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Book Review : Blemishing the odds by Harish Penumarthi

Book: Blemishing the Odds

Author: Harish Penumarthi

Genre: Fiction (Romance)

Publisher: Half Baked Beans

Pages: 200

Price: 275 INR


Say hello to Raghav, an immature, insensitive person who is apathetic about everyone else except himself. His life revolves around his parents and his friends. He is among the bad books of all his Teachers. Until one day, when Trisha, a new entrant; mesmerizes him at the very first glance. He finds a friend, savior, nurturer and an inamorata in her. Just when he thinks that everything has been set out in a picture perfect manner, life throws a series of ghastly surprises at him. Will he change for good or stick to his immature stand of "My Life, my rules" and screw it all up? This tale journeys across all the ups and downs a student could possibly encounter. The transformations that a student may endure, the courage and guts one needs to have in order to dodge all predicaments and eventually sketch the perfect end to all his agonies.


The book “Blemishing the odds” is a good mixture of teenage life, its hardships, the thought process and the desires that follow. This book is the story of Raghav and Trisha.

I didn’t like the book that much because it was a too obvious read for me. There was everything in the book that every book these days contains. There was nothing new, nothing special, nothing catchy enough to take my breath away.

The only good part in the book was that it was a very quick read and there were certain sentimental areas where the book becomes readable enough and it was the part where a parent-children relationship is exposed. But there also I felt that Raghav’s part was very weak.

In the book the story revolves around the happenings at school. Another spoiled brat, another good girl, another life changing tale.

All the areas of notice, like changes in Raghav, the ultimate cut-off, the new beginning, the sudden dilemma, everything was penned nicely by the author. There was no problem in the writing part the whole problem was in the story. It was not at all appealing.

There were a whole lot of Dude’s and Fuck’s used liberally in abundance. There were extra charged hormones. There was a lot of Cigarettes and Boozing. In short it had all that we see normally.

If I talk about the outer appearance then the cover is the most likeable part as it tells everything in right proportions. The title has little, very little relation with the story and the blurb is extremely okayish.

The characters are again okayish. I didn’t like Raghav, I didn’t like Trisha but I liked Raghav’s father. He was a good blend of everything like what is expected from him.

In the beginning the book is a bit slow, in the middle there is a bit of movement and the end is disastrous. It was not at all attractive and interesting.

The book only helped me reaching one book closer to my goodreads target. It didn’t help me in any other manner. But it can be a good read for those who have just started reading. The author was good with words but the creative aspect was less.


This book is apt for naïve readers who enjoy light school romance.

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