Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Book Review : S.O.A.R Success over Adversity Reigns by Abir Mukherjee

Book- S.O.A.R (Success over Adversity Reigns)
Author- Abir Mukherjee
Genre- Fiction
Publisher- Frog Books and Leadstart Publication

Three people, entangled in a web of difficulties are trying to overcome it. The time isn’t favourable for them. People aren’t cooperating with their new ideologies and they themselves are in the midst of collapsing, due to chaos.
Their dreams are bigger than the shells. The world isn’t that compromising and neither is their own will. The gaps can be seen directly but the spectacle for healing is still not in reach.
Will things go the way these aspiring entrepreneurs wanted to be? Where the marathon will end? What consequences will they need to pay? After all the damages, will things go back to normal?

Suitable and intellect are the required adjectives for pointing the title of the book. It’s catchy and allows you to over-think before the reading begins.

The cover is not that appealing. The bright colours settle with the contrasting images over the book but they don’t narrate the required amount of story.

The characters are well defined throughout the book. Their images are not altered drastically anywhere. The plot revolves around the three protagonist and their different lives. Sub-plots induce more characters in the backstage.
But you can’t notice everyone everywhere. There are times when they mark an attendance and make you wait till they reveal the required mystery, woven around them.

The narration is in third person, suiting the tale in a very radiant manner. It doesn’t get weak during changing scenes, being a plus point. The author has done precise job in making things well understandable. No confusion at any turn can be seen. It is neither beneath nor above the line of equilibrium. The scenes shift within a chapter and the beauty lies in the intact rhythm.

Very often it happens that the start of the book disturbs you but it is certainly a great way to increase the level of curiosity. SOAR also edges ahead with manipulations. The main leads come in your view from the very start. The language is simple and easy to grasp, without much tongue twisters. The story moves tenderly without any bumps. The protagonist collides with one another and the hunt to achieve something begins.
The motive of the book remains clear from the start and the minor questions are answered by the people moving in the story. The main plot has some divisions, giving you a break from the casual conversation and settings. You are provided with many queries in the first half, which make you hold the book with excitement. The minor characters involve you in the story, with no over-exaggeration.
The author shows his good sense of visualizing his proximity and that reflects in the zeal of his writing.  It allows the reader to see the happening through the pages. The story has something new in its every chapter.
The second half moves in a hustle, leaving some characters behind. You miss the suspense related to their stories. The high point arrives when the realities open, some good and some bad. It rushes the blood in your veins. The story wraps up efficiently without any loop holes, giving the reader a beautiful smile, for a soothing showdown.

· “Adhyayan’s stupendous aloofness hadn’t left many words for Shrishti even after the ten months of isolation.”
· “...now my grandchildren take pictures of rain and load them on Facebook.”
· “That antagonism has torn out their soft infancy.”

The best part was the love confession between Raja and Sneha. It was definitely a mesmerizing event. Such love gives you feeling of oneness. Also the way in which the story sways you, is a positive affair. You don’t leave connection with the story, at any point, during the whole journey of SOAR.

The heavily showered abbreviations hinder your reading. You need to stop and think about the phrase which the author just minimized, taking refrences from the turned pages.
The problem arise when only the main plot is focussed, leaving the other aspects. The different tales then seems just an inclusion for the sake of refreshment in the story.

People who read simple tale with a defined motive can surely count on this book. It’s a nice entertainer.

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