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Book Review : A Road not Travelled by J. Alchem

Book- A Road Not Travelled: Can the world be a single country?

Author- J. Alchem

Genre- Fiction

Publisher- Storymirror


Niorgast Stinvins, Doilin Flenk and Bakintin Lenit are trying to solve the mystery for such sudden summoning at a hotel. They didn’t know that they are going to be really important for someone who has an unrealistic mission.

They found themselves in hard situations while dealing with different people who are influential and powerful.

What will happen to this dream of “Can World be a single country?”? How will the quest turn out to be? Which aspect will turn their lives unexpectedly?


The name of the book is literarily sound. It says a lot about the uniqueness of the book which can impel anyone to pick this book for having a good look.


I felt that the blue background is an analogy to Earth. Then there is an image of earth which has been centrally put in front in all respects, i.e., not only on the cover but also in the story. A heart, signifying brotherly love between the three leads or between the only romantic couple or maybe also for the world, a patriotic love sign maybe. I fell for it.


The novel had enough characters of vivid orders. People were divided according to phases and they didn’t intrude the pathway of others, taking complexity away. There were students of college in Nior’s life. Then there were officials from the professional sphere. And most importantly there were these three friends who bonded quickly and thus started a very blossoming tale of friendship.
From the major characters I loved Niorgast.
From the minor characters I loved Mrs. Hamilton and Nior’s mother.


The book was in first person narrative. It could have been better if third person was used because I really didn’t get to know the mind-set of many people at different situations, especially Lenit and Frank. The narration was based more on what the narrator Nior was thinking rather then what was required from the viewpoint of the story.


“A Road not travelled” is an out of box book, with drifting and unpredictable situations of high order. The book was ought to be different because that is what author promised. And I was not disappointed. It was different but was this difference worth it? Well, this can only be answered once the sequel is created. Yes, a sequel and thank God I knew this before writing this review.

The story starts on a very dramatic turn. The mystery is built up in the initial chapters itself. I was very eager to unleash it but sadly I was left with a lot of statements from the narrator. When you read a fiction, the whole responsibility is on the story. But in this book I was left with explanations, theories and one’s outlook over different matters.

Book released some air of freshness only when the lives were dealt in particular of different characters. It was a great change within the story. There were three sections in particular where the flashbacks were in action and it helped the story a lot in respiring.
Some queries were building up but I have to control my nerves till the author is ready with the answers in his second book.

So, I can conclude that the middle portion was better than the starting. I took a day in reading the initial two or three chapters and another day for the rest of the book.

Though the starting had concepts of unimaginable level but things can work only with a proper background. I thought that there was a lot of randomness in the story, of every order. Everything was happening in a jiffy. Things were moving faster than ever and success was touching the leading characters quite easily. Well, at corrupted places such serene movements are inhibited (strictly my opinion).

The scenes of “The Library” and “The Cafe” were well framed. It gave more area to peep in the lives of the characters which were else working in a different dimension.

When the end arrived, I was ready for a sudden change in the plot. Climax has to be great, isn’t it? An extra half point goes to the end. Unexpected tales must-must-must possess an unexpected ending and I was again not disappointed. I was impressed by the middle and totally in shock with the end. I liked the way things edged ahead but again the same thing happened I became a victim of quick movements in the tale. I wanted to grasp more but a showdown was executed. So, that means I was hoping to read more. Kudos author.

Summing up- A road not travelled was an interesting and unusual read. A tale of revolution and revolution is not of normal order; it’s one of a kind. With characters so deeply indulged in the tale, the reading experience became quite radiant. If the start up was equally levelled as the middle and end, the book could have left a great remark.


· “...time never runs fast. It is we who are slow to stand up and achieve all that we want.”

· “When God wants us to do something then he pits strange things in our way, in our dreams, in our imagination so that we can pursue them.”

· “...when something begins with the compliment you have less pressure to impress.”


· The subject matter was unusual and one of a kind.

· Easy language and smooth flow.

· Different concept blended with emotions of friendship and love.

· Flashbacks.

· Speech delivered by Niorgast, really inspiring.

· The three way concepts to every problem or theory.


· Fast forward movements.

· Lot of explanations, less of story.


Bored of old genres, "A road not travelled" can be a refreshing pick for sure.

About the author-

J. Alchem is a voracious reader and a critically acclaimed author. He is the winner of story mirror-2015 (a nationwide writing competition), NaNoWriMo-2015 and superhero storyteller (2014). He has written in several magazines and newspapers and received the appreciation for the same. His stories have been published in numerous anthologies such as Blank Space, Love Bytes, and Mighty Thoughts and on various online channels.

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