Saturday, 26 November 2016

Anthology 2 : Lifenana- A Poetic Journey

Lifenama - A Poetic Journey

Editor :
Umashanker Yadav and Rashmi Goyal

Published by : Serene Publishers 

Pages : 158

Price : 250

About the Book :

Poems in this collection have a pictorial quality and speak to the reader by creating imagery of forms and expressions in their minds. This anthology has been meticulously crafted and edited to do full justice to the original creations of all contributors. The poets have shown great felicity and submitted to the truth of life while penning down their thoughts. Happiness and melancholy exist side by side here. In your journey through this anthology you will continuously discover the peace, the beauty, the bliss,the harmony, the discord and also see the permanence of the transience of human life in this chaotic world. The whole gamut of human thought and emotion ranging from anguish, agony, to ecstasy, romance and love, as also social malady and everyday anxiety have found a prominent space in this collection. Lifeनामा brings you the story of the complete cycle of life in every sense of living. इस कविता संग्रह को साहित्यिक दस्तावेज के साथ - साथ सामाजिक दायित्वों का निर्वाहक भी समझा जा सकता है। इसमें सारे देश से नए और अनुभवी प्रतिभाशाली कवियों ने समकालीन समाज, राजनीतिक परिवेश,मानवीय भावनाओं एवं प्रकृति और भौतिकता का सजीव चित्रण किया है। हम आशा करते हैं कि आप Lifeनामा से गुजरते हुए अपनी जीवन यात्रा से वास्तविक साक्षात्कार करेंगे और प्रसन्न होंगे।

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Sneak Peek :

Poem Title- "The Lost Time"

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