola

Book- Con Kabir
Author- Vinod Gairola
Editor- Cora Bhatia
Genre- Fiction (Suspense/Thriller)
Publisher- Leadstart Publishing and Frog Books

Whenever evil rule, God comes as a saviour and if he can’t, a messenger is sent. There are a series of cons happening in different areas which have created quite a buzz in the society.
Everyone is searching the conman who is described differently by everyone.
There is a whole new face which is needed to be revealed but how things will be sorted in this complex situation? How the reality will come in front? When the series of suspense will end and what will be the end result?

The title must be a mirror to the story and Con Kabir suited things pretty well. Anyone can get abundant hints from the name that what and where the story will take them but the name is just a part. I was really excited with the name itself and I was not disappointed as I edged ahead. An apt title I must say.

The images on the cover are very fresh and exuberant. They have all the elements which are mentioned in the book. The leading face of the cover, the man with beard and glares is quite impressive to look at. He symbolizes the protagonist well (if that is what it is meant to). The two young boys were the much needed faces because they are the source of things. I was highly impressed when I added two and two to make four.

There are so many characters in the novel that one gets highly involved in the tale. It’s just like that long suspense movies in which every small character helps the main leads to take the story ahead. The story reached its peak just because of these small characters that were always eager to play their part and didn’t hesitate coming in between from time to time. Apart from these, the main leads were doing their part extraordinarily well, they had a lot to show the readers and thus they were given the main stage quite openly. I liked one fact about the characters that the minor and major leads changed roles when it came to different chapters, in one chapter you have one person taking the story ahead and in the other chapter there is a whole new face. This made the story very fresh and serene.
If I were to choose some unforgettable characters then they would be Kabir, Ali and Sandy; I chose these characters because they were the most versatile ones.

The narration being in the third person suited the suspense quite well. It was smooth and even the change in scenes within the chapters were superbly handled due to this. The different days and years were mentioned to avoid any confusion and thank God for that. The story was clear in front of the author and that is the sole reason of such a book.

A great starts leads to best results. Con Kabir had the potential to tell the readers from the very start that there are better things in the book which have the power to hold your interest. It makes you sure that you are going to read something interesting. There are vivid characters. There is a vast difference when it comes to characterization. The two leads which are introduced in the start are two different poles.
The book has a lot of things which were unheard for me. If the world functions in the way the author mentions then we need a lot of conman like Kabir in our locality. It was a treat to read a lot of fresh things in the coming chapters. The book had external information at many turns, but the author had incorporated things in such a manner that even newness felt nice. New ideologies and a perfect base to build up something big, is done by the author, which worked for him in the long run.
I loved the two con incidents mentioned in the book. The con of Punjab was hilarious. Sharpest brains can also fall in holes; the message was quite clear from the story of Sandy. Well, I haven’t read much stories of a conman thus I found all this really nice. The next con showed the doom of a NRI. It was well written and executed by the writer like the first one. So, it was great show to watch.
Mr. Malik proves to be the perfect strand. He was responsible for the completion of the story. So I found his character of great importance in the tale. I was in doubt when I was reading the last chapters of the book. I really needed to know how some things happened and why they happened in the first place. Like the plane crash, what happened exactly after Kabir met Mr. Shah? I can decode things my way but I really wanted the author to tell me that but he/she didn’t bother to write even a line indicating what all he meant. My fantasies are running wildly to find the answers.
The character of Ali has a lot to say in the end. I was in shock to read what he had to say. Sometimes you think that you know the story as you are on the last chapter but the writer has planned more than what you can imagine. The story was a treat to read, as it had some unique wow factors. But at the same time it created questions in my mind which I don’t want, after the novel is completed. The sub-title of the novel- Experience the other side of terrorism was well played within the novel. It was an intelligent book with a lot of fineness and richness.
· “Set priorities, have patience, add passion and aim for perfection.”
· “...until the time people do not respect the religion of others, there will be no peace.”

The best part about this book is the subject matter. Very rarely you see a novel covering such topics which Con Kabir has covered. The hard work of author is visible in the book; he might have put a lot of stress while making such complex plan. The small details (no matter they are true or not) were really holding the book together.

The only problem I have is with the ending chapters. If and only if the author had tried to make things a bit more clear while telling the ending, things would have reached different tangents.

No matter you like suspense or not, this one is worth giving a try.

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