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Book Review : Love Forever @ Rajpath by Kalpana Mishra

Book- Love forever @ Rajpath: approved... as proposed
Author- Kalpana Mishra
Genre- Fiction (Romance-Social)
Publisher- Srishti Publishers and Distributors

Two personalities, find a companion in each other inside a government building. Though they hail from very different backgrounds, somehow they manage to maintain the bond.
What’s hard in India? Certainly marrying your loved one. The hurdles are crossed one after other but still the race to win is still on.
If you fight parents, society comes in front. Kartik is gone. An ill-practice takes him in the cage. But will love surrender so easily? Would Shalini allow this void? Will an ill-practice omit this love story from the society?

Title and Cover-
The title comprises of an important part of the lives of leads, Shalini and Kartik. And anything that revolves around the main people, sound suitable. But no doubt, alternatives could have been possible, if speaking in literary terms. As apart from being important, no such relatable significance it has in the novel.
Cover of the book is better then the title. It has the power to take a look at it for once. The title and cover goes hand in hand.

The characters in the novel are enough. But were they appropriate?
Well, there were situations which had enough people to let it move. And many such situations were those which had some personal initiation but a bigger part of novel has outer setting. It really had some loss of connection in it. Some characters build up enthusiasm for some possible turns but in vain. If to mention then, Aman and Shyamlal were the two characters which lit the hope of some more spice but nothing happened.
Many characters did what they were supposed to. And sad part is the involvement of maximum positive characters. Where are the villains? Some do emerge as negative ones but for a short time span. Thus they were not able to pull up their sock to do justice. Picking some favourites then, Shalini was the only one who stuck to one corner, with consistency.

The narration is what proved to be the ultimate downfall. There is no distinction between dialogues and setting. While narrating the extra images the author has added the conversation, that too in a narrative manner. It created a real glitch. The story held the novel otherwise the framed parts were not helping in any terms to lift the book in a positive manner.
When girls get education they get power to move in the race. Shalini is a new recruit in the group. The story from the very start makes clear the dominance of the leads. Kartik and Shalini are present on every page, with certain supporters, coming in front from time to time. Like every other story, the girl takes time to understand what the bond between them is. One can’t deduce that as to why some characters are involved in the story. They don't make any difference.
The next part of the novel is the plainest one. The couple is in the middle of the stream. No one wants to get back and crossing the river is a hard affair. As the author wanted to show a strong woman through her novel, she was able to put that in this part too. It was really likeable to see such strong steps taken by a lady, who is so sure about what are her likes. It brings smile on your face to see such happenings. Finally, the fate is written and the doomsday is around the corner.
Though the novel has feministic dominance, still there are the cases where the ill-practices like dowry still have a strong hold. The rural areas are still behind from urban to around fifty to sixty years. And then we see the chaos. It’s a new term that is the highlight of the novel “Zabaria Shaadi”. When the novel has something to teach you, then it is remembered for a long time. Case settles at very heart-breaking turn. And here arrives the high point. The author has done proper hard work in bringing out something worthy from the best part of the novel.
All in all, the novel delights you due to the story but not due to the writing. It teaches you something and shows you the unknown facts. The book shows a different woman of the present scenario. A woman who doesn’t compromise, no matter what is in front. The book has small messages, if one open eyes to learn. And that’s the beauty of Love forever @ Rajpath.

· “She saw him only as good company, he was falling for her.”
· “My days and nights are not good without you now.”
· “...the fact that I am in love is far more lovable.”
· “...Politics is in the veins of Biharis, whether young or old, literate or illiterate.”
As the author has mentioned, the two foremost topics which she wanted to bring to notice, urinals and a different form of marriage still prevalent in some areas of India. They were really a new thing. And that’s what a reader wants to find in a book, something new, and something which fills the treasure of wisdom in one way or the other.
Apart from this, the book has shown certain facts which a girl has to go through. How can it be painful? And how can one leave aside everything if she has support? Everything is mentioned with some relatable instances. An extremist is shown in the form of the leading protagonist, Shalini.

The biggest disappointment was the main point to be put so late in the novel and that too so plainly. It ended very soon that a reader can never drown in the misery and if the reader cannot be in misery fully then how can he or she feel the bliss (when things are sorted) properly. If more chapters regarding that could have been added then maybe some adventure could have been served.

In habit of reading new writers? Then the book can be of use.

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  1. Really liked the fact that the pains and research done by me has been appreciated so much in your review. Will take care of subtle hints in my next book


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