Sunday, 29 January 2017

Anthology 3 : Roses and Rhymes

Roses and Rhymes

Editor : Dr. Prerna Singla, Kalpana Shah, Farha Naz, Rupam Goswami and Waseem A. Malla 
Published by : Serene Publishers 
Pages : 145
Price :180

About the Book :

 ...a fascinating compendium of melodies revealing records of intimate personal feelings; a melange of emotions that unfolds varied facets of love - romantic and platonic, physical and metaphysical, corporeal and ethereal - By Bhaskaranand Jha Bhasker ...kudos to impact005 team for celebrating love and life through such a wonderful anthology of freshly baked poems... - By Neelam Saxena Chandra ...enjoyed reading all the verses having distinct quaintness about them coupled with an in depth sensibility along with the romance. Here's wishing the book the very best. - By Major Mohommed Ali Shah ...the poems speak of myriad hues of love - the unadulterated love of a mother, the passionate love of the lovers, the love among siblings, and also what Edgar Allan Poe calls 'love with a love that is more than love' - By Dr. Santosh Bakaya ... a delightful collection of poems, a classic memoir that holds in its breast a melee of emotions, ecstasy of a lover and submission by a beloved. ...a perfect, suave collection of Poetry. It ought to possess, I feel so. - By Yaseen Anwer 

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Sneak Peek :

Poem Title -

1. Regained Love
2. The First Date

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