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Book Review : Another Tale of Two Cities by Ezhuth Aani

Book - Another Tale of Two Cities

Author - Ezhuth Aani

Genre - Fiction

Publisher - Inspire India Publishers

Pages - 303

Price - 245

Blurb -

Fourteen thirty one is the year remembered for the martyrdom of Joan of Arc. But another landmark event was unfolding in a future French colony. Cambodia was a cultural cauldron of Hinduism, Mahayana Buddhism and Theravada Buddhism. The largest metropolis of the pre industrial era was also facing a climate change calamity. The story unfolds in fifteenth century Cambodia and travels to China, Sri Lanka, India and the Middle East, as Princes Adithya and Mahendra set out to seek help for their beleaguered country. Will the splendid twin cities of Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom survive? Who wins the heart of Mandagini, the warrior princess?

Review -

Another Tale of Two Cities is a very nice, elaborative and well groomed book. No one can guess from the simple blurb or the cover that the book glorifies all the incidents and related places and happenings in such a very shimmery way.

When I started reading the book, I found the starting few pages a little tough to grasp because it had a lot of intricate details which doesn’t go well with the reader who has sat down with a mind-set of reading a fiction book. There were a lot of names, lot of data that the author passed, which made things hard.

Lady charm was helpful for me. As soon as Mandagini entered the story, things flipped almost immediately. There was a certain aura of her that made me imagine and praise her heroic stunts when she dealt with Adithya; it just swayed my heart towards her. When historical books shows such women in their true forms, it becomes much likely to enjoy them; at least for me.

The story was slow as the Saint arrived in the story. He was fine for me, nothing special I found in him or in his appearance. I thought that something extra could have been mentioned about him that presented him to be a little more attractive. I don’t like when characters just speak their minds out, I like when the realizations of same are done in one way or the other.

One fact that I loved about the book is that author gave chance to every character. There were important scenes containing different characters in limelight. It was not always the main protagonist. It gave me some fresh air and I was able to explore more characters.

There was a little difference in the love affairs in the book. They were not plain and boring. They were realistic. The passion was unfolded in a very genuine manner and love was not decorated by extra paragraphs. It was much needed in a book like this. Some readers might find it not up to mark because I agree that things moved fast. But this is what happens in real life, isn’t it. Love is meant to happen, no matter when, no matter sooner or later.

The story then moved from different dimensions and at a lot of places I inspected something great and majestic. No matter how many people came later on in the tale, I only longed for Adithya and Mandagini.

Tale becomes a little over the top somewhere in the middle for me. But that feeling goes as soon as I completed some more pages. The story came out to be clean and crisp, with a lot of things said in one form or the other, lot of emotions showcased and many gaps filled. Another Tale of Two Cities surely impressed me.

Eye-Catchers -

  • “Not only kings but even Emperors die. And their big schemes die along with them.”

Recommendation -

The book is not for people who want to just add one book as “Read” in their goodreads profile. This book needs patience and concentration. I recommend this book to all those who need to read a well detailed and structured book.

About the Author -

Ezhuth Aani (Dr Ananthakumarasamy Ramanathan) is a specialist vascular and general surgeon in Australasia. He has trained or worked in 6 countries across four continents, meeting people from over a hundred nations. Drawing on his rich experiences from exposure to various cultures the author has a uniquely inclusive world view. He has patents for an antifog mask and a syringe holder. He has also published a new method of calculating dates. He has had the privilege of naming an operation after his birth place Yarl. Writing under the pennames Aani or Ezhuth Aani (pen), Dr Ramanathan has written two novels and an anthology of poems in Tamil.

He has published an English novel I am the Lord earlier. Another Tale of Two Cities is his second novel in English.

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