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Book Review : Thank You Love by Ayush Gupta

Book- Thank You Love

Author- Ayush Gupta

Genre- Romance

Publisher- Half Baked Beans

Pages- 121

Price- 175


"Thank You Love" "...yes, I said, everything in life is uncertain, and it speaks the same." All human energy comes from that one thought. All the pain that we bear and the joys that we celebrate are the results of our thoughts at any moment. Strange isn't it? When Akshita was making her choices, Rayan made his. He refused to get over her and chose to own her absence in his heart and mind . Thank You Love describes how sitting on the floor in silence changed the world of "Rayan". He realized that love is not something that happens between two people, instead it's an enduring quality within people. He realized that love is not something that you do, but is the way you are. He re-moulds one of the most important event of his life into a spark, re-channelizes it and heads towards something that would later change the course of his life.


Thank You Love, written in first person narrative was a quickly wrapped up love tale of Rayan and Akshita. The story was nothing different from the casual love tales but there is a difference in the way of presentation.

The scenarios stated in the book are casual but penned in a very neat manner. I was hoping to find some spiritualistic turns after the book started. It was creating an aura of suspense; a want was created to find what happens next. The idea of story narration within a book is quite common but it never fails, same happened here.

First part of the book is showcasing a very contradictory image of both the leads from what we see in the middle and end portion. Well it was nice or not that will definitely be a different thing from different readers’ point of view; for me it was not nice. I love a strong characterisation which doesn’t sway in different situations. Here there was a mixture of positive and negative in both the leads.

There was a nice touch of mediators in between. The addition of extra characters always helps the book externally. There was not the need of more characters but there was a need of making those already existing characters a little stronger. For example, Rayan’s sister, his friend Shivai, they both had a great scope but author didn’t use them well.

Shivai I felt was the most left out character, even though he had a great significance. It was more of a one way friendship shown.

Coming on the plot of the book, there were no major shocks, no bumpy turns; everything was smooth, clean and clear. Was there any hope of more twists, well I guess no. The story was kept short and sweet and its beauty was in that only. Extra decorations could have messed up things.

The cover of the book has a great relation with the ending of the story. But there was a need for things to become a bit more elaborate. Author could have shown more of this phase because the cover gives a different image altogether.

The ending of the book is the most unlikeable part in the whole book. I liked the start, the middle portion was good too but I was expecting a bit more with the ending. Wrapping up needs to be a little tidier, this was not seen here.

Summing up- The book was a nice, short and simple tale of two beings in love. The new things added up here and there made things a bit more enjoyable. It was a romantic novel but there were shades of psychology, spiritualism and friendship. There was a nice message in the book, and when you take something from the book after completing it, the reading experience becomes a lot more enjoyable.

About the author-

Ayush Gupta is a notorious gypsy, driven by a bountiful zest for life. According to him, writing merely follows the rhythm of nanoseconds of life strings. He has been deeply in love with words since the age of 12. His aim is to become a politician, and a person who is loved and followed by the world. He wants to pen down simple thoughts with ardent meaning.

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