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Book Review : The Three Wise Monkeys by Jeet Gian

Book- The Three Wise Monkeys

Author- Jeet Gian

Genre- Fiction

Publisher- Leadstart Publishing

Price- 299

Pages- 400


Amar, Akbar and Anthony are trying there best to make a name in the wide industry they are in. Making contacts, getting clients and having some money is all the trio is trying to doing whole heartedly.

Sarah, Meghna and Farah are settled but there is much more in their lives then what Amar, Akbar and Anthony really know.

Raj and Suhas are big business tycoons but are not on talking terms but somehow they are in a web, together.

Will the mayhem come to a standstill? What happens when police is after the culprits? Who are the real culprits?

Title and Cover-

The title and the cover both could have been much better because I felt that the author didnt itch his nerves much while deciding them because he has just put in front what his novel has substantially, nothing literary is present. The cover is a perfect elaboration of an incident which I thought was not a nice idea. and the name well that is an another story.


There were umpteen characters in the book. There were different people, bad, good some jsut there not in any party or side. I liked a few and I thought many were just not doing anything and just there names were used here and there for making different connections and making up the stories.

The three boys Amar, Akbar and Anthony were nice, simple, straight and plain. The girls were just like Bollywood heroines. They were just adding some pages and feelings and not doing much till the climax. I loved Raj and Suhas, they were a great picture of middle-aged men. The supporting characters were of a lot of help for bridging the gaps and passing on information from one end to the other. I liked Tukaram and Damu a bit. I also loved Ruma and Rex for being so irritating.


The chapters were short, clean and crisp. There were perfect breaks and the incidents were neatly divided according to different person who was heading the mass. Third person narrative was a perfect choice for such complex web. Easy language was a plus point to complete this long and entangled tale.


This is the second book written by Jeet Gian and I have been consistent in reading his works. “The three wise monkeys” is a suspense novel and also one of its kind. The author has carry forwarded the concept of showing the lives of Chartered Accountants in this wide world, which I thought was not a very promising idea. I was not expecting a carry forward mode in the new book.

Though the idea was somehow relatable but the story was not. There was a lot of freshness in the tale and that was brought due to the normal dialogues and the easy lifestyle shown by the author of the three leads Amar, Akbar and Anthony. I was hoping the same till the new characters the big business tycoons were introduced. From there the story became very loud.

The author tried his best to form a great beginning but somehow I felt that he was not up to the mark because the things were so highly predictable that I was scratching my head and tried to move a little fast from that phase, specially the award ceremony sequence. That was a really low phase in the book.

It was so refreshing to read  the middle portion in the book because it had a complex tale and I was enjoying the dog rush very much. Every page had something new and entertaining. The best thing that the author did was avoiding romantic sequences between the couples. Though I really enjoyed the concept of Sex Deprivation and the final outcomes, that was really hilarious and it was giving a break from the never ending chase.

I felt that few characters could have been avoided easily. There names in the middle were creating chaos because they were not much involved in the story at any point of time.

The most hilarious and enjoyable part was when Amar, Akbar and Anthony visits different places due to there work. The Suma Dairy, the journey to Kutch and the encounter in the hotel, everything was lightning up the mood.

I found a lot of over doing and extra make-up in a lot of parts but somehow that gelled well with this Bollywood Masala type book.

With such a great and interesting middle, the ending was very horrible. I wish the author could have came up with a little more ideas for the climax. I felt that things wrapped up just like that, without much happening in real. It was like that comedy movie which has a stupid ending and that does not relate in any terms with the whole novel.

Summing up- The three wise monkeys was a really enjoyable book because of its simplicity and inspiration from Bollywood tales. There were different characters who were meant to entertain the readers only and their presence brought up the whole phase in the book very efficiently. With a great middle and a great chaos created, the author couldn’t match up the level in the end. But still the book was a light read with equal amounts of everything like friendship, struggle, lust, love and the everlasting need for success and fame.


A reader who is new to reading can give it a try for an easy and light read. this book can be a nice start. But its a long book so patience is needed.

About the author-

Jeet Gian is a Chartered Accountant and the founding partener of JCA consulting group based in Dubai (U.A.E). at present he lives in Dubai with his family.

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