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Book Review : A Thousand Unspoken Words by Paulami DuttaGupta

Book- A Thousand Unspoken Words

Author- Paulami DuttaGupta

Genre- Fiction

Publisher- Readomania


Musafir, the idealist writer is finding hard to move in life. Tilottama is an ardent follower of his work. But till when can idealism win in this not so friendly environment of haters?

Tilottama and Musafir move ahead in life. But till when they can face the differences of opinion?

Till when can things go right for them?

How will they move ahead without harming things much?


The title is stupendously well. I kept on thinking for a while and then it clicked just like that when I was on the last few pages. It made a lot more sense than earlier. And I fell in love with the book once again after it ended in such a pleasurable way.


The cover has different elements. But the main focus goes on the face of the man and I see Musafir in him. The relentless facial expression makes me think all that he went through, all the duality in his life and his immobile thinking which isolates with the moving story.


There were no external links in the book. The characters are same throughout. The supporting characters are very helpful in constructing this bridge. The main characters take all the limelight. They have so much to show, so much to tell. The people have a lot moving in their lives. They themselves seem infected due to all that is happening. There are constant changes in people but Tilottama was a constant character, doing what she like and loving what she longed for.

If I had to pick some characters for their awesomeness then they will be- Tilottama, Musafir and Mimi. Mimi played a very important role being a supporting character; she helped the main leads to cross the line at various places.


The author’s narration shows expertise. There was no such place where she left some crease in my mind. It felt she filled the canvass with pure sincerity. The chapters were properly maintained and framed. There were proper breaks and perfect pick-up. I didn’t have to think twice or turn the page to know where the story is headed. My reading found a perfect balance with every new chapter.


The story is about Musafir and his continuously changing life. It starts with a very long and properly penned Prologue. It gave me a spontaneous insight. Judging the characters was very easy in the start. A very harsh scenario is in front. You feel sympathetic, curious and adventurous at the same time. Splendid writing results in the formation of such trio.

Well, I was not able to adopt the changes at first. I was angry as the things moved. Yes, I was that much into the book. Thank you author. But then things changed. I understood why things were moving that way. Why the source was exciting the hues of unwanted parameters? My all Why’s were resting in peace, as soon as a good amount of chapters were done.

The prologue and the initial chapters were mind-blowing. There were new things, situations and characters, treating you well. But what the middle part had for the readers? Just realizations, plain, but effective. To be frank there was not much of story in between. There were just some connected things which took the book ahead.

Also, there was a time when some chapters came, where in a hidden corner was a hope, a hope for a light of newness. Some turns had the same contents which made the story predictable. And at times the required doors didn’t open which loosened the strand. Thus sadly the middle was not that helping.

Thank God the ending had some difference in its womb. No matter how much the story is dragged, a climax can’t be mundane. A thousand unspoken words had an end which can be remembered for days or even months. It had so much to offer you, like love, depression, desire, self-control, losing control and last but not the least the never ending hope of finding the true meaning of oneself, for oneself.

The book had a deep discovery of human mind-set, notions and preaching. It had turns which were not usual yet relatable. It had verses of flexibility with stiffness. Every turn had a perfect blend, every character had a lot to express and every situation had radiance of its own kind.


· “Change must come or it shall lead to arrogance.”

· “Popularity had given him what ideology couldn’t.”

· “Pain is a very inspiring thing.”

· “...idealism wouldn’t fill my stomach or buy me wine. My pen will.”

· “...for you alone know where I reside.”

· “Silences don’t feel empty, they are companionable.”


The confined situations, the work of Musafir, the idealistic approach, a strong woman and definitely the last two letters need a special mention. My heartbeat rose with all the nightmares that arrived in the story and it sank as the end was approaching without something substantial but things were sorted quite well.


Nothing noteworthy the book has which can be written in this section. Apart from the middle part which was monotonous, as compared to the start and end.


If you haven’t read a book lately which have a reversible impact of things, or you need something more than a story in a novel then this book can be in your 2016 reading list.

About the author-

Paulami DuttaGupta is a novelist and screen writer. She shuttles between Kolkata and Shillong. She has worked as a radio artist, copy writer, journalist and a television analyst at various stages of her life, having been associated with AIR Shillong, The Times of India—Guwahati Shillong Plus, ETV Bangla, The Shillong Times, Akash Bangla and Sony Aath.

As an author, her short stories have appeared in various anthologies and literary magazines. A Thousand Unspoken Words is her fourth book. Paulami also writes on politics, social issues and cinema. Her articles have appeared in Swarajya, The Forthright and NElive.

Paulami is associated with cinema and her first film, Ri- Homeland of Uncertainty received the National Award for the Best Khasi Film. Her second film Onaatah—Of the Earth is at post production stage and will release in 2016. She is currently working on her third screenplay. A short film tentatively titled ‘Patjhar’ is also in the pipeline.

Connect with the author-

· Twitter handle- @ShillongGal

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