Sunday, 23 April 2017

Book 1 : The God of Small Things : Week 3 Discussion

So third week has also ended and the book is at the edge of completion. The book is now a little fast paced as compared to the first week. The chapters are a bit smaller and there is a lot going on, with a lot of characters coming in between, who till now have left a great impression in one way  or the other. The best thing about the author is that she has made her every character extravagantly live and fresh.

This week’s discussion is basically my thoughts over different aspects, so it’s more of like hearing different aspects on one situation or an event in particular.

So let’s dive in.

1.       There is a strong bond in the cousins now. It has transformed completely. Did you expect that from Sophie, Estha and Rahel at first?

2.       The River in the boat is a very strong chapter which will lead to a very important event. It has a very interesting character Kuttappen. What are your thoughts about him? Author mentioned him to be a “Safe Paravan”. What do you think over that?

3.       The highlight was the chapter “The god of small things”. Could you at first figure out what the name would be about? It's completely marvelous.

4.       Ammu and her instincts are wild and free. Could you connect with this new face of hers?

5.       Kochu Thomban was a nice break from all the changes that were brought up till now. Did you found this chapter a misfit or was it an effort to say something extra and powerful?

6.       How did you find the flashback of Margaret Kochamma and Chacko’s tale?

7.       Did Mammachi over-reacted after listening to Vellya Paapen’s words or was it expected from her? Is there a smell of double standards in the air?

8.       Was Baby Kochamma’s revenge eventful?

9.       Favorite part of the book you discovered in this week’s reading session?

10.   Favorite quotes?

11.   Favorite character till now?

12.   Favorite chapter?

Guys, we will be reading “The Namesake” in the month of May. This is a highly acclaimed book and it is in the Rory Gilmore challenge too. We will be reading from May 1st. Discussions would be on weekends as usual. Hoping to read with you all :)
Have a great weekend.

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