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Bookish Corner : March TBR

March TBR

I have read only four books in January and February and that is a shame. I have to update Goodreads challenge every now and then after I see the status of my reading capability. Well, its march, a big month and I have become extra ambitious and decided to read seven books this month out of which luckily I have even completed one. *Drumrolls*

Well, this month our book club has again picked two books and I couldn’t resist the temptation of being a part of both of them because the second book was on my TBR from very long but I never got time to find the book and start it but now I am all geared up. Now I am just waiting for my package to arrive on Thursday. J

So now here goes my TBR list for March.

1.       Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix:
I can’t believe I am on the fifth book of the series. I remember how I regretted my existence when I realized I haven’t started reading Harry Potter even after being a Potterhead. And I was super excited to know that a Book club was created on Instagram and they are reading the series. I jumped in. Now we are at Order of Phoenix. The book is pretty thick and I am not sure whether I will be able to complete within the timeframe because we have weekly discussions. But there is a thing with Harry Potter books that no matter what, you can never keep them down until you finish it. And trust me the books are far more better then the movies.

2.       The Hobbit:
The second book that is chosen which we will read along with Harry Potter and the order of phoenix is The Hobbit. It would be my first J.R.R. Tolkien book and I am very excited. Because just like Rowling, Tolkien’s books are super amazing. It is hard to manage two challenges along with your review books and a full-time job but I am excited and I know adrenaline rush can make you do wonders. 😃

3.       The Doppelganger:
This is a review book which I got from “The Book Club”. The most amazing thing about the book is its cover and that is why I took this at the first place. It is so intriguing and mysterious that I was drawn towards it automatically. I have picked it up this morning but it was not as interesting as I thought it to be. Let’s hope for the best.

4.       Walk in the rain:
This again is a review book which I got from again “The Book Club”. It seems like a very simple tale, less pages and an easy flow of words. I read few pages just to know what would it be like to read it and I think it would be a quick and clean read.

5. Goat Days:
It is a translation of a Malayalam novel written by Benyamin. This book sounds really interesting. It is not a very celebrated work but the cover, blurb, title, everything was rejuvenating. I don’t buy a lot of books of the writers whom I have never heard of but this book was an exception. I have this book in my closet from so long and finally I am able to pick this one. I hope I can complete it in March.

6. Vampire Diaries:
Vampire Diaries: The Awakening + The Struggle was a random pick. It was a famous name but I was not very sure if I wanted to read a Vampire story after watching Twilight. But I am hoping for the best. Till now I like Elena and Stefan, not to forget Matt. It is likeable but not lovable till now. I am about somewhere in the mid of the first part. Let’s see how it goes.

So guys this is my March TBR. Do let me know if you are reading these books so that we can discuss them a bit. Also if you have any suggestions for my April TBR do leave a comment.

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Happy Reading J

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