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Book Review : The Justified Sin by Harpreet Makkar

Book- The Justified Sin

Author- Harpreet Makkar

Genre- Fiction (Romance)

Publisher- Petals Publisher (2nd edition)



Jay is crowded with love from all over. But what use he makes out if it? He has all he wanted but still there is void, there are confusions, there is mess. All that one need in life to sustain peacefully is love. Then why Jay is so adamant to accept it?

What role does the trio of ladies, Saloni, Prachi and Varsha play in his life? Why even after so many extravaganzas in life he is tormented by his dreams?


The title might sound relevant to some readers but it didn’t work for me. I am still thinking that as to where and how it suited the story. It just matched the level of curiosity and its attachment with the tale was not of high quality. So it was ok but didn’t touch me deep. It didn’t make me fall for some realizations at any point of time during this novel, not even at the end.


The cover was much better than the title. The image of a person entering the life of a couple says a lot and also creates a lot of anticipation to know more. The name of the book on cover has three elements to enhance the reading experience. The stiletto, the glass of wine and a gun, represent very important parts of the novel in their own way. I was truly amazed after I completed the book and discovered this fact, which remain unnoticed at first. Great work.


Major characters were really nice; they ruled every line, every phase and every page, without leaving any place for the minor characters. Frankly speaking, I thought that some characters were suppressed, like that of Jay’s father, he was a really great lead to reach some ends and his emotions were not completely shown when the major turns arrive in Jay’s life. He just come and passes by. I didn’t notice anything about Piya too, not even Shaurya was of much use.

Anyways the characters worth remembering are, Varsha and Saloni. They were pretty, smart and had so much to show and tell. They had very sharp characteristics and were really clear in their heads. I could sense a strong woman in them, no matter what part they played in the book. And this judgement is solely on the basis of what I saw. It might not be the same for others.


First person narration suited the tale. This type of narration doesn’t open much gates for the author but Harpreet used his pen wisely. There were no places where things were confusing so I wasn’t bothered much anywhere. It made things easy to understand. The flashback always works and the same happened in “The justified sin.”


The justified sin shocked me at first, adversely. I was not expecting such overpowered high talks. The way the things were presented in the start gave me a feeling that I was watching Karan Johar’s “Student of the year”, where students do everything, except studies. I was amused to see how much pampered the little kid was. The part which Saloni played in the life of Jay was very interesting to read. It had the entire factor which a spicy tale needs.

I was happy to see that author didn’t aim to right a simple romantic tale. The book showed how complex human mind is and how much confusion one can face when things are not going the way we want them to. But does one really gets late in getting what one wants and desire and also deserve? The novel beautifully explains this facet.

The novel moves as expected in the start there are no fast movements and similarly there are no slow ones too, which help in maintaining a flow. The starting chapters are easy to grasp. The problem arise when the situation and characters changes dramatically. I was not ready to leave Saloni in the middle and over that I was not settled to accept a new entry. I needed some answers but author had different plans for that and thus I had to wait for the finale.

But before moving there, Prachi stand in the way. She represents the same class of women who like to be heard. To say in the terms of Jay, it would be:

“It was always about her”

From the very start I made a thinking about her. And I was not disappointed at the end by how I judged this character. She is the same girl with whom people can talk to, miss them in their absence. But does she really went deep within Jay? I don’t think so. And I am not surprised with the way she was handled. This might sound weird but a judgment once formed can’t be moulded.

Next, the author has to introduce Varsha. Now how Jay and Varsha meet is not very impressive. I mean was that incident really necessary, which made Jay reach such place. And if that scene was to be incorporated for the movement of story, then couldn’t there be switching between the characters that made this scene possible. It would have sounded more realistic then. But it is completely author’s wish at the end.

Moving ahead, I loved Varsha and her part in the book. She was a surprise package and the kind of life which Jay faces after meeting her is very fresh. The incidents and the last few days which are specially mentioned at the closing of the book steal the show. They are really nice. It’s really hard to hold the excitement till the end.

Overall the book was nice, with very vivid characters and a nice moving plot. No matter what hitches came in between, no matter what changes came in between, the story didn’t left its pace.


· “...the right things are not always that easy to accept.”

· “It was always about her, though she asked me about my life but she hardly cared for my answers.”


The simplicity of the book is the major advantage. It truly depicts the hard work of a new writer. There were minimal or negligible errors which made the reading smooth. Author has tried his best to make best use of conversations whenever the story was going pale.


I was really disappointed to see extremely high profile life of a mere 12th class boy. I kept on thinking that as to where all these details were useful for the story or the book. There were repeated phrases and words. The fact that Jay was becoming insomniac due to the moving story came a lot of times in front of my eyes. I wasn’t impressed by his personal details. Otherwise there were no such flaws in his nature and his part in the book.


Looking for a twisted romance tale? The justified sin can be your pick.

About the author-

Harpreet Makkar, born and brought up in Ludhiana was a senior design engineer in one of the top MNC’s of the country till the moment he decided to quit and devote his time to the family and pursuing his passion of writing. Currently working as a financial analyst by profession and a publisher by choice, and being an avid reader, he fins ample time to work on his passion o reading and writing.

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