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Book Review : Colorful Notions - The Roadtrippers 1.0 by Mohit Goyal

Book: Colorful Notions- The Roadtrippers 1.0

Author: Mohit Goyal

Genre- Fiction

Publisher- Srishti Publishers

Pages- 194

Price- 175


Abhay is all set to start an adventure but before any other planning he need some partners for company. They finalise 25 exotic places around the country and decide to shoot a documentary.

Sasha is a foodie and Unnati is an Assistant RJ, the catch is they are in love.

What happens when the trio experience some spooky things and some thrilling threats? Will there be any problems due to the love birds in the movie making? How the end would look like?

Title and Cover-

I loved the cover. It tells the tale in a very nice way and same I can say about the title. Though the tale is slightly in contrast with the expected story but still the first impression is not at all bleak.


The book is basically a travelogue summed up with different emotions to make it more readable and also accessible in some terms. Author followed first person narration which I thought was limiting the whole experience to some extent. I was able to connect with only character largely due to this choice which the author made.

The concept of the book was amazing and I was high after reading the list of places where the trio was about to travel. Author did quite good homework in picking the most amazing sites which speak about India. I fell in love with the concept instantly.

Complete tale was weaved nicely around Ab, Sasha and Unnati, the roles assigned to them were crisp and the background which all three of them left behind were showing the face of India and the perks of living there.

What was highly disappointing was the fact that the author was more concerned about telling the readers about the outside story that happened while travelling. He was not much interested in telling about what happened when they actually saw the place at large. He was in hurry all the time to wrap things up and move to the next place.

The connectivity maintained to keep the flow of a fiction novel was nicely done but what was expected from the cover, title and the blurb of the book couldn’t be delivered by the author.

There was a lot of scope for the author in terms of introducing interesting characters, their stories and other stuff. Author managed to do that at some places, like in Hyderabad, in terms of Sandeep or the Lama and his great advice to the people. But that essence was not filled at every point of the journey.

I liked the part of Alwar, Sundarban and Gaya. They held the story to a really high extent because they had a variety of incidents and a lot to show. I didn’t like the part where Ab was experiencing weird emotions; also the book was losing its glow when the love story started ruling the pages.

Summing up- The book was a great attempt by author in terms of the content and concept. Every page had a different scent of India and the efforts done in order to compile this book are really commendable. But there was a wide gap in terms of great imageries which were missing and could have been totally added up without much efforts and a little research. But it was a nice break from normal love stories.


• “I wish I had a way to capture memories, emotions and feelings- only to replay them and feel them all over again.”

• “Nobody can go back and make a new beginning, but anyone can start now and make a new ending.”

• “That’s what life is all about. You may hate it one moment, but later on, that very moment may become your most cherished memory.”


I completed the book in two days, so I can recommend this book to those who want a quick read, or want to know about different parts of India briefly but yes don’t expect a lot of information; it is basically a fictional tale.

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