Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Book Review : The 3 U-turns of My Life by Jitendra Gianchandani

Book- The 3 U-Turns of My Life
Author- Jitendra Gianchandani
Genre- Fiction
Publisher- Srishti Publishers

Story of three friends with different goals. Two of them are constantly fighting for dominance. Manav and Deepak have two different tracks for their lives. Urvashi is close to both of them and in the earlier days she bridges the gap between these not so close friends.
Life starts twisting and things start haunting the trio. They are adjusting with their new professions and lives. The tale becomes quite complicated when the doomsday arrives. Their patience, loyalty and friendship are checked.
What happens when there are some unsaid feelings in air? Will the tale ends up being a happy one? Will they fail in friendship test? Or will they pass with excellence?
The title sounds familiar and thus you form a mind-set. You can know what you are going to read after knowing the name of the book.
There is nothing radiant about the cover of book. It’s simple and non-reflecting. But yes it’s not bleak as well. Simplicity is not bad, in this case.
There are enough amount of characters in the story to treat you well. But the protagonists are not showcased with excellence. There were times when things didn’t make sense at all and characters just appear for the sake of filling the stage in your head. The antagonists are not showing their villainous traits properly and it seems they don’t play their part well.
The narration is in first person and it is quite sober and natural. It makes the read easy. But due to extra soberness the extra-ordinary factor couldn’t be brought up. It could have been strong without any doubt.
The story starts with very normal relationship mess between two friends, Manav and Deepak. They both are highly explicit in what they need in their lives. The story moves really slowly and you not read anything new till the middle of the novel. The first u-turn was very simple but it touches you. The way the hustle-bustle settles is quite surprising but the answer to your queries are delivered at the end, leaving a smile on your face.
The story then quickly takes a leap and the three friends go on different paths. But fate brings them back again and that is where things start falling apart. It takes quite a long time for the author to reveal the second u-turn in Manav’s life. It annoys you to wait so much. But as you move ahead with the story, things become quite predictable.
As the end approaches, the third u-turn becomes clear to you as well. And that is not a good sign because since the start the novel was predictable and the trend didn’t change even in the end. The novel started with a very loose strand and same happened in the end.
Epilogues at the end answer all your queries which you might have not got in your mind. There are a lot of people with very small appearance in the chapters that you almost forget who was playing what part. When everyone is happy in the end, things quite naturally seems perfect, though your brain isn’t saying the same story.
· “Travelling is not a cost, it’s an investment.”
· “...when husbands and wives are together, they squabble but when they are apart, they miss each other a lot.”
· “You forget the world around you when you are in the arms of your sweetheart.”
The main turn on of the book is the end. The way things wrap up and how the sentiments are weaved to showcase a proper ending. The story has a motivating factor, spiritually and that makes it a little relatable.
There are a lot of editing errors. The phrases and words are used twice at a lot of places. The story is loose and seems already heard. There are extra explanations at places where it is not required and quick showdown at places where more information is needed. There is a lot of emphasizing on CA’s and MBA’s. Though it was an important part but still so much presence of these two abbreviations irritates and hinders your reading. The starting is quite boring and the story seems to be old and typically Hindi movie type.
If you are at the initial levels of reading then you can give it a try.

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