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Book Review : Ashvamedha by Aparna Sinha

Book- Ashvamedha

Author- Aparna Sinha

Genre- Fiction

Publisher- Srishti Publishers


Ashwin Jamwal wanted to help his country. Thus he became an IAS. But little did he knew that there are people who will never let him go his own way, distractions is the key to depression.

New fields he tries to opt, the game has changed but the motive is same. But there are hidden truths and logics that only few people know. But will they be able to tell the rest?

What happens when a man has some deadly goals? Will all the nations come together to solve this mysterious issue which is in front of them?


The characters of this book are high officials, politicians, speakers and what not. The extravaganza is in full form. I loved the deep secrecy of some characters, which was maintained nicely till the very end. Also I liked the supporting people because an office can’t be run by just the CEO.

The main leads Ashwin and Adya were really mesmerising and that is not because of their positions but because of the bond that never keep them far. There is no lust in the book, there is just longing.

Also I loved Arun and the secret hidden behind these two friends who are together since childhood. Well the antagonists were planned nicely but I didn’t find them extraordinary because maybe we see these kinds of people on regular basis.


The book was written in third person narrative. For the first time I felt that there was a need of chapter names because it would have become more interesting to decipher the meaning of the chapter from the name.


Ashvamedha strongly depict the real sense of power in one form or the other. The subtitle strongly recommends some trauma and hasty moves but there is a lot more in the story. The author has surprised me from the very start in a positive sense.

The book starts at a very fast pace and all the cards are opened in front one by one making it a really nice page turner for any kind of reader, irrespective of his or her genre choices. I was so involved in the life of the lead Ashwin that I felt all his worries in a deeper sense. The way he wanted to spend his life and all the hard work that paid in the end is really inspiring.

His life is not very different from what we inspect on the day to day basis and thus this makes the reader sit and continue this reading venture for long. The dirty game of politics and an unknown source behind all the movements continues to make things more spooky and dark, raising the level of suspense.

But wait things are never too easy, isn’t it? The story topples over and a very new face has emerged. Every person has to make choices at one point of time but how the story moves ahead is quite a show.

What I liked about the book are the breaks that the author gave in the form of Arun and Adya. Friendship and love are the key factors for one to succeed and I liked the fact that the author has tried to imbibe everything and thus succeeded in keeping the book away from ripples.

There were a lot of incidents after the middle portion and I felt that a little bit of overdoing was done. I liked the crisp plans and the hideouts but all the nations were on the same platform yet things were moving so smoothly without any hints, loopholes, umm, that was a little too Bollywoodish for me.

With a great beginning, nice middle, the ending was a bit okayish. I think the showdown; the secrets were all really not going with the story. It was like the building up of suspense was much better then what the real suspense was. Or maybe the author penned everything with such high precision that an easy end was just not easy to swallow.

Summing up- The book was a great attempt by Aparna Sinha. With a great storyline and crisp plot the book has set a benchmark. I really liked the planning and plotting, the dark and mysterious characters and the movement of the story. I didn’t find any problems in connecting with the book at any point of time. Only if the author could deliver equal amounts of chills till the end, the book could have been a great read for me. But still it was a very nice book.

  • ·        “We need an honest man with a gun to run this country.”
  • ·        “All the dreadful criminals of the world are humble people in real life.”


A complex web is waiting for you if you are planning to pick this book. It will be a mixture of an easy read and a great story.

About the author-

Aparna Sinha wrote her first poem when she was eleven, which she recited on All India Radio. Since then, her literary work and industry specific articles have been published in various media, including reputed business magazines across Asia.

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