Friday, 1 January 2016

Book Review : Second Spring by Sandhya Jane

Book- Second Spring
Author- Sandhya Jane
Genre- Fiction Romance

Avantika, in her late thirty’s, doing exceptionally well in her professional and personal life. The monster headed boss and a very warm single mother of Aarav. Things were always her way, either at home or office.
Things never bothered her because she was exhausted due to work and responsibilities. The story is never complete without a man to sway the wind. Rohan, a new chapter in Avantika’s life make things smooth and harsh in her life, during different phases.
She felt nice when he was around, she was forgetting her past. But then things aren’t set up the way we want. What happens when things didn’t work? What happens when spirituality hit the nerves of Avantika? What happened when she quit being a boss? Will things get right for the protagonist Rohan and Avantika?

Second spring doesn’t let you peep in the story wholly. The title is an intelligent cover up and there should be no guessing before you start. It was well thought off.

Like the title, same goes for the cover, subtle colours, soothing your eyes. Not allowing you to know the kind of story you are going to read, the emotions you are going to experience. But yes, if you think deep, you can know what it means after you step in.

Characters and Narration-
The book doesn’t lack appropriate number of characters. But you can see only some over-powering ones, throughout. It can be taken as the holding of minor characters or the enhancement of main leads. There is a very special notion that is followed in the novel. The narration is done by both Rohan and Avantika. It was something new, not followed much (as far as I have read).
Through this kind of narration you are able to look in the inner self of characters from their own point of view and also from the other individual’s sight. This helps in understanding the characters well, without any hopes and roads for something else coming in your mind, apart from the book. The narration and characters are strongly inter-related and it comes out phenomenally.

Second spring is the story of Avantika and Rohan. The characters are very clear as they explain themselves, one by one. We get a lot of information right from the start about how their lives work and what role everything plays. The major characters are introduced well, without any extra clicks of queries.
Part one deals with the love story of the leads. Avantika, who had seen hardships in her life since her younger days, finds some bliss in the form of Rohan. Being from different heritages, there is an unseen distance between them. When Avantika is pouring her heart out, it seems she has a deep pool of emotions behind her tough and energetic smile. Her feelings, expressions, fear and happiness brings a smile on your face and sometimes some drops in your eyes.
The personal life of Avantika and Rohan are opened from time to time, creating excitement. It makes you understand them well, step by step. Every love story has a high point when the love confession is made. And this story has a healing confession, followed by some barbaric outburst. The end of part one leaves you in tears. If you can imagine things well then you would love it for sure.
Part two is a sudden change in things. The atmosphere, the places and the situations, everything seems new. The only drawback this part has is the negligence of Rohan’s character in early stages. It makes you form a very strong opinion about the characters. And it didn’t wash off till the end. It might be good or bad, according to personal whims.
The poem in the concluding chapter gives you a feeling of warmth. It seems you are reading the whole book again in a new and delicate way. There are some surprises waiting in the end. They cross your eyes one after the other, making it hard to leave the book. Every chapter has something new. The end is remarkable, completely unexpected and it makes your reading experience delightful.

·  “...home cooked food, was rarer than a blue moon.”
· “This was again the old school thought of his priorities over my needs.”
· “Life comes with no guarantee who knows whether the next day’s sun will dawn at all!”
· “The vacuum was still there and moreover, he was still there as a part of me.”
· “It was wonderful to be cared for by a person who had seen so much of the world.”

The narration is surely the best part in the story. It compliments the tale well and doesn’t bore you. The perfect balance between the portions given to a character for narration, commendable. It is a perfect way to start and end some heart wrenching ideas that a reader gets while reading.

The story was not unique enough to catch your eyes. It is a normal tale with some heart touching incidences, nothing extra-ordinary. The start of the story is also not up to the mark. There are some extra explanations which could have been omitted easily.

If you are a normal romantic novel fan then you can give it a try. Also, if a strong narration makes you attentive then Second Spring could be definitely an option for you.

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