Sunday, 16 April 2017

Book 1 : The God of Small Things : Week 2 Discussion

Hello Guys.

The second week of our group reading has ended. And some people are finding it hard to cope-up with the book. I know the book is a little slow but that was in the first week reading. In the second week the chapters I encountered are really interesting and easy to grasp. One just needs to trust the author fully to understand things.

Please avoid spoilers if you have moved ahead and read beyond chapter 8.

   1.       There is a very different approach of author towards relationships. What do you feel when you think about Estha and Rahel in reference to Chapter 3 "Big Man the Laltain, Small Man the Mombatti”?
   2.       How do you take the incident with Estha in Abhilash Talkies?
   3.       Chacko’s real self is out in an empty room. What do you think about it? Does Chacko’s character flies near your taste?
   4.       Sophie Mol’s arrival is celebrated in an exaggerated way. Do you feel it has something extra to what it is said in mere words?
   5.       Does Sophie Mol sound suspicious to anyone, if one sees her short appearance at the end of chapter “God’s own country”?
   6.       Baby Kochamma’s boastful behavior was funny or obnoxious in the chapter “Cochin Kangaroos”?
   7.       The most moving chapter for me was “Wisdom Exercise Notebooks”; I think child behavior was best shown in it. What was your favorite chapter?
   8.       Velutha and Ammu are shown in a different light in the chapter “Welcome home our Sophie Mol”. Do you think it will cross our eyes ahead? Was it interesting to read for you?
   9.       What does Estha no show in the last chapter signifies?
   10.   Your favorite quotes?
   11.   Your favorite moment?
   12.   Your favorite character at this stage?

As always you can answer some or few of the questions ac
cording to your convenience. Have a great week ahead. An information for everyone; we are ready to pick the next month’s read. I have few choices for you all: “The Namesake”, “Time Traveller’s Wife”, “The Guide”, “Train to Pakistan”, “The White Tiger”. You can tell me your choices in this week. :)

Happy Reading J

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