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Book Review : A Broken Man by Akash Verma

Book - A Broken Man

Author - Akash Verma

Genre - Fiction

Publisher - Srishti Publishers

Blurb -

K.K. has touched the rim of the sky but somehow he is craving inside for what he has left behind. While narrating his tale to his driver he touches some deep secrets of his life once again.

Chhavi is the most energetic lad in the premises but not everyone is happy to see happy faces and raised fingers.

What happens when some hard facts hit on the faces of Krishna and Chhavi? Will things rot more or any new pathway will open up for them?

Title and Cover -

The first look at the cover and title both fails to impress because the insight is not powerful but still it is working in general terms. A man who is shown on the cover is bent a little with a lot of things passing through him of different hue and order, it maybe shows the hardships which the main lead has to go through and how life is testing him with different things. The title on the other hand is working in the same manner, reflecting ideas but not to the core.


I loved the variety of characters in the book. From time to time I saw people who were showing mind-sets of very vast order. In the start there were college students, then there were some political goons, also there were two families who were poles apart and it was a great show.

From the major characters I loved K.K. and Chhavi. They being the main protagonists were highly shown and also with expertise.

From the minor characters there were some great people, like, Gope, Panditji and Krishna’s mother. All three of them showed very wide characteristics like that of rage, power, dedication and what not.

Narration -

The narration of the book was smooth, chapters were divided well and the action was in full form from time to time. The third person narration worked as the cherry on the top as it opened more space to understand the characters well. The small elements which the author added here and there in the story added some charm on the not so ruling story. The background, setting etc was well showed by the author. The aura of college, village and moving life in a big city was built nicely. Thus variations easily hit the vision.

Review -

What happens when two people meet in a college, Love? Well, the old setting of a college fails to bind my mind. But there were things that were the saviour. The book starts with a promising aura. What has happened in the past of a man is the question that the author poses in front of the readers. I was highly excited to peep in his life but sadly he didn’t have anything extra-ordinary to show me in the flashback.

The story picks up with energy and it is this part only that makes the story interesting. The college politics is not a naive topic. The heated atmosphere is well shown by the author and he has tried to bring the environment of requisite order in front. The meetings and agendas were interesting to note. The Chaar Saval were enchanting. One can imagine a college dealing with such atrocities and a group of people trying their best to bring things in front. The whole surrounding was created well.

Then comes the turn in the story which was okayish for me. It might affect some readers but I found it very Bollywood movie types.

Every turn that comes thereafter was highly and highly predictive.
What I loved about the book are the topics. The college politics, the value of a girl and expectations the family draw from her, the disturbing elements in the surrounding, the power and reputation that comes with position and the ever-lasting love which is not easy to sail through. The mind set of people who come from backward classes is shown in depth.

A broken man came out to be a very simple and bland tale of two people. The author has tried to make the story stand out of the box by adding things which are worthy to note but it failed to create an ever-lasting impression. And why was it so? It was because the tale wasn’t fresh. It was the same old drama that one sees in different novels from time to time.

Summing up- The book was a nice break for me because I wasn’t reading love stories from a long time. The easy read made me finish this book in a day with not much difficulty in understanding the facts. If and if the author had tried a bit more to renew his book with a different plot, setting and backgrounds then it might have worked.

Eye-catchers -

•“Politics is known to suck everyone inside; even those standing at the periphery.”

•“Every encounter has the potential to change something within your life.”

•“The two greatest fears in a man’s life are the fear of debt and fear of people whom he cares for.”

•“Sometimes the love for our children comes in the way of what our children love.”

•“Love is a double-edged sword. It has the ability to push you into the deepest of hells and also the power to redeem you from it.”

Turn-on’s -

•The inspirational tale, from ground zero to the sky.

•Concept of untouchables not leaving the roots of the country even after so many rules and education. The ugly face shown by the author and the pain of the affected ones is presented well and it is mixed up in the tale nicely.

•Easy language.

Turn-off’s -

•No such turn which was new and never heard of.

•The same old concept of two highly different people.

•Same background, same sort of antagonists, same drama. Nothing new.

Recommendation -

The book can be a pick for new readers who are looking for some easy reads. Also who are fond of simple love stories can give it a try.

About the author -

Akash Verma is an entrepreneur. His work has taken him across the country, and he finds this experience very relevant while giving shape to his stories. He has published two bestsellers till now. Akash is currently based out of Gurgaon, India. He is fascinated by Cinema, Literature, History and Travel.

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•Twitter- @akashverma1970

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