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Book Review : Dangle by Sutapa Basu

Book- Dangle

Author- Sutapa Basu

Genre- Fiction

Publisher- Readomania


Ipshita is a travel show host and she likes living her life on her own terms that is why she does freelancing. She is on the top of the world due to her supportive family and a very nice friend.

She crosses three places and encounters some really different surroundings.

What is happening in her life? And why is she different from others? Will there be any love connection in this trip she has taken?

Title and Cover-

The main reason for liking the title as well as the cover is mainly because they are showing a phase, a reflection of emotions, situations etc and not describing the complete tale.


Well the characters in the book were very distinct and powerful. Every person had a stand and I liked the fact that the antagonists were also presented as a normal person which actually happens in the real life. The book showed really important characters i.e., the Indian army and all the people whom Ips met while visiting Manipur have made a special place in my heart. Whenever I will remember the story of the book I will surely remember all of them.

I liked Ipshita a lot. She was a complete package and was emotionally down at a lot of points and that added a bit more spice to the situations. I found her to be a complex mixture of being jovial and wasted, mixed nicely in one. Also I liked Adi due to his patience and never-say-never mantra. Steve was also a nice character because of all the complexities he drew.

Some minor characters were also amazing like Mrs. Singh and her real self in the alone room, Jassi’s grandmother and her heart throbbing tale and of course Ips parents.


With smooth narration Sutapa Basu has took the book to a very different level. There were absolutely no errors in her writing. She was at her best in this book. The chapters were clean and there were perfect pickups.


Dangle is a very subtle and serene novel. Without any hints of obvious points the book touches different heights altogether. The book sounds promising from the very first step i.e., the blurb. I love stories which revolve around the lives of very few individuals and they are away from the chaos and extra friction.

The suspense was at its peak from the very first chapter. A lot of hints were given by the author, telling that this book is not about love, it is not about passion but it is about a lot of other things as a whole. I loved the settings in the first part of the book. I thought that the author has done quite good homework in explaining the beauty of the alien lands.

What was nice is the fact that nothing was hidden. The author was very open with the readers and she was open enough to tell us that there are some things that bother everyone at one point or other but there are people who get affected by certain incidents to a very greater level. The inferences drawn and the calculations made further are impeccable.

The most lovable part was seeing Ips in Manipur. I thought that a lot was shown in that phase. And the hardest realities were open at that time only. I really liked the fact that the author was building up a great ending in the form of a soothing middle portion. And due to this portion only I forgot the loose ends that I felt in the first part. There I felt that the author focussed on a lot of things and not the main concerned area.

I loved the hardships that were shown in the form of Manipur. The hard facts and the real difficulties which people face are really shocking and highly enjoyable. This was the point that the novel really became very catchy and strong. Maybe that was because of national pride and patriotic love, who knows.

The terror and the beauty was managed well at every twist and turn and it was really shocking to inspect a different scenario altogether after hearing good things about the weather, lakes and people surrounding the main leads.

Final part of the novel is set in a different place. and there I thought that the author was ready to wrap things up and thus there was more of story in this part and less of details, which I felt was like breaking a strand. But authors call definitely. It didn’t harm the story anyhow. Noteworthy is the darkness that was prevailing in the full form and the intensity to know the final result was making me high.

I liked the unfolding of events but I thought that this could have done a bit slowly and not all at once in the end. It was hard to swallow all the details in a single conversation at one certain situation.

Summing up- Dangle is a one of a kind book. With a different storyline and an interesting subject, "dangle" hit my nerves a lot of times during the whole reading venture. I found the story and the characters very powerful and mesmerising. I loved the fact that there were lot of connections made which fulfilled the title in more than one ways which was really provoking. A little more suspense and well distributed revelations could have helped things more according to me. But all in all a nice and different read.


  • ·        “When a man and woman in love come together, become one in body, heart and soul, they are the closest to God. That is what I feel, the bliss of Nirvana!”


Those who are waiting to meet a strong female lead can surely pick Dangle; I highly recommend it for regular bookworms.

About the author-

An author, poet and publishing consultant, Sutapa Basu also dabbles in art and trains trainers and is a compulsive bookworm. As a publisher, Sutapa has developed and published around 400 books. Recently, her short story was awarded the First Prize in the Times of India “Write India contest”, under author, Amish Tripathi.

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