Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Destiny of Shattered Dreams - Reviewing Contest

Win a Kindle every week and a grand all expenses paid VIP trip to the JLF.

Rupa Publications present a book review contest for bestselling debut novel ‘Destiny of Shattered Dreams.’ Buy a copy, review it on selected sites, post the link on the author site and bingo! Chance to win a kindle every week followed by an expenses paid trip to the next Jaipur Literary Festival. T & C Apply.

Contest Terms & Conditions:

1. Aspiring contestants require to read and review the novel ‘Destiny of Shattered Dreams’ on Amazon, Flipkart, Infibeam, Goodreads, YouTube, Sapna or Crossword websites.
2. Simply copy the link of your review and paste it on the author website on the contest page.
3. All entries received each week will be judged by 50 participating bloggers each week, the entry posting the most votes will be adjudged the entry of the week and will win an Amazon Kindle each week.
4. Winning entries of the week will be posted on the website and must identify themselves for claiming the reward.
5. A grand prize will await one of the 12 winning entries of each week for the final prize, 2 VIP passes to the JLF along with shared accommodation for 2.
6. Employees of Author Nilesh and Rupa Publications are not eligible to participate.
7. Entries received upto Sunday Midnight will be eligible for entry for the previous week and will be declared on Tuesday on the author website.
8. Minimum of 10 participants required to qualify for a prize.
9. Readers claiming the reward must present a purchase invoice along with proof of ownership for review posted to claim the reward.
10. Contest open on Monday 14th July ’16. Grand prize to be announced on 13th Oct ’16.
11. All reviews are expected to be honest reviews and the ratings have no bearing on the rewards.

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