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Book Review : Finding Juliet by Toffee

Book- Finding Juliet

Author- Toffee

Genre- Fiction (Romance)

Publisher- Srishti Publishers

Pages- 224

Price- 195


Arjun is an incredibly nice guy who believes in true love and is waiting for it with open arms. He falls in love, not once or twice, but thrice. And every single time, happiness – like the girls he fell for – comes very close to him before pushing him away. His only pillar of strength in all his moments of grief and dejection is his childhood friend Anjali.

Dejected by the games played by girls and fate, he leaves Hyderabad for Bangalore and ends up meeting Krish, an irresistible flirt. He understands Arjun's predicament, pacifies him with his words and enlightens him about the most complicated species ever created by God – Women.

And then, Arjun's life changes forever.

Will Arjun find the one he has been waiting for, or will he end up becoming a flirt? Will he ever taste lasting happiness?

Join Arjun as he tries to figure out women and discovers the meaning of love, lust and life... all in his journey of Finding Juliet.


Finding Juliet can lure readers due to an impressive blurb, an eye-catchy cover and a very sweet title. It is a sure shot winner in the initial league. The book starts with a very plain and simple aura. I was glued to the text from the very first line. Author tried to keep the text as simple as he could, by doing that the book can surely reach a lot of people and not just high profile readers.

The story of the book however is not very impressive and the signs of the same start appearing as soon as you move ahead in the book. Though the first few chapters can be ignored in this context because many books do fail to impress in the start, no issues on that because it takes time to form a good and strong bridge; but as I moved and reached the middle, the story was still the same.

The main problem in the book was the extra boastful male chauvinist character, hidden behind the geeky appearance. What was enjoyable was to see how a girl can take different turns at different places. Needs are of both the genders and it was shown in full swing. But apart from that there was nothing noteworthy at all.

I was not able to get the whole concept of showing the mediocre behavior of a guy in different forms. The realizations were just so bleak; there was no charm in it. And how could the charm be left in it, it was all consumed with the different set of experiences which the author associated the lead Arjun with.

If I look back and try to pick a favorite character, I can’t put my finger on any. Krish came up to be wannabe and I hated Anjali from the bottom of my heart. She was showing a different era, for no reason at all. Neha was boring; Ruchika was a neutral character for me.

There were many places where the story could have evolved like in the last section but it became a daily soap as we approached the end and I was very disappointed because a good end can make up for the other blunders.

The book can be read for light reading by those who have just stepped in the readers’ community because there is nothing new in the book which an avid reader can really enjoy.

About the author-

Toffee is a simple guy who loves the complications of life. He used to write code by the day and books by the night earlier. But currently, he is busy writing assignments and chasing deadlines in his Master's in Business Analytics from the University of South Florida. Toffee loves narrating interesting stories with subtle insights. Through books, he wants to share beautiful stories, reach out to people and touch their hearts. Finding Juliet is his second book, written specially for India's Generation-Y.

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